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help please

got one of these r4 formatted the sd card like everyone said copied the new kernal and did everything else and still i carnt get passed the 'loading' phase can anyone help.

R4i - couldnt find DS_MENU.SYS

Hi, I bought an R4i SDHC Revolution for a dsi however when I tried to download games I keep getting a message "couldnt find DS_MENU.SYS, can anyone help please :)


some new games dont want to boot up on R4 revolution, why?

some new games dont want to boot up. or the screen just stay clear or it says to turn it off and re-insert card data could not be found or goes to the main menu of game and freeze dont start. I have a R4 revolution for ds since last year, do I need to download a new program or patch to fix this, hope someone known the answer. The programs/folders I have on my SD card are :
_system_ (file folder)
moonshl (file folder)
_DS_MENU.DAT (dat file)
_DS_MENU.SYS (system file)
_DS_MSHL.NDS (nds file)

of late wen i download the

of late wen i download the game rar files and extract them, where as before there would be one or 2 files in there ... Now there seems to be several other rar files ? wot do i do

Need Help!!!!!!!!!!

I got this problem : I bought my R4 a few months ago and everything worked fine until now. I try to put it in my DS and it says that there is no DS card to be found???

Does anybode know how to solve this?

can i stop games and data

can i stop games and data being deleted from these cards with the delete function on the r4 cards cos everyday my brother deletes items off his card when playing with it or trying to change the themes

Can i stop delete function

can i stop games and data being deleted from these cards with the delete function on the r4 cards cos everyday my brother deletes items off his card when playing with it or trying to change the themes

Can't access save data on Imagine teacher.

It is only certain games I am having problems with including Imagine Teacher. Can't access save data, I have 1/4 of the SD card memory free so it should create the save file but doesn't. Is there another problem apart from space? Any answers please? Many thanks. Claire

DS Download Play?

I've been Googling for ages and have found tht a lot of people are sayin tht the new R4 kernel now has full download play support. I hav the newest kernel-1.18 but the download play still doenst work! I've tried trimming the games with Tokyo Trimmer and R4DS Rom Trimmer 2.0- still doesnt work- and ive tried just puttin the games on without being trimmed?
Am i doin somethin wrong or does the R4 actually not support ds download play?
Please someone help!

help, r4 usb reader wont work

bought an r4 card package, put my sd card in the usb reader, went on to my computer, it just says removable disk, when i try to access it, it says that i need to insert a disk, its already in, help please? the sd card is 1g

r4-111 sdhc card

Hi does a r4-111 sdhc card work in a ds lite I have tried everything and I am now tearing my hair out. I have brought the r4 with a 4gb micro sdhc card. I have formatted the card and followed all instructions for setting it up. I have downloaded the version 3 kernal into winrar and copied the files to the sd card but when i put the card in my ds all I get is a menu icon which appeas to be the shape of the card. Help !!!!!!

help please

heya guys i reaqlly hope u can hep wme withthis i recently got an r4 card with sa 2 gb kingston memory card it came with games tht worked fine i downloded a couplemore on to it and again they worked fine but now when i put more games on they dont comeup on the screen it wont let me play them or even access them i have taken games of the ds so their isnt a problem with room it just wont let me see the games on the menu what do i do ?

some downloaded games will not work on my r4

Guys I hope you can help me im going crazy here !!!! some games that I downloaded will not work on my r4ds card it just says something like cant accses save data please take out the card and try again what am I doing wrong ?

Any ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R4 plugged into DS Lite & stays at loading

I plugged the R4 into the DS Lite and it just stayed at loading, i dont know if thats because the DS Lite is almost out of battery or there's something else that i need to do??? I dont know the version for the R4 i bought it in Singapore please help...

also when downloading new games how do we make it work?

Please help

hello, I've got the same


I've got the same problem but I just can't find the answer of it. I'm interesed if you've already solved this problem. Can you please tell me?

Loves C

Help please..

I have the R4DS version 2 and I noticed that new ROMS are not working. I've downloaded the latest kernel (1.18) and it still doesn't work. I keep getting this error message: The save data could not be accessed. Please turn the power off and reinsert the DS card. Please help! Do I need to get a new R4? or is something else messed up?

What game doesnt work?

What game are you trying to boot?

re: help please

Hi -- Which R4 did you get? The version 2 or version 3?

For version 2, download this kernel:

For version 3, download this kernel:

Explain exactly the steps you're taking to put the kernel on your microSD so we can see if you're doing something wrong.

Loading screen!!!

Tried to read up on the problem but like others I seem to be unable to get past the load screen. I got the v1.18 download then read about the sdhc version (which I have) being a version 3 card so downloaded version 3.08. I have followed the instructions, copied all the correct files in but never get past the loading screen. I have a Kingston Micro SD 2gb card and have tried putting paper behind it to get the connection some tried but nothing works!

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