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Make Free Phone Calls in the USA and Canada with this nifty VOiP computer device called the MagicJack

This isn't Super Mario Bros related, but we always want to let our readers know about good deals we find on the Information Superhighway. :) Today we'll be reviewing the MagicJack. The MagicJack was invented by Dan Borislow and is a computer device that'll provide low-cost telephone service in the United States and Canada using your existing internet connection (Cable or DSL). This device has gotten great reviews and was named Editors' Choice by PC Magazine in January 2008.

MagicJack - Unlimited Long Distance - VOiP - $20 Per YEAR!We ordered the MagicJack last week and it arrived within 4 days. It arrived in a nice compact envelope with the MagicJack device surrounded in padding. There was no software included, just the MagicJack. After plugging a phone into the MagicJack's phone port, we plugged the MagicJack into an open USB slot. The MagicJack proceeded to download software and set itself up automatically - this took about a minute. After it was all done with the install, I was assigned a new telephone number. Once that was completed, I picked up the phone and low-and-behold, there was a dial tone! We called a few local friend and some long distance friends and no one could tell that we were on a VOiP device. This device works great! Could this be too good to be true? An alternative to the local phone company that'll only cost $49.99 per YEAR and $19.99 every year after - well, its true. We've been searching for an alternative for a while now. Vonage is charging $29.95 per month for the 1st 6months, then the rates go up to just about a regular land line price. Comcast is also offering VOiP services, but their cost was even higher than Vonage's. After reviewing multiple VOiP options, the best solution was the MagicJack.  

We were are paying about $70 per month for our AT&T land line. MagicJack will save us $840 every year.

Here's some technical info on the MagicJack:


  • Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS/X (Intel)
  • Doesn't work with Linux (YET!). There are smart people working on this so something should be available soon.


  • Unlimited Long Distance calls.
  • Unlimited Local calls
  • MagicJack gives you 2 telephone numbers.
  • Low startup cost.
  • Extremely easy setup. Very little computer knowledge needed, even my grandmother hooked it up herself.
  • Offers 30 Day Free Trial.
  • Works with any regular phone.
  • So far, MagicJack offers the best calling plan on the internet.
  • Did we mention it was cheap! :) $49 for the entire first YEAR and $20 every YEAR after! WoW!


  • Must have existing broadband internet connection
  • Will not work with Dial-Up
  • Does not have real Emergency 9-1-1, MagicJack uses E911 and that's only available in certain areas. All VOiP services have the same type of 911, it's just something you have to deal with. Make sure you have a cell phone as a backup if you're concerned about real 911.

Overall, the MagicJack is totally worth it if you're looking to lower your bills. Not having to pay $70 every month to AT&T allows us to buy more Super Mario Bros. stuff. :) Amazon is selling the MagicJack if you're interested in getting away from your expensive phone company. Click here to get your MagicJack.

This is what the press has to say about the MagicJack:

Click here to get your MagicJack.

Click here to get your MagicJack.

Click here to get your MagicJack.

Click here to get your MagicJack.

Click here to get your MagicJack.






Does Magic jack work with an existing landline?

Do i have to disconnect my landline service? If i plug the phone cord from MJ into any of my existing house phone jacks, what happens? Does one service override the other, giving either a busy signal or interference? Not ready to disco the landline yet, but need to how one works with the other.

blocked calls

ufortunately, magic jack decided to block conference call lines other than their own... they WERE the best deal out there, but i work with a company that does tons of conference call meetings and i'm unable to access them from my mj... bummer... i also can't seem to get 3-way calling to work for me... so i absolutely can not use it as my everything phone... you get what you pay for and for basic calling to most numbers, it works ok... i like it for traveling but i can't do my daily business on it due to the blocked calling... other real voip phones do not selectively block outgoing calls... i think mj is trying to get people to use their free conference calling service, but it's impractical to expect the world to only use theirs...


I was never able to get mine to work consistantly nor well how ever I'm trying to save my investment...

Can it be used as a fax line?


Gee Mario, I didn't know about the magicjack until I saw this article! I gotta tell my wife about this... she travels a lot domestically for business and this will definitely work for her.. Thanks a lot!


A few weeks ago i bought a phone fo my magic jack. when i first got it, it worked great then it stopped. i could hear a dial tone on the phone and i can call people but when they answer i cant hear them and they can hear me. It was a cheap phone but i can still hear a dial tone so i wanna now if its the magic jack or the phone? like if a have to go out and buy another phone or something.

Only is US/Canada

is it only available in US./Canada?

MagicJack International Calling Rates

If you're looking to see how much it would cost to make international calls, you can check out the rates over @ MagicJack's provider site located here:

One phone number per magicjack


I too, am totally satisfied with everything about my new Magicjack. I especially like the fact that the makers are constantly fine tuning the service and machine! All you need do is download the latest "Fix Me" off their web site. Don't assume that since you may have already done that one time, that there's no longer a need. That file is always being adjusted and perfected, so do your self a BIG favor and go download it again. It's easy to find. Just keep trying to click on the links for "chat" and the pages will follow. The last time I did this, my voice quality shot up to the level of a regular land line! No echo, no static, no drop in volume, unbelievable.

This article is incorrect, however. You get ONE (1) magic jack number per unit. Period. You are allowed a change of number for free...ONCE. After that, it's $10.00 to change your number. (Sorry guys)

Provided you're lucky enough to be able to obtain a local prefix, so your friends don't have to dial long distance, you can cancel your Qwest service...GLADLY! (Or, whatever carrier your married to).

Thank you MAGICJACK, for sticking it to the corporate machine! I've always been resentful of having to go with Qwest as our only land line service available (at least in my area).

Way to go!

John Gibson
Port Angeles, WA

MagicJack phone number

You can reach Magicjack at 1-561-586-3380 or fax them at 561-586-2328

3-Way / Conference calling with MagicJack

MagicJack supports 3-way calling, just do the following:

1) Both parties will need to call you.
2) After the first party calls you, place them on hold to answer the other party. Press ## (pound pound) to start the 3way call
3) To end 3-way calling, press #* (pound and star)

Faxing using MagicJack

MagicJack claims to work sometimes with faxes, just do the following to fax with your MagicJack:

1) Turn off Error Correction on your fax machine
2) Set your fax to the slowest speed available, test to see if it works
3) Check every other speed to see if it works

Faxing with magic jack...

I know the magicjack is suppose to be in the usb. But which cord goes into the magicjack the phone line or the line to go into the fax. Do I leave the phone line connected to my computer. If the lowest speed does not work with a higher speed work.

Definitely a Vonage and Skype killer!

Screw the phone company! I love my MagicJack!

I agree

I looked at every VOiP solution and MagicJack was the best as far as startup cost and yearly cost.

I own the Magicjack - A++++++

This has been one of the best purchases I've made in a long time! Me and my wife love the Magicjack - we make long distance calls to all of our friends and relatives without having to worry about long distance charges. And what a relief it was to get rid of my old phone company and their ridiculous monthly charges! Magicjack is the best thing to happen since sliced bread!

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