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Solution Found !!: Menu loads fine, select any game, and nothing loads...freezes

I just saw the reply now to try what I just did. I had this page up and did not refresh and so only saw it once I edited my own message. Thanks for the reply however. The formatting method is noted. I believe that is what I used.

Update 2/18/2009: Solution: Since my last update, I re-formatted my MiniSD and downloaded another copy of New Super Mario from another Rom site (it was the same file name and size as my old one) and uploaded it to my MiniSD and it played. I then put on all my other games (with .SAV files) back on my MiniSD and they all work. Not sure what happened and not sure if I even needed to download another copy of one of my games. I suppose if I tried copying back one game at a time from my existing games it would have worked just fine.


Update 2/16/2009: Since I posted this, I can now play one of my 22 games loaded on the card. I wonder if this means the roms/.nds files for the other games are now bad/corrupt? Is that possible? Do I need to delete them all and download all new games?


I have been using this R4 for 2 months now and no problems. My son was playing happily today and restarted it to select a different game. The menu of games loaded fine as always, but when he selected any game to play it said "Loading... and froze. It would not load the game as it always does.
I tried restarting a few times and even waiting for a prolonged period and same problem.
I then backed up everything and formatted my MicroSD 2G and reloaded but I get the same problem.
This is not the initial Loading issue of the R4 cartridge that everyone gets, this is after I select a game to play. I can select the Moonshell nds and it is fine.

Can someone tell me what I need to do?





You might need to reload the other games

If one of your .nds roms works and the others roms worked at one point, then they must have gotten corrupt somehow. You should try a different microSD card if you get the same problem after reloading the roms. Also, make sure you format your microSD as FAT and not FAT32 or NTFS.

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