Super Mario Bros.

Get 99 Lives in Super Mario Bros and New Super Mario Bros

Here's an old trick in Super Mario Bros that allows you to get unlimited lives (well, really just 99, but who's counting?! :). This "glitch" in SMB is on level 3-1.. you'll see two turtles walking down the step blocks, stay on the 1st step and jump on the turtle as it drops onto the 2nd step. Keep jumping from the 1st step and watch your 1UPs rack up! If you're not sure how to do this, watch the video below.

There's also a way to do it on the New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS. Here's how:


why get 99 lives

What is the advantage go getting 99 lives in Super Mario Brothers for Wii. Everyone talks about getting them. But, what do they do for you once you get them?

On Wii, when you play with

On Wii, when you play with more than one person, you can die and keep going, as long as your parter's dead, or you partner can die while you're alive, as long as you don't run out of lives, you can make it to the end having died a bunch, without having to start over. Plus if you were to run out of all your lives, you lose every level you've completed in that world... so it's nice not to run out

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