Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario 3DS is coming this year

Speaking in a video interview with a French site, Nintendo's veteran creative leader Shigeru Miyamoto said "I promise to do everything to deliver your new Mario this year," That is mean The new super Mario 3DS could be on shelves this year.It's being developed by Nintendo's EAD Tokyo outpost - the same team responsible for the Super Mario Galaxy games - and a full reveal is expected at E3 in June.As one of the lover of Mario, I'am specially looking forward to the Super Mario 3DS game.Well, I am also interested in the newest 3ds flash cart, the one which I use now is R4i gold 3DS, it works fine on my 3ds console so far( if you wanna know more about R4i gold 3DS).Back to the topic,if Miyamoto's words be true, this year is going to packed with mighty fine first-party titles.

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