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Play GBA (Game Boy Advance) games on your Nintendo DS

You ever just want to play some old school GBA games, but don't want to dig up your GBA? The DS plays GBA games, but you also don't want to lug all of your old GBA cartridges around. Here's the solution you'll need if you want to consolidate all your GBA games onto one cartridge and play it on your Nintendo DS. Before the R4 or DSTT, there were GBA Flash cards and linkers. They've also come down in price a lot so you should probably grab one of these gems before they're gone for good.

EZ-FLASH 3 in 1 expansion pack Rumble (GBA Size), Black


The EZ-FLASH 3 in 1 will work 100% in the Nintendo DS slot-2. A lot of people have asked if they could play GBA games on their R4, DSTT or any other storage device and unfortunately the answer is No. Due to hardware limitations of the Nintendo DS, the only way you'll be able to play GBA games on your DS is to use an orginal GBA cartridge in your DS' slot-2 or consolidate all your GBA cartridges onto one cartridge like the Extreme Flash Advance.




Can i use the nintendo ds expansion pak that comes with nintendo ds browser plz reply

can it work with R4 SDHC???

can it work with R4 SDHC????I really want to play GBA games on it.

Yes, it will work

Yes, it works great with the R4 SDHC and its the ONLY way you'll play GBA games on the DS other than the real GBA cartridges. Have fun! :)

gba games on sdhc

where can u get the software to play gba games on sdhc
plzzzzz tell me

Is that really to play gba

Is that really to play gba roms into nds?
I will buy it!

Thanks for the info. =)

Thanks for the info. =)

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