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Modify Super Mario World levels with this SMW Level Editor (Lunar Magic)

So you've played Super Mario World for years, you know all the secrets, found all of the hidden stuff and you need more. We've stumbled across this nifty Super Mario World level editor called Lunar Magic (by Fu So Ya) that allows you to add, remove and rearrange level elements in Super Mario World for the SNES.

Quick note from the author's site:
"Lunar Magic requires either the American or Japanese version 1.0 Super Mario World SNES ROM, or the American version 1.0 Mario All Stars + World SNES ROM. Even if you have a level saved to your hard drive, Lunar Magic must still first open up the ROM each time the program is run to access information needed for level rendering.

Keep in mind that while game editors are not considered illegal, distribution of commercial game ROMs is. Therefore, the file does not include an actual Super Mario World game ROM. I suggest you check a search engine for other sites that may contain ROMs. "

Below is everything you'll need to get started with modding your favorite Super Mario World level:

Lunar Magic: Super Mario World Level Editor
Size: 577KB zipped
Version: 1.65 (updated Oct. 1, 2009)

Super Mario World Rom
The level editor is legal to own/distribute, but the Super Mario World ROM is NOT legal to distribute. We do not host any roms so please don't email us about it! BUT! If you scroll all the way down, we might know where you can find it. :)

SNES Emulator
After you've modified your Super Mario World rom, you'll want to try it out. ZSNES is one of the best SNES emulators.

Lunar Magic - Starting Out tutorial:

Here are some screenshots of Lunar Magic in action:

This is a level from the Demo World

You can drag and drop multiple objects with Red Highlight "Behind" Indicator

Translucent Level Mode (0x1E)

The Overworld Editor

Visit the author's site if you want more info on Lunar Magic.


Looking for the Super Mario World Rom?





i downloded i cant even edit a game all buttons wont allow me to click on can someone tell me how to do this

American version 1.0 Mario All Stars + World SNES ROM

Red pill says file is gone or missing Now what???

where do i get the right rom?

i downloaded 2 dif games but cant use luner magic. where can i get a rom tomodify?



Great program

Great program

Click the red pill.....

Click the red pill.....


Is there a way I can just clear the whole level in one click?

Goal Point Sphere

If you want to clear a level easily, simply put a "Goal Point Question Sphere" somewhere easy to get to in the level. That will act as the normal exit for the level (If you want to get to the 'Secret Exit', you'll have to either get there yourself or make a new one). To place a Goal Point Sphere, click the Shell and the Blue Yoshi icons at the top of Lunar Magic, then on the drop-down menu in the Add Sprites Window find "Tileset Specific Sprites". Once you are there, look for Sprite 4A, left-click out of the sprite menu (but leave it open), then left-click on the sprite to highlight it again, right-click to copy it, and right-click where you want to paste it on the level. From there, drag it wherever you want to by left-clicking, then save the level and run it in your emulator.
*I know this reply is a bit late, but other people are bound to have the same questions.

How do i play super demo

How do i play super demo world? Do i play it on an emulator on my computer?!

I downloaded Lunar Magic and opened it, but how do i start playing???! REPLY

1. Download a SMW ROM file (.smc) somewhere on the internet.
2. Download a SNES emulator.

I like to keep all of my files in the same folder. I would recommend ZSNES as an emulator, which you can download for any system. Then just open Lunar Magic, load up the ROM and once you're ready to test it open it in ZSNES.


Okay i got the ROM but it says that its a zip file, what do i do????

zip file

you open the zip file, right click on the zip file, and extract all.

I downloaded Lunar Magic &

I downloaded Lunar Magic & the rom, and i'm running it on a Mac through CrossOver and everything seems to work fine because i can open the rom and no "0x200 byte" message comes up...

however, when i open the rom up the screen is blank (picture at bottom),
all the tools in the top bar are usable but i can't see the actual SMW editor screen...

any suggestions as to why this is happening?

1.The Lunar Magic you

1.The Lunar Magic you downloaded is bugged.
2.You havn't opened up the ROM.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
1.Look for a folder in the top right with a arrow coming out. Click it.
2.Search through until you find the level. If you used a video from Youtube I believe it should be called SuperMarioBundle.
3.Customize the level how you like it. When you done go to your emulator and look for the name of what you called the ROM.

super mario bros. rocks

super mario bros. rocks

umm... help!!!

in the luner magic it will only let me pick a folder but there will be nothing in the folders and mygame is a zip. what do i do plz respond!

If your game is a .zip

If your game is a .zip folder, extract it you'll find the extract link on your left. extract, THEN play.


Can this be run on a MAC or WII or DS? ARe there other options besides buying a PC


yes it will work perfectly on a mac if you just get wine its extremely fun but a little hard to use

The Matrix

lol this is like the matrix... if you choose the red pill you will find the download to the rom lol.. in the movie he choose the red pill xD

Face The Facts

This Editor is as glitchy as hell. and unless someone can work the bugs out (Or give detailed instructions for the software) this editor will be the more difficult to use than a space shuttle.


I cen't open
please help me!


i have 227 mario hacks 2 virsons of the original mario world but it wont let me use any of them i need 0x200 byte header virson do you have a link to it?

The site for rom is

The site for rom is
and scroll down to super mario world and download it =]


I downloaded it and it said it was in the wrong game title or the wrong format. What's happening??


Whenever I try to open up Super Mario World with Lunar Magic, It says that the ROM does not have a 0x200 byte header! What is going on?

I had the same problem. If

I had the same problem. If you deleted the zipped folder from the download then that might be the problem. But everything worked fine when I Got another copy of the ROM.

lol I don't found it

yep too I is searchin for that thing but I found the
is the lunar magic but I need a rom. sorry for my bad inglish hablo español.AND what is te down thing?

Follow the Red pill

Follow the Red Pill

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