Super Mario Bros.

Super Pong Bros

Super Pong Bros. is exactly what it sounds like. Super Mario Bros + Pong = Super Pong Bros. :) This Nintendo DS homebrew was created by Delca. It has both Mario and Luigi on opposite sides of the board climbing up and down the flagpole bouncing a fireball in a game of Pong. We gave this homebrew a try on a Nintendo DS Lite and a R4DS v2 and it ran fine. This is the 1st release of the game and it definitely has a lot of potential. The 1payer vs. Computer wasn't even fun; the computer missed just about ever time. So what we tried was 1p vs 2p and it was a bit better, but you had to share the DS with 2 sets of hands and that became a little too close for comfort. Hopefully a later build of this game will include wifi play. Overall the game wasn't too bad for a 1st release.

Here are a few screenshots from the game and a link to download the rom below. Have fun.

Super Pong Bros Super Pong Bros Super Pong Bros

Download Super Pong Bros for Nintendo DS

FYI- It took a few seconds before we figured out how to start the game. You need to use the styles to move the fireball in the direction you'd like it to go, then the game starts.

Link to the developer's site: - The site is in French so we had to Google translate the copy. Here's what Google gave us:

As you can see on the screens, the project does for the moment that the bare minimum.

I would release one as soon as I would have solved a fairly irritating bug for the bounces of the ball.

Also, if someone has ideas, little more that could make the game, it makes me part by responding here.

I am looking for a tester that could test the game on a Super Card or any linker, because I still have not received my own.

Features and possibilities:

- Size of the ROM: 157 Kb 268Ko
- No Runs on $ GBA, but not on Ideas, not tested on DeSmuME.
- Rebound the ball on the edge of the screen.
- Rebound the ball on snowshoes.
- Ability to change the color of the ball. Not with the new theme
Break-in the game

Things to do before the first public demo:

- Resolve the bug of the ball behind the racket.
Add-point system.
- To be able to change the color of snowshoes through the menu.
Break-automatic when the DS closes. * I expect to receive my linker to integrate this *
- Addition of a few sounds. (Bah yes, half fact, half strikeout)
- Addition of a IA imperfect, so that we can win.

Now, you can express yourself.

This, despite the fact that the game still has a major bug, I give you the link to download.


Super Mario Pong

Super Mario Pong is the original name for this unofficial Pong w/Mario theme. The developers of this game were students from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science where one of their assignments in microcontroller system design was to create a Pong clone. Håvard Sørbø and Daugur Johanssonn created Super Mario Pong using the STK1000 development kit.

Check out their blog below for more info. There's also a video of what the Nintendo DS version should look and play like.,guid,6c564384-7ed2-4835-afc7-542c6430...

If you REALLY want to play the STK1000 version of this game, you could always fork out $499 for the kit here:

Then you'd have to get the software somehow... the code is running on Linux 2.6.11.

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