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Homebrew software for the Nintendo DS and DSi

Nintendo DS and DSi are both great gaming platforms made better by homebrew software. A common misconception is that homebrew software is only used by hackers and pirates to play illegal and pirated content. Despite the poor reputation, homebrew software continues to prevail on the DS and DSi as a legal and ethical way to expand the functionality of your Nintendo DS and DSi. Many different software solutions are released via homebrew that enable the DS and the DSi to complete more functions that are perfectly legal and ethical. Imagine a full media player, notes application, map viewer and even the full bible on your Nintendo DSi and DSi.

There are many different methods to enable homebrew for the Nintendo DS and the DSi. Such methods include using flash carts such as Supercard DSTWO and R4 Nintendo DS. Flash carts such as Supercard DSTWO and R4 Nintendo DS are simple to use and enable users to utilize homebrew software. Simply insert the Supercard DSTWO or R4 Nintendo DS into the game slot and the Nintendo DS or DSi is able to run homebrew. The term homebrew simply refers to software that is designed by home users to run on the DS and DSi and not designed by Nintendo. The term homebrew does not imply pirated software or illegal content and is not illegal to run homebrew on your Nintendo DS or DSi.

Occasionally users utilize flash carts such as Supercard DSTWO or R4 Nintendo DS for incorrect purposes but that does not mean that everyone who owns a flash cart and homebrew is doing something wrong. Simply running homebrew software on the DS or DSi is not prohibited and generally does not cause harm to your gaming console. Expanding the functionality and fun of your DS or DSi is one thing that running homebrew software does do. There are many different free DS games that are homebrew. Some of these great free DS games include titles such as AsteroiDS which is a great remake of the classic Asteroids game for the Nintendo DS. Other great titles include AlienDS which is a full 3D first person shooter for the DS. There are even some great homebrew kids games available for the DS such as Bunny Jumps which is a creative platformer where you take control of a bunny.

Nintendo DS and DSi homebrew enables much more than the ability to play free DS games. Running homebrew means the ability to run applications such as Moonshell which is a fully featured media player. Moonshell brings a beautiful new interface to the DS and enables access to all of your favorite media content. Supported file types by Moonshell include DPG Video files, plenty of music files: MP3 / OGG / MOD / SPC / MDX / WMA and more. Moonshell even has support for all of your favorite image formats such as JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG. Viewing all of these major file types and unlocking the true potential of your DS and DSi is simply not possible without the use of homebrew on your gaming system.

Homebrew even enables users to run a console emulator. Using a console emulator it is possible emulate prior consoles and play games from prior consoles directly on the DS or DSi. DS homebrew software opens the door to possibilities on your tiny handheld gaming device. Consider the ability to run NES, SNES, Turbo Grafx and other types of games directly on your Nintendo DS or DSi. DS homebrew software is the only way to unlock all of the potential of the DS and the DSi.

Here are a few popular homebrew games and utilities:

Games Console Emulators
Duck Hunt (homebrew version) Super Mario Galaxy (homebrew version)
Duck Hunt for Nintendo DS and DSi (homebrew version) Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo DS and DSi (homebrew version)
Lode Runner Returns (homebrew apps) Super Smash Bros Demo (homebrew version)
Lode Runner Returns for Nintendo DS and DSi (homebrew version) Super Smash Bros for Nintendo DS and DSi (homebrew version)

Computer Emulators


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Help please

PLEASE !! i need son own's a nintendo dsi...and the screen says "an error has occured press and hold the power off button....everytime he tries to play anyway it won't work..what do i need to do!!! pleasee helppp!! thank you

You should see if the

You should see if the cartridge is TTDSi cause thats what you need to use it for the dsi

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