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New Super Mario Bros for Wii is AWESOME!

Last night I was lucky enough to play the New Super Mario Bros games for Wii a little earlier than the store release. A friend of mine had it and we played the heck out of it! The game is everything I though it'd be and then some. Having multiple players on the same screen is very cool, but at times I found myself tracking the wrong player while my player is off somewhere in the corner.. it takes a little getting used to when you first play. The graphics and background music is great!

Sungha Jung -- An amazing fingerstyle guitarist!

As I was looking around the 'Net for cool Super Mario videos, I stumbled across this amazing guitarist, Sungha Jung. Sungha is an 11 year old guitarist that can ROCK! launch

We just launched -- AccessorWiis is a Nintendo Wii accessory site. The site is still in it's beta stage, but we figured everyone can get a sneak peek while it's being worked on. AccessorWiis has listings for Wii controllers, light guns, wheels, cables, stands, faceplates and just about everything Wii accessory related. Check it out:

Wii Love Mario is looking for content contributors

Wii Love Mario is currently looking for Super Mario Bros fans that are willing to add content to the site. If you're interested, please email us @ [email protected].

Nintendo DS storage devices section added

We've added a section with all the Nintendo DS storage devices. This should make it easier for shoppers that are undecided on which Nintendo DS storage device they'd like to buy.

New Super Mario Bros Sheet Music section added

Today we added a new category under Wii'deos for Super Mario Bros Sheet Music. Now you can start playing our favorite theme song:


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