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Unable to get R4 SDHC working


I just purchased the R4(GE) SDHC flash card, and I am unable to get it working. I have tried downloading all the required files (the English kernel file) and following all the directions on the site, but once I start it up on my DS lite, all I get is a white screen with a red card icon and the word "MENU?" in it. While some help sites state that the R4 dat and R4I menu files are needed I cannot find them anywhere. All links online for those two files point to kernel downloads, none of which have those two files.

I figure either I have a defective card, or I must somehow have to get those R4 files to get it running, but I don't know which. If someone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you!

same problem with r4 sdhc

Hello I was wondering if anyone has figured out this issue as of yet? Im having the same problem with the blank screen and a red menu button on the top screen. This isnt my first R4 card but its my first R4 SDHC card. I noticed on the package it said that it supports 4gb and up but the listing from where I bought it from said it supports 2gb micro card up to 32gb. I was wondering if that could be the issue? I have tried loading everything onto a 2gb micro card and thats where I get the red menu screen. I also tried holding down the A button and that doesnt work either.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

i doesnt work

it doesnt work!!!!!! i did it and it still says menu? email [email protected]

Regarding The R4

You see this link? "". Click on that link (copy it to address bar). Take it open up your mircro sd card on your computer, and just open up the "English-1.18.rar" and extract it and open up the folder take all the files that are inside and put in inside your sd card. When you want to start it up hold the "A" Button. because it is the "R4 SDHC" version. (That is the only way it will work). But if it works without the "A" button then good luck. If you want to put ROMs in it open up the micro sd card and create a folder (directory) where you would like it to be, but the best name for it is "ROMs". For homebrew you should make a folder named "Homebrew" and name each category. Like if you have the snes emulator then you should name it "Super Nintendo" or "SNES". These are just suggestions.

If you don't want your data loss make sure you eject your micro sd successfully.

You R4 might be fake!! Which it is, but R4 SDHC should work fine. Or...somebody messed up thats why they were selling it.


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