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We've finally created a fan page on Facebook called "Wii Love Mario". I know, we're a bit behind the times! :P Please help us spread the word by becoming a fan. Keep your eyes open for upcoming Nintendo DS game giveaways on our FB fan page. To qualify for your monthly giveaways, all you need to do is become a fan of Wii Love Mario on facebook. We will randomly pick a fan for our monthly giveaways. Good Luck!

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UPDATE: WiiLoveMario will be giving away (2) R4 DS flash cards with 2GB microSD. Drawings will be held on April 15, 2010. To be entered into the drawing, just become a fan of WiiLoveMario on facebook. Good luck!


R4s help quiet the screaming kids!

Hi -- I feel ya with the screaming kids, I have 2 screaming kids of my own. Sounds like all you'll need is an original R4 with 2GB microSD. It'll work fine in your DS (from Australia) as they're all region free.

This is the best deal IMO - Original R4 with 2gb microSD for $12.99 w/free shipping:
(note: R4 vendors no longer include the software needed to run R4s, but you can download the needed firmware for this R4 model here:

If you plan on getting them one of the newer DSi models then the R4i SDHC with 2GB (or bigger, up to 32GB) microSDHC will work. This model will work with all the Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi handhelds. This one is $29.99 w/free shipping:
(note: Same with this one.. R4 vendors no longer include the software needed to run R4s, but you can download the needed firmware for this R4 model here:

Hope that helps with the screaming kids! :)

Guys Hi Look can you help me

Guys Hi

Look can you help me out here, I wish to purchase 2X R4 cards for my kids' Nintendo DS Lite consoles. I basically need to get run Super Mario Bro on both consoles, hence I need two R4 cards....I am not interested in adding more games into the consoles....all I want is peace at home because they both want to play with Mario at the same time, typical kids hey....and I can no longer survive with the screams....Can you please tell me what to buy....on your guide says that a R4DS is all I need....and will this work with consoles in Australia????


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