Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros played on the Hand Fart

This is truly some amazing hand farting talent! This dude plays the Super Mario theme song with his bare hands.

Sheet music for a LOT of Mario games

Here's a great collection of sheet music for just about every Mario game!
Click here to get Mario sheet music

Amazon is taking pre-orders for Wii Super Paper Mario!

Amazon is taking pre-orders for Super Paper Mario. Their site says it's for GameCube, but it's probably just one of Amazon's vendors messing up with their product datafeed.

History of Mario. Parts I, II & III

This is a great series of videos about the history of Mario with some commentary by Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario's creator. It's a nice walk down memory lane for all Mario/NES addicts.
Part I

Modified Super Mario Bros with Godzilla

Godzilla runs Mario's errands as he's out sick. Pretty slick modified Super Mario rom -- where do I get my copy?!

Orchestra plays the Super Mario Bros theme song

Super Mario Bros theme song played by Play! A Video Game Symphony. This version sounds like it should be in the next Super Mario Bros movie. This orchestra performs a medley containing the following SMB songs: The Mario Bros. Theme Song, Water Theme, Underground Theme, Super Mario World Intro and Super Mario 64, 1st Level

Charles Martinet — The Voice of Mario!

Charles Martinet has been the voice of Mario since 1991. Check out this video of him doing a voice over for one of the games.

Play Super Mario Bros. in 3D

Happy New Year everyone. Here's a cool 3D version of our favorite game! Get your download on..

Nintendo Monopoly Collectors Edition staring Mario and Luigi

The classic game Monopoly now comes in the Nintendo version staring Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Kirby! Mario diehards will find this a fun party game!

Sweet Super Mario Bros. towels!

Pretty cool looking Super Mario Bros. towels -- it comes in bonus brick block from the game.

Super Mario Bros theme played with a ruler

Here's someone that had to sit in detention one too many times. :) This guy plays the Mario theme with a ruler!

Amazon Editors pick New Super Mario Bros as game of the year!

Is this really a surpise? Of course the New Super Mario Bros game is #1! :) Nintendo did a great job bringing back our favorite side-scroller with awesome enhancements!

Custom Mario & 1-UP Mushroom Crochet Scarf — Limited quantity!

It's getting a bit nippy out so get your Mario and 1-UP Mushroom scarf! This Mario fan hand knits these scarfs for and it'll be a one of a kind!

Super Mario Bros theme song played on the 11 stringed bass guitar

Jean Baudin plays our fav. theme song on a 11 string bass.

Zack Kim plays the Super Mario Theme played with two guitars

Here's an impressive guitarist named Zack Kim that plays the Super Mario Bros theme song via finger tapping on two guitars!

Directions On How To Get To Negative World on Super Mario Bros.

This is a guide on getting to the negative world in Super Mario Bros. Give it a try!


Super Mario Quilt

Check out this cool Super Mario Quilt! If you know how to knit and would like to create a Super Mario Bros quilt like this, scroll down under the quilt image and use KnitPro for free. Simply select an image you'd like to use as a pattern (from your computer), then click "CONVERT TO KNITTING PATTERN". KnitPro will then convert your image to a PDF that you'll be able to print out your custom knit or needlepoint pattern. Have Fun!

Awesome Mario Kart 64 Tricks

This video will show you 5 of the best shortcuts & glitches in Mario Kart.

ROM: Super Mario Bros 2 - Christmas Edition

Just in time for xmas!

HowTo: Build Mario out of LEGOs

Got some LEGOs laying around? Here's an image that'll show you how to build Mario out of LEGOs.

Original Super Mario Bros. coming to Wii Virtual Console on Christmas Day

"This year Santa is getting some competition from another jolly guy with a big belly and a red cap. We’re talking about video game icon Mario, of course. As a special holiday surprise for Wii owners from Nintendo, the original Super Mario Bros. game for the NES will appear in the Wii Shop Channel and be downloadable for 500 Wii Points (is $5). Wii owners with a high-speed Internet connection can redeem Wii Points to download the game. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel or at retail outlets."

Super Mario Bros. played on the world’s largest NES controller!

This is a clip from G4’s Attack of the Show where Kevin reveals the world’s largest working NES controller! This takes multiplayer to the next level!

ROM: Super Mario Brothers Special — The lost Mario game.

"Super Mario Brothers Special" ran on the obscure Japanese PC-8001 computer, and was created in 1986 by veteran developers Hudson Soft.

CAMEO: Baby Mario makes an appearance in Yoshi’s Island DS

The innovative new Wii console might be wowing gamers these holidays but Nintendo isn't about to let its DS handheld wilt in the shade.

Wii: Mario Party 8 details surfaces

The first real details regarding Mario Party 8 for Wii have surfaced with screenshots.

Read on...

RUMOR: Wii bootloader coming in '07!?

This video shows someone using a bootloader stored on a memory card to load backups... Real? Who knows until its wii'leased into the wild! Nowumsain?

Super Mario War

This is a great FREE homebrew multiplayer Mario game for Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox & PSP! The features include four players deathmatch fun! Different game modes and a level editor so you can create your own maps!

Super Mario War 1.8 Beta 1 Released!

It is finally here! Here is SMW 1.8 Beta 1 for PC:

Mac OS X port:

Play all the old school Mario games from NES, SNES, GameBoy Advance on your Wii!

Here's the tutorial on how to get homebrew emulators running on your Wii so that you can play Super Mario Bros and all other Mario games. This is definately not for the faint of heart!

Learn how to put emulators on your Wii!

RECALL: Nintendo Wiicalls the Wiimote Wrist Straps

Nintendo is offering to replace the original version of the wrist straps for the Wii Remote with a newer version. Because Wii consoles shipped starting in early December already utilized the newer version of the strap, you will need to determine which version of the strap you have before ordering a replacement.


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