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R4DS - R4 Revolution 3rd Generation with microSDHC support for Nintendo DS and DS Lite

Team R4 has finalized the newest version of the R4DS and has released it into the wild! The version 3 of the R4DS is set to be released on March 10, 2008 and will support microSDHC cards and multi-language support! This means you'll be able to buy a 8gb microSDHC if you want. This top of the line DS SLOT-1 cartridge is an amazing little device that will allow you to play movies, mp3s, read comic books, surf the web, cheat codes and many more! We've put our pre-order in for this device and will write a review for it once it arrives. If you need more info on the R4DS, read our previous post on the v2 of the R4DS.

The newest R4DS III is available for pre-order now!

Below are 3 companies that carry the R4. All offer FREE shipping. Scroll down to see them all:

Not sure which R4 you need? Check out our R4 Guide.

R4DS cartridges for Nintendo DS and DS Lite  
Genuine R4DS without microSD (you need a microSD to use the R4). $7.95 w/FREE Shipping
Genuine R4DS with 2GB microSD $17.95 w/FREE Shipping
R4DS for Nintendo DSi (also works with DS and DS Lite)  
R4i Ultra with 4GB Kingston microSDHC(comp. w/ DSi v1.4 firmware) $31.52 w/FREE Shipping
R4i SDHC with 4GB Kingston microSDHC (comp. w/DSi v1.4 firmware) $33.85 w/FREE Shipping

Download the firmware for the R4DS version3 here:  


How do I get the downloaded software to work for the R4?

I bought a R4 card for my DS. The guy that I bought it from put a few games on it for me and then told me to just drag and drop my new downloaded games. That was the only instruction that I was given. I figured out that I had to unzip the files. I also figured out that I needed the software for the R4 (we he did not provide or tell me) so I downloaded it from the site, but when I try and open it, it comes up in the zip folder and I can't seem to figure out how to install it or anything, since it comes up like 100 files. Please help me. When I do get it installed, is that where I will finally see the drag and drop screen? I have been trying to do this for hours and I am getting really frustrated. Thank-you in advance for your help.

r4 upgraded version with trouble

so im new at this but i was wondering if someone would be kinda enough to help me out?
so i did everything like it said too. i formatted the micro disk to FAT 32 and then i downloaded the newest kernal which i found it to be ENGLISH VERSION 3.11 for the new r4 upgrade revolution. then i copied all the files onto the micro sd chip. then got the roms and unzipped and copied the .nds files into the micro sd and when i turn on my ds it just has a plain white background with a red chip with the words MENU? on it and nothing works. can somebody PLEASE help me???? ive been doing this for days and i cant seem to figure it out. help me out step by step please. thank you!

help withmy r4

i just bought an r4iii and a 2g micro sd when i download the kernal and put it on the sd through the usb reader nothinghappenes what shoul do

stuck with r4III card

when i put my r4 card into my ds the top screen just comes up as "menu" can't do anything else, can anyone advise me please


I too am getting this "Menu"

I too am getting this "Menu" screen showing up and nothing else. Can someone explain why?

r4 ds HELP!!

I recently purchased the R4 for DS and followed all the instructions from the manufacturer webpage, and downloaded lots of roms but it will not work! When I insert the card my DS simply will not get past the 'loading' screen. Is this a common problem... and how do I solve it?! Help!!

cos u aint got the rite

cos u aint got the rite version mate like say uve git an english ds u will need the r4 to be an english version u can download that version on the website. my brother encountered the same problem as he got his ds from hong kong and he had the english version file thing

R4 Revolution stuck on loading screen

Hi guys, the R4 only supports SD cards up to 2gig memory so if your card is bigger than 2gig it will not work.

Not true, I am using a 4GB

Not true, I am using a 4GB and it works perfectly.

no if your using r4-II u can

no if your using r4-II u can only use up to 2 gig. but if your using r4-III u can use 4 gb.
sorry for my bad english.....


same thing happened to me...turned out i wasn't putting the programs onto the actual card because i was using the SanDisk micro SD card instead of the actual reader (it's that black stick thing). when i actually used the reader thing, it worked!

dude, I had the same damn problem

luckyly I fixed it, I was about to return that shit, as it turns out, i just searched for the kernel on google since the download section did not fucking work. I found this site, just get the one you want, it worked wonders for me. Send me and e-mail in case you believe is a spam, it does really work.
[email protected]
hope it helps. It helped me.


Hello, I just bought one,
And I downloaded the newest firmware from the site you found, but when I load up my DS it shows a Micro SD Card with a
''-.-'' face saying ''Menu?"
Anyone please help me?

re: r4 ds HELP!!

Which firmware did you use? If you purchased the v3 R4, then you'll need to download the firmware from here:

R4 HELP with dvd discs!!!

My daughter came home with a r4 card for her ds she had borrowed from a friend, it had approx 40 games on it hoewver she also had 7 discs which she claimed were full of games! However i cannot get these discs to open on my pc despite them opening on her friends? Do i need a special programme or software to open these discs?

Thanks in advance.

r4 version 3 firmware

hi i was wondering if you can help me i need the firmware for version 3 sdhc but i have tried downloading from the site but i get the message cannot read from source file or disk only on the .dat file which actually makes it run i have bought these for my kids but i cannot get them to work.

many thanks i hope you can help

thanks scott


the new r4 is available in a retail store in Morrabin, Melbourne, Australia.
i know because I bought one there.


do these only work with 4gb cards?


Hello i would like to have confirmation that if the R4DS V3 REALLY support HC memory card thanks you

R4 III is real

Maybe Team R4 sold the R4 line to someone else that enhanced it to work with microSDHC cards. There seems to be a few retailers selling different version of the R4 III. Also, with Nintendo suing all of these small companies, I wouldn't doubt it if Team R4 sold off all of their (unreleased) R4 III inventory to whomever would buy it... and now the companies that purchased the inventory is selling them under a few different brands of the R4 III. Just a thought...

TeckNet R4 Revolution Version 3 in the UK

Amazon UK is selling the R4DS v3:
Here's what they list as the Technical Details:

* TeckNet New English Version 3, updated and redesigned the older version R4 by using new hardware and software, the NEW TeckNet R4 can support Hight-Speed 1G, 2G, 4G & 8G Micrso SD card
* New Benefits than older version V1.18 R4

1. Using the newest V1.20 kernel, Support more games than older V1.18 R4

2. Using new hardware, Support High Speed 1G, 2G, 4G, and 8G memory card.

3. Using new hardware, will save 23% battery power than older V1.18 R4
* 3nd generation storage device, Flush fitting slot 1 card, Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32

Automatically detect save type, Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip, Supports Moonshell and other homebrew. Open I/O interface, User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation
* Supports rumble pak and memory pak, Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser, Supports Action Replay cheat, moonshell 1.6 support Software Reset function( Press START key back to the R4 menu)


r4ds v2 or v3?

which one should i get?

Get the R4 III

Since the version 3 is available, there's no reason to get the v2 as you'll be able to get bigger microSDHC cards:

R4 III Upgrade SDHC Revolution for DS

Do R4's support action replay codes?

I was wondering does action replay support r4's because my friend has action replay and she gets really good cheats the obly problem with me is that i haven't got any proper game cards i only have an r4 so does action replay support r4's?

Amazon R4 v3 is R4

Got my R4 from Amazon US vendor. I wanted sdhc support with V3, but the R4 I got does not. The USB reader stick does support sdhc. My software was v1.17 on mini disk. R4 does not have the spring for memory card. Packaging only says,
Revolution for DS

Not happy as the vendors are under the wrong subheading on Amazon.

Got R4-III Upgrade

just got R4-III Upgrade with 4Gb from Tt works great after I download the new driver. They claim r4-iii is faster and low power consumption(8hrs). It will take me some time to prove it.

R4-III Drivers

Can anyone please direct me to where I can get the Drivers for R4-III. Thanks
[email protected]

I just got mine in the mail

I just got mine in the mail from amazon. it works great and is quite awesome, but must be real. it is not a rsd4 v3. thats what i ordered, but all it says on the box is R4 - IIupgrade. The CD inside comes with kernel 1.16 and it works with everything minus the FFCCproblems. I still say its worth a buy, but NOT a v3.

Yeah i received mine in the

Yeah i received mine in the mail as well from amazon, and it just says R4 II upgrade, though this piece of paper that came with it says "R4 V3" but only there. only problem i'm having is the fact that some games keep freezing a few mins after i start them, i reformated the micro SD to FAT32 like the paper says, but it continued, i think it maybe the r4 itself, i'll try again and if it continues i can exchange it

Just to confirm, I purchased

Just to confirm, I purchased this from Amazon and it does indeed have SDHC support.

this is a rip off. no info

this is a rip off. no info from the REAL r4 team has information about this. be weary. about purchasing

WTH -- Which one is better?

Most people tell me to go with the R4, now these comments say it's crap.. WTH. I've never even heard of the CycloDS or Acekard. I've used my friends R4 before and it seems to play everything we throw at it. Are there skins available for the other cards? Why are these cards so low end? Because of the price or do they just break after a while?


Not really a big deal. 2GB is more than enough for DS games. Acekard is definitely THE top, much better than the shitty cyclo

top of the line, dont make me laugh

the r4 is the bottom of the barrel not the top of the line, cards like the cyclo ds evolution have better compatability and a featurelist that makes the r4 look like an old slot 2 device, whats worse is the modern low end cards like the toptoy and edge card already do everything the r4 v3 does at a lower cost if you want an r4 like featureless card.

avoid like the plague and buy a modern card or a premium one instead.

R4 is not 'top line'

The R4 is not a 'top of the line' cart. The premium one is CycloDS Evolution, read our reviews at :)


Will this be available on the Amazon UK site on March 10th?


Not sure. Amazon UK carries more R4s then Amazon US so I'm assuming they probably will have it then.

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