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Nintendo DSi now available in the US

The new Nintendo DSi is now available for pre-order from Amazon. As you know from previous Nintendo releases, this new unit will fly off the shelves! The pre-order price for the Nintendo DSi is $169, but after they sell out... a lot of vendor will be selling them for probably over $200. If you're looking for a good handheld unit, the DSi is the way to go. The DSi has a larger screen, better audio and is thinner than it's predecessors. The DSi also features a digital camera with 2 lenses, one facing you and the other facing outward. Also, the DSi comes preloaded with software to manipulate the picture like changing the person's facial expression, adding graphics around the picture or merging two faces together.. that's just some of the cool features - there are 11 other lenses that you can mess around with to change the picture around. The DSi is also backwards compatible with DS games so you can still play your existing games on the new unit. Don't wait till the prices get jacked up and you can't find one, pre-order yours today to get it at the regular price! Click here to pre-order.

Here's the US commercial for the Nintendo DSi:



Since the DSi has already been released in other countries, there's already a flash card available. Click here to read move about the Acekard 2i.

Here's another video from Japan that shows off some of the cool features of the new Nintendo DSi


Is the US ever going to get

Is the US ever going to get the new colors (pink, lime green, blue)? Japan should really let people buy the new ones with the menu in their own language... :( I wish I knew Japanese so I could buy one because Japan makes everything.

Internet browser comparison

Here's a browser comparison between the DS and DSi. The guy in the video visits the New York Times website and the DSi loads it so much faster and as you'll see, the page actually looks like a webpage and not just links like the DS browser:

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