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Super Mario Doom .WAD available for download!

It's finally here! Doom_master1122, the creator of Super Mario Doom, has made Super Mario Doom .wad available for download! For those of you who don't know what this is, take a look at the video below.

Download the Super Mario Doom .wad

According or Doom_master1122, the Super Mario Doom .wad is compatible with Doom2, GZDoom and FreeDoom.

More Super Mario Doom videos here

Here's a link to the official download page:

Instructions on how to use this .wad from Doom_master112 himself:

Yep. the demo is out and about.
If you are new to the whole running doom and running PWADS, here are some instructions on how to do it.
Step 1 --- Download GZdoom, it is in my download section.
Step 2 --- Unzip it to its own folder.
(If you have Doom 2, skip to step 6, If not proceed to step 3.)
Step 3 --- Go to the FreeDoom website, under their download section download the complete IWAD
Step 4 --- Unzip it and take the Wad file out of the folder that is in the zip.
Step 5 --- Make sure the wad is named Doom2.wad (.wad is it's extension)
Step 6 --- Place the Doom2.wad in the same folder as GZdoom
Step 7 --- Download Mario doom
Step 8 --- Unzip it into the folder as GZdoom.
Step 9 --- Drag and drop mario doom (SMDGZv1.3 you can rename to mario doom if you want.) to GZdoom to run.
Step 10 --- When you are at the main menu, set your self up a Jump button, a crouch button, and turn mouse freelook on.
Step 11 --- enjoy.


Cool thing to do with mario doom

When you load your wad up, remove the doom2 wad and replace with share ware version of doom1. name the wad file doom1. Then run mario doom. You should be in the doom 1 game as mario.

Note: If you find the shotgun or any other weapon that you want to keep, DON'T switch weapons.

play all doom games

i lke this sweet game

play simpsons doom

this mario wad does not work

this mario wad does not work with the wiidoom homebrew. it wont load once you select difficulty. its not compatible with the doom2 or plutonia wad on wiidoom.
said that it dose work but of course i didn't try it


i was hoping to play it on my wii and its not for wii


It's not for the Wii, it's for Doom on the PC. I think a lot of people confuse this .WAD with the WiiWare .WADs. The Doom WADs, PWADs and IWADS have been around for a little longer then the Wii WADs. :)

There is a chance this might work on the Wii! There's WiiDoom available for the Wii.. so maybe it'll load this Super Mario Bros WAD. I will try it and report back..


Hi, I can't play it in rockdoom. it says that the wad (freedom) does not meet the standard graphic or something like that. It still at least able to show the title screen (lol)

all of the walls and the

all of the walls and the ground is white for both freedom and smd

how do u get the gun?

how do u get the gun?


I had already got doom 2 and i did all the steps but when i got to run GZdoom it was all doom 2 monsters not mario, i put the to files from SMDGZ into GZDoom and still didnt work?


Simple.You Need To Click The WAD For Mario DooM Once And, Without Releasing The Mouse Drag It To GZDooM. Click DooM II (If That Screen Pops Up) And Start Playing.

Hope That Helps


Its .wad file, so is it made for WII?

.Wad files

.wad files are for doom, an old game from like precambrian times. that game is #$%&ing old!
anyway, they are just mods for the game... they arent for the wii


if your finding an error when you die, download an older version of free doom

can somebody help me i

can somebody help me i installed it but i dont have mario doom:S i got the freedoom version

how did you get the shutgun?

how did you get the shutgun? You start out with the fireballs.


Thats right its out >_>
(yay for web stats, thats how i got here.)


Welcome to WiiLoveMario, Doom_master1122. You've combined 2 of my favorite games of all time, Super Mario and Doom. I can't count the amount of hours I've wasted playing Doom back in the day and now with this new .wad I will end up wasting more time! :) Thanks!

heh... Well stay tuned at my

heh... Well stay tuned at my website and blog and you'll receive all the updates on mario doom.

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