Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) converted to DVD Player mod

This is a very cool NES / DVD mod using a $30 Magnavox DVD Player from Wal-Mart.

Part Used:
  • Pressing the power button turns the DVD player on or off. The LED also lights up.
  • Pressing the reset button will flash the LED, just like it would on a NES. It does not have any other function.
  • The audio outs of the DVD player were placed where the audio and video outs used to be.
  • The composite video out, S-video and AC cord are placed where the RF, channel switch and AC used to be.
  • The player one port has no function, but the player two port houses the remote receiver in the top hole. It is barely visible from the outside. It can pick up the signals from the remote from just about anywhere.
  • As expected, all functions from the remote will work.
  • There's nothing like watching the Super Mario Bros Super Show! on your NES DVD player.
  • The door latch on the NES will open and close on its own. It had to be modified in order for this to happen.
  • The DVD tray is slightly lardger than the front of the NES. I had to saw off enough for the tray to fit.
  • None of those modifications can be seen from the outside of the casing.


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