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Updating Wii 3.2U to 4.1U with working Homebrew Channel

I've been running my Wii with the 3.2U firmware for the longest time now and I've finally run into some compatibility problems that forced me to update the Wii to 4.1U. Some games like Guitar Hero 5 will not boot with 3.2U and Configurable USB Loader. I found some really good tutorials on updating your Wii to 4.1U, but when I tried to run the updater I got an error (-1036). After Googling some more I was able to piece a few tutorials together and got the result I needed. One really nice surprise after updating from 3.2U to 4.1U is the ability to play WADs from the SD card! Anyhow, here's what I had to do to update my Wii from 3.2U to 4.1U.

Disclaimer: Any actions you perform via this tutorial are performed at your own risk. I did this on a Wii (3.2U), homebrew channel and Configurable USB Loader already working. I have not tried it with any other region Wii like 3.2E or 3.2J, but from what I gather, it *should* work. Proceed at your own risk. If you do proceed, make sure you do a new backup of your Wii's NAND with BootMii. This is the ONLY way to restore your Wii to working condition just incase something happens during the upgrade.

Lets get started...

First I updated my Wii to firmware 4.1U. This proceedure updated my Wii to 4.1U and also update the Mii Channel, Photo Channel and Shopping Channel.

What I downloaded to get this working:

Upgrading your Wii from 3.2U firmware to 4.1U firmware (step-by-step instructions):

  1. UnRar cIOS38_rev14-Installer.rar, Firmware-Updater_4.1.rar and IOS60patched.rar
  2. Copy the "cIOS38_rev14-Installer" directory into the "apps" directory on your SD card
  3. Copy the "Firmware-Updater_4.1" directory into the "apps" directory on your SD card
  4. Copy the "IOS38-64-v3610.wad" file into the root directory on your SD card
  5. Copy the "IOS60patched.wad" file into the "wad" directory on your SD card
  6. Put your SD card into your Wii and start the Homebrew Channel
  7. Start the cIOS249 rev14 Installer and install. You will go back to the Homebrew Channel once it's complete
  8. Start your Wad Manager, Select SD card and install the "IOS60patched.wad"
  10. Goto the Homebrew Channel and run Waninkokos Firmware Updater 4.1, Press A to continue and let it go.
    - NOTE: This step takes a LONG time, so go grab something to eat while it updates. After pressing "A" to continue, I was never prompted to do anything else.. it just updated the Wii to 4.1U and installed IOS51, Mii Channel, Shopping Channel, Photo Channel and Photo Channel 1.1 without any interaction from me. When the download/install completed, it worked! 4.1U in da hizzy! :)


Now if you want to run games like Guitar Hero 5 that requires the Hermes' Ios222/223, follow these steps:

  1. Download this:
  2. Remove all GameCube memory cards and controllers.
    • This step is very important. Do not ignore it .
  3. UnRAR uloader_v3.0C.rar and copy the apps/cios_installer/ directory to sd:/apps/
  4. Start HomeBrew Channel and start the cIOS 222 Installer
  5. Read the warning message and push A
  6. Select IOS249 to perform the install with D-pad left/right and push A
  7. Select to Install Custom IOS 222 and select IOS38 merged with IOS37
  8. Wait for download and installation to complete
  9. Start HomeBrew Channel and start the cIOS 222 Installer again
  10. Select IOS249 to perform the install again
  11. This time select Custom IOS 223 and select IOS38 merged with IOS60
    • IOS223 gives you an alternative option for merged IOS in this way. It is exactly the same as IOS222 otherwise.
    • Experiment with other merges or not merging at all if neither of the options provided here work for you.

After installing the Hermes' IOS222/223, Guitar Hero 5 booted up fine!

These are the sites I pieced all the info from: WiiHacks and Gaf's Wii Homebrew Tutorial

Disclaimer:Any actions you perform via this tutorial are performed at your own risk. Every attempt has been made to ensure the instructions provided here are safe and correct, although circumstances may have changed since writing of various parts of this tutorial. If you do not follow the instructions, there is a small chance you will brick your Wii, making it unplayable. The authors of this site did not create the files that are linked to on other sites and are not responsible for their content in any way. Performing any of the steps here may void your warranty.

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