Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario RPG Game Secrets: Unauthorized (Secrets of the Games Series.)

The Smithy Gang, a vicious band of fiends, has smashed into Mario?s World. Hoping to dominate the world, they?ve captured Bowser?s Keep and destroyed Star Road, the magical force that makes wishes come true. Mario needs to team up with new friends—and an old enemy—to collect the seven missing Star Pieces, save the Princess Toadstool, and defeat Smithy and his evil minions, once and for all.

More valuable than any coin box, more powerful than any fireball, Super Mario RPG Unauthorized Game Secrets shows you how to:
• Find all the hidden bonus areas and items
• Solve all the dastardly puzzles
• Bamboozle the baddies
• Locate Super Mario?s friends and enemies
• Uncover Mario?s super secrets

Play a perfect game. Become a legend. Be a star. Get this book!

About the Author
Anthony James
is the author of Soul Blade: Unauthorized Game Secrets, Blast Corps: Unauthorized Game Secrets, Vandal Hearts: Unauthorized Secrets & Solutions, and other Prima electronic entertainment books.


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