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R4 not working in pink ds but working in black

Hi, I just bought 2 R4 ds cards for my children got the software downloaded and games downloaded onto them. My son has a black ds lite and both cards work on his and is able to play all the games. But my daughter has a pink ds lite and the cards will not work on hers, it says no game card in slot.

Any ideas?????????

Pink DS Lite

hi ppl i just got my R4 SDHC Upgrade for my sister pink DS lite and i put the software and the games in the momory card and i put in to the R4 card and put in to DS Lite and on the top screen it display "menu ?" i dnt kno wt to do pls help me i put the new software 1.18

pls pls help me


HELP !!!! Just bought my son a new ds cus his old one broke and his r4 doesnt work in it but it worked every time in his old one just dont understand it and its got the most updated version (v1.18)on it.

DS or DSi?

Did you buy a DS or DSi? If its a DSi, then it wont work with the R4.

me tooo

i have the same problem can anyone help?????????

pink ds

it sometimes happen to my ds lite did you try blowing it because it works on mine
if it doesn't =[

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