Super Mario Bros.

Mario Super Slugger for Nintendo Wii

If you enjoy playing the Baseball that comes with your Wii, then you're going to love Mario Super Sluggers! The game works just like the Wii Sports baseball where you'll need to swing the Wii remote to bat and pitch. The numchuk is used to control your outfielders. The game supports 2 players and 4 player mini-games. Amazon will be shipping these games out on August 25th, 2008 and for a limited time, you can save $10 when you use their Bill Me Later checkout. Just enter "BMLGAMES" at checkout to save $10! Also check out the new Mario Super Slugger MySpace layout.

Check out the gameplay videos below.

Super Mario Sluggers
Here is the cinematic intro for Mario Super Sluggers:
This Mario Super Slugger gameplay video shows different hidden characters including: King K. Rool, Funky Kong, Baby DK, Tiny Kong, Wiggler, Kritter, Dixie Kong and Baby Daisy. The video used is from Japan, the only difference will be the Japanese text. The gameplay and characters are the same.
Luigi's Mansion field from Mario Super Slugger


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