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KORG DS-10 Synthesizer for your Nintendo DS

The KORG DS-10 is software for the Nintendo DS that emulates the KORG MS-10 synthesizer. The Korg DS-10 is the first music tool for the DS. It features 2 patchable dual-oscillator analog synths, four part drum machine, 6 track and 16 step sequencer. Effects include delay, chorus, and flanger .. all of this can be controlled in real-time via the touch screen. You can also exchange sounds/songs via wifi. This is definitely for all music makers/gamers. :) Here are some videos of the KORG DS-10 in action. The first vid is of someone using the DS-10 to play the Super Mario Bros song. :)

Buy a KORG DS-10 in one of the following contries:
USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany

Here's a cool video of someone using the KORG DS-10, a keyboard and vocals to perform Duran Duran's "Save a Prayer"


korg ds-10 kinda rules

soon, you'll be able to double all that power with the version for DSi. not sure what people will do with 2x6 tracks though. that's a whole lot for a little toy.

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