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The most up-to-date Wii Homebrew and Backup tutorials

GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial are the most up to date set of Wii tutorials known to mankind and possibly aliens. These tutorials will guide you through everything you never knew you can do with your Nintendo Wii like: backing up your original games onto USB hard drive and playing from the USB hardrive and playing games imported from different regions (Japan/Europe/USA). They're all safe and thousands of people have successfully modified their Wiis to get these features not included with the factory console. With the modifications comes a bit risk and Nintendo will not honor the warranty since you've modified it - so proceed with caution and READ EVERYTHING before you make your Wii into a paper weight. Making sure you install BootMii and then backing up your Wii's NAND is the first step you should do if plan on using the 3rd party games and applications. After making sure your Wii can be restored incase something goes wrong, it's now time to use some cool homebrew software... These tutorials will guide you through the following:

  • Backing up your Wii and recovering after install mistakes (recover after bricking your Wii)
  • Play games and applications made by other Wii enthusiast
  • Backup your original Wii game onto a a compatible hard drive and play them from there (never leave the couch!)
  • Play Wii games from other regions (ie imported games - PAL/NTSC)
  • Remote access to content on your SD from your computer
Compatible External USB hard drives that works with the Nintendo Wii and USB Loader Number of games this hard drive can hold:

~110 Games
~160 Games
~320 Games
~640 Games

wii forecast and news channels inop

cant get the news or forecast channels to work softmod was sucessfull on 4.2 version bit these two channels cant work without sdystem updater.

error on install of IOS236

exception dsi occured with a bunch of numbers then stack dump under that with some numbers then code dump with numbers. I have followed this instructions even tried the no internet source n still same thing what am I doing wrong, so confused plaes help thank you.

Try again.

Sometimes you have to try multiple times. These programs and such don't seem to be terribly stable and are pretty finicky. You need to either wait for the little connection icon on the bottom left of your screen to stop flashing or to wait and let it flash for a minute or two before you try your install.

Restoring IOS15

In the last few steps when i try to use TBR with IOS249 it keeps freezing when i press A after selecting 249.
How do i get it to work?

What hard drives work?

I've tried both a 2.5" SATA drive as well as a 2.5" ide drive, both using a usb adapter and although I can format them fine with WBFS none of the usb loaders are recognizing the drives. I tried a segate 1.5TB 3.5" (with external power) drive and it seems to work without issue. I don't really want to use this big drive for this purpose. I was hoping I could use one of my smaller, older laptop drives. Any help as to why the wii won't recognize them or what I can do to get them working?

Do you have the correct IOS?

Have you installed IOS249? I've been able to get all of my old laptop drives to work fine. Also, make sure you plug the HDD USB into the USB port closes to the edge.

Which loader are you using? USB Configurable Loader is what I use.

These are the 2.5" USB enclosures I used with the old laptop hard drives:

For SATA drives:
For ATA drives:

Hope that helps. Cheers.


Hello I have followded the guide with no problems until now. I have installed everything that Im suposed to and put all the right files in the right spots of the sd card. I get to step 10 which is to select WAD installation, which I do then there is an additional step that says "select source device" it gives options of wii sd slot, sd gecko slot a and slot b and another one as well. When I select the wii sd slot option and hit A to start install it says
"mounting device...OK!
reading IOS38-64-3867.wad wait...ERROR (ret=-1)"
then it says press any button to restart the wii

ANy ideas what could be the issue?

Thanks in advance for you help!

Will 2.5" HD work?

Thanks for taking the time to write such great tutorials. After searching and trying many methods, your was the most complete and easy to understand. I have the 3.4U firmware and already had homebrew installed from before. I used your tutorials to install IOS249, Hermes' IOS222/223, and the configurable USB bootloader. I have several 2.5" drives (both IDE and SATA) and USB adapters to match. I have formated the drives with FAT32 and then WBFS using the WBFS manager. No matter what I do I can't get the USBloader to recognize the drives. Even when I leave them FAT32. I have tried using both USB ports (closest to the edge 1st) and still can't get them to recognize the partition.

Do I need to be using drives that get external power? I have a cable that uses both USB ports for more power but that is not working either. In all cases the drives light up and I can feel them spinning but USBloader fails to recognize them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

homebrew wii 4.0

hey i've done everything exactly in the guide it shows on this website on playing backup games on 4.0. i got everything working, homebrew channel etc. however whenever i try to load the backup game i get an error code, if i try restarting with hooks, it still won't show in the disc channel. and this isn't a new wii that can't read dvd's because i've had it for a while. anyone have any suggestions? thanks

Hey, is the updating IOS249

Hey, is the updating IOS249 to a different version part optional? I already have the cIOS following the tutorial, I don't get what to do here.

No IOS236

I have done everything shown on your page but am stuck on the part where i install rev15. When I look to select IOS236 it isnt there. The only IOS over 200 are 202 and 254. Please help.
Also I have wii system 4.2e and only recently installed everything.


Is there any way to get ALL of these features?


Isnt there an "I want to do it all and me my wii own." tutorial?

Error in AllTitle deleter

I get this same error.

"Initializing Filesystem driver...OK!
Wiping off fingerprints...
- Deleting ticket file /ticket/00000001.tick...
Ticket delete failed (no ticket?) -102
- Deleting ticket file /ticket/00000001...
Error! ISFS_Delete(ret = -102)

Checking system region...
Pulling Sysmenu TDM...Error! ISFS_Open (ret = -102)
Reading TDM failed!
Error! ES_OpenContent (ret = -1017)"

Using the above tutorial, the one for 4.2

Error in AllTitle deleter

restore to default configuration

AnyTitle Deleter error - firmware 4.2 (before first HBC install)

these are the steps I cannot do (last few of 4.2 walkthrough):

"Run apps/ATDM/boot.dol from the Homebrew Channel
Select IOS236 as the IOS to start and push A to confirm.
Navigate to "System Titles" and push A to confirm
Select "IOS222" and push A to delete then A again to confirm.
Select "IOS223" and push A to delete then A again to confirm.
Select "IOS249" and push A to delete then A again to confirm.
Select "IOS250" and push A to delete then A again to confirm.
Push Home to exit AnyTitle Deleter Mod"

they are the last few step of the 4.2 section, when I try to start IOS236 I receive these errors:

"Initializing Filesystem driver...OK!
Wiping off fingerprints...
- Deleting ticket file /ticket/00000001.tick...
Ticket delete failed (no ticket?) -102
- Deleting ticket file /ticket/00000001...
Error! ISFS_Delete(ret = -102)

Checking system region...
Pulling Sysmenu TDM...Error! ISFS_Open (ret = -102)
Reading TDM failed!
Error! ES_OpenContent (ret = -1017)"

I already tried to go on and test usbloader, but it doesn't work (it crashes when i open)
please need some help!!!

at the end of step two i get a failed install

While changing the IOS to slot :249,

i hit the a button

load the ios from my sd, it preps and then i run the install

it says
ES_AddTitleStart returned: -1035
Has your installed IOS36 a higher revision than 3351?
IOS36 installation failed.
Press any button to exit.....

im stumped

Which firmware do you have?

What firmware and which tutorial are you using?

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