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R4 Nintendo DS and R4 Nintendo DSi flash carts

The R4 Nintendo DS flash carts have been changing the way gamers view their DS since 2007. With the aid of Micro SD cards for storage, the Nintendo DS finally lived up to its portable nature. Instead of carrying around dozens of cartridges, you could store all your games, software and media files onto one, tiny chip. As Micro SD cards progressed, so did flash cart technology. The R4 Nintendo DS and R4 Nintendo DSi carts these days can hold a whopping 32GB of data.

Boy, talk about having it all. You could easily house all your old favorites onto one card but why not also add every SNES game you loved as well? Yup, the R4 supports Moonshell and other homebrew favorites which will open up your portable gaming experiences to new levels. The massive amount of storage that is now available is not only to accommodate upcoming game releases. There are game console emulators available plus an assortment of media playback devices as well.

R4 is a savvy piece of hardware and the people behind its development are paying attention to the newest trends. To ensure the R4 Nintendo DSi would be as successful as the original R4 Nintendo DS flash cart, the developers have left the platform wide open to the influences of gaming enthusiasts. This flash cart caters to all things ROM but with some very nice upgrades. The software tweaks in the operating system allow newer game releases to be enjoyed while the massive amount of storage now available are mind boggling. Why would anyone need that much space? Well, the developers at R4 are not looking at what is available right now; they are looking towards the future.

R4 has sold more flash carts than anyone and for good reason. The success of R4 Nintendo DS and R4 Nintendo DSi has always depended on two things: an open platform for development and a very reasonable price tag. Homebrew developers love the R4. R4 Nintendo DSi owners win in a situation like this. Homebrew has taken the gaming platform and transformed it into a medium to view pictures, read eBooks, listen to music or watch movies.

Nintendo has more fun coming up in spring of 2011 with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS. Hardware gurus like the R4 team are ready and will continue to lead the flash cart market with solid, innovative designs. Since the 3DS will be backward compatible to the R4 Nintendo DS and the R4 Nintendo DSi, the software catalog will be nothing short of spectacular.

Interested in buying a R4/R4i for your DS or DSi? Click here to check out our R4/R4i Guide to help you choose one.


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