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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 was originally aired between 1990 to 1991 on NBC during Saturday morning cartoons. Below are all 26 episodes for you to watch.  If you really enjoy The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 show, then you can get the complete The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 series on DVD in the following countries: USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Canada. So sit back, relax and watch some quality Saturday morning cartoons.

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Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 1:
Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopa

Inside the castle of King Koopa, the Koopalings are rough-housing and fighting amongst themselves. Eventually, the Koopalings are called into attendance for a "Koopa Family Meeting" by Bowser, who says that it time the Koopalings do something exceptionally dastardly. Bowser goes on to tell a nearby Goomba wearing a headband to to pull a rope to open a curtain to show the life-size portrait of the person they are going to attack. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 2:
Reptiles in the Rose Garden (1/2)
Reptiles in the Rose Garden (2/2)

Kootie Pie Koopa is celebrating her sixteenth birthday. However, her greed has caused her to want much, much more than what she has, dissatisfying her with her presents. When her father, Bowser, asks her what she wants the most, she promptly screams "I want AMERICA for my birthday!" King Koopa is loathe to give her her wish, his reason being "But America's in the Real World!" But it's either that or put up with incessant whining, so he eventually gives in. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 3:
Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario (1/2)
Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario (2/2)

Hip and Hop Koopa are exploring a pyramid in Desert Land, where they find what they claim to be looking for upon entering the pyramid's tomb, despite the fact that their father expected them to mess up. Startled from almost tripping on a shattered Dry Bones, Hip and Hop stumble into each other and crash into a vase, breaking it. Relieved that nothing bad happened, Hip and Hop are startled when a nearby sarcophagus starts to make thumping noises on its own. Not wanting to find out why the sarcophagus is acting up, Hip suggests that they grab the other sarcophagus, belonging to Prince Mushroomkhamen. Lifting the case up together, Hip and Hop exit the tomb with it. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 4:
The Beauty of Kootie (1/2)
The Beauty of Kootie (2/2)

The Sultan of Desert Land is at home in his palace, taking a bath in his jacuzzi. All of a sudden, oil comes flowing out of the camel head-shaped faucets, and the Sultan reacts by calling for his guard, asking him to send for the Mario Bros. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 5:
Princess Toadstool for President (1/2)
Princess Toadstool for President (2/2)

Toad comes running out of his his house to find Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool, who are fishing at a pond and warns them about how Bowser has brought a plague of Paragoombas to the Mushroom Kingdom. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 6:
Never Koop a Koopa (1/2)
Never Koop a Koopa (2/2)

Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad are eating pasta for lunch outside of Toad's House. Mario looks around. "Wha? Impossible! King Koopa's throwing in the towel?!? It is the sight of Bowser and the Koopalings, who are walking towards them, holding a white flag. To the surprise of Mario and his friends, Bowser announces that he's giving up his evil ways, and is leaving the Mushroom Kingdom forever. To try and make up for all the misery that he's caused, he gives Princess Toadstool the key to Castle Koopa as a donation to charity. Bowser then uses his Magic Scepter to create a Warp Pipe which he and his kids exit through. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 7:
Reign Storm (1/2)
Reign Storm (2/2)

Mario, Luigi, and a crownless Princess Toadstool are walking towards a Warp Pipe in the Mushroom Kingdom with a Mushroom Doctor. Princess Toadstool brings up the subject about how she shouldn't leave her kingdom to go visit the World, but Mario and Luigi argue that she needs to take a vacation, and that her doctor recommended that she go. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 8:
Toddler Terrors of Time Travel (1/2)
Toddler Terrors of Time Travel (2/2)

One day at Kastle Koopa, Bowser is sitting on his throne, moaning about his aching head, just as he sandwiches a hot water bottle between it and his crown. With Bowser is Kooky von Koopa, who mentions that his father seems to get headaches every time he gets defeated by Mario and Luigi. As Bowser places a second hot water bottle under his crown, he and Kooky note that he could've taken over the Mushroom Kingdom years ago, if only the Mario Bros. had never gone down the drainpipe back in Brooklyn. As Bowser and Kooky speak, they fail to notice Toad, who is hiding inside a flower pot, and spying on the duo through a parascope disguised as a flower. After some brief pondering, Kooky suggests that they can change history through the use of time travel, to which Bowser complies. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 9:

Kootie Pie is applying makeup when she hears Bowser coming to see if her room is clean. She hides the mess in her wardrobe, but Bowser is not fooled and he grounds her, only to infuriate her. Kootie Pie complains about having a rotten father, and just as Big Mouth intrudes, Kootie Pie realizes that Bowser must not be her real father. The two also decide that their father must be someone magnificent, like a movie star. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 10:
Tag Team Trouble

Toad is carrying a large sack with several dollar signs on it through the Mushroom Kingdom, when he places it down to catch his breath. Toad comments to himself that the next time Princess Toadstool needs someone to deliver one-million Gold Coins to the Mushroom Orphange, he'll be on vacation. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 11:
Oh, Brother!

A rainstorm is currently taking place in the Mushroom Kingdom one night, and everyone appears to be confined to their homes. Princess Toadstool, Toad, Mario and Luigi are all inside Toad's House, where the Princess comments that there's been rain non-stop for two weeks while looking out the window. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 12:
Misadventure of Mighty Plumber (1/2)
Misadventure of Mighty Plumber (2/2)

Mario and Luigi are at Toad's House, watching what would appear to be a horror-themed television show, as evidenced by the heard scream, when Luigi cowers in fear of what's going to happen to the woman on TV. Mario complains about Luigi overreacting about the show, which they had brought their TV from Brooklyn to into the Mushroom Kingdom to watch. The TV is seen with a woman in front of a sink, from which some strange green slime is being produced. Luigi shouts at the woman to call Mighty Plumber, which she immediately does. Just as it looks like the slime, which has formed into a monster, is going to get the woman, the show cuts to a commercial. Mario and Luigi think about how Mighty Plumber will be able to save her. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 13:
A Toadally Magical Adventure (1/2)
A Toadally Magical Adventure (2/2)

A messenger working for the Wizard King of the West arrives at the Ace Magic Wand Factory ("A New Wand Made Every Century") to pick up an important delivery. The wand maker who works there brings the messenger in and gives the package - a special wand that the Wizard King ordered to have made for him fifty years ago (its spells emit from a crystal in place of the usual orb). Meanwhile, in his castle, the Wizard King is watching this, commenting that it's about time "that slowpoke" finished making the wand. Just as the messenger is leaving the store, though, the Wizard King's crystal ball clouds up and shows a different vision - close by, on the ground portion of Sky Land, Bowser and the Koopalings (or rather just Cheatsy, Kootie Pie, Bully, and Big Mouth) are plotting to steal the wand! more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 14:
Misadventures in Babysitting (1/2)
Misadventures in Babysitting (2/2)

The episode begins in the living room of a Brooklyn home, where the parents, who are getting ready to go out for the night, are waiting for a babysitter to arrive to look after their bratty son, Junior. Junior foolishly breaks two vases and lets the family cat take the blame. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 15:
Do the Koopa (1/2)
Do the Koopa (2/2)

The episode begins with Luigi finding a treasure map to the Doom Dancer Music Box. Princess Toadstool later gets Luigi, Mario, and Toad to help her get the Doom Dancer, which makes anyone who hears it dance fast or slow according to how fast it is cranked. Mario proposes that the Doom Dancer can keep the Koopa Clan under control. The group then sets out to get it in Dark Land's Temple of Gloom. When they arrive a Dry Bones hears their plans and goes to tell King Koopa at Castle Koopa. After telling him a few times (King Koopa has a cold), King Koopa sends Cheatsy Koopa, Big Mouth Koopa Jr., and Bully Koopa to get the Doom Dancer before the Mario Bros. do. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 16:
Kootie Pie Rocks (1/2)
Kootie Pie Rocks (2/2)

One evening in the Mushroom Kingdom, Cheatsy Koopa is climbing up the side of the Mushroom Castle, and peeks in through a window, hoping to spy on whatever Mario and Luigi are up to. Looking in, Cheatsy sees that Toad is helping Mario fit into a tuxedo, when Luigi questions why they have to wear dumb "penguin suits". Toad explains that Princess Toadstool will be all dressed up herself, but they are shocked to see that she is actually dressed to go to a rock concert, and is even wearing a jersey with "Milli Vanilli", whom she remarks is her favorite band, printed on the front. Toad comments that he doesn't understand the Real World's "weird customs", and Princess Toadstool points out that everyone at the concert will be too busy looking at Milli Vanilli to notice them. With the knowledge of Princess Toadstool going to a Milli Vanilli concert, Cheatsy retreats back to Kastle Koopa, wondering what Kootie Pie will think. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 17:
Mush-Rumors (1/2)
Mush-Rumors (2/2)

In Kansas, a family of four is currently in the midst of driving the United States countryside to Wild Waldo’s One-of-a-Kind Amusement Park in a station wagon. After the daughter of the family, Missy, continues to pester her father, Norman, about whether they are at the amusement park yet, Norman, flustered, stops the car; after telling Missy that no, they aren't at the amusement park yet, Norman starts to drive again, only to be asked by his son, Bud, whether or not they are lost or not, to which Norman responds to with a somewhat hesitant no. As Norman continues to drive along, the mother of the family tells Bud ands Missy that the amusement park is still an hour away and to simply enjoy the scenery. After this is said, Norman drives the station wagon through a tunnel, which is, in actuality, a Warp Zone. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 18:
The Ugly Mermaid

The episode begins in Water Land as Bowser's Doomsub swiftly makes its way through the ocean, planning to conquer the underwater world of Mertropolis, which he plans to turn into Kooptropolis. Already aware of his plans, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad pursue the sub, aided by Frog Suits. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 19:
Crimes R Us (1/2)
Crimes R Us (2/2)

Bowser and his Koopalings are all onboard the Doomship, and are flying over a town somewhere in the Real World, most likely the United States. Bully Koopa announces that they're about to reach a prison, and Bowser is quite pleased, noting that a prison is the only place in the Real World with their kind of people. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 20:
Life's Ruff (1/2)
Life's Ruff (2/2)

Luigi has arrived at the castle of King Windbag in Ice Land. As Luigi enters the dining room, he believes he's being yelled at by King Windbag, and ducks from a cooked turkey that had been thrown in his direction. Luigi then realizes that King Windbag had been bossing his servant around. Right after he properly greets Luigi, King Windbag bluffs about how the floor is dirty, and orders his servant to mop it up. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 21:
Up, Up, and a Koopa (1/2)
Up, Up, and a Koopa (2/2)

In Toad's house, Toad is in the middle of cooking some food on his oven, which, after some stirring, he places in a bowl and gives to the nearby Princess Toadstool. Taking the bowl of food from Toad, Princess Toadstool glances at it and and says to Toad that she thought he was going to make her some bran; after saying this to Toad, Princess Toadstool gets the response from Toad that he was out of bran, but he did have some hay. As Toad explains this to Princess Toadstool, Mario and Luigi, who are nearby, say that atleast Toad's pancakes look edible and light and proceed to begin to eat the pancakes. As Mario and Luigi eat Toad's pancakes, everything in Toad's house begins to rise to the house's ceiling, including Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Toadstool. Watching as his furniture crashes into the roof of his ceiling, Toad accidentally bangs his head on the ceiling and begins to wonder what is going on. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 22:
7 Continents for 7 Koopas (1/2)
7 Continents for 7 Koopas (2/2)

In the Mushroom Kingdom, Frog Mario and Frog Luigi are hopping across a bridge over a pond, while Princess Toadstool and Toad follow in swim-wear. Looking up at the clear sky, Princess Toadstool comments that it's a great day for swimming, as there isn't a single cloud in the sky. Luigi corrects Princess Toadstool's comment, pointing out to her the huge rain cloud that has suddenly appeared above them. Upon paying closer attention to the "cloud", Mario exclaims that it's actually the Doomship, surrounded with steam. Not wanting to be spotted by the Koopas, Princess Toadstool directs her friends to jump into the water. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 23:
True Colors (1/2)
True Colors (2/2)

The Doomship comes hovering over the Mushroom Kingdom at midnight. However, Bowser cannot stay awake for the sneak attack, so Kooky and Cheatsy have to pull it off themselves. They send out swarms of Paragoombas and Parabeetles to attack and terrorize the Mushroom People, but Mario and Luigi show up in Raccoon form and chase the enemies away. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 24:
Recycled Koopa (1/2)
Recycled Koopa (2/2)

At Bowser's Castle, Bowser himself is in the middle of marching Bully, Kootie Pie, Big Mouth, Hop and Hip Koopa outside of his castle, which is surrounded by assorted trash and garbage. While Bully, Kootie Pie, Hip, Hop and Big Mouth stand at attention, Bowser informs them that, unless they get rid of all the junk surrounding the castle, they will be banned from doing anything mischievous for an entire week. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 25:
The Venice Menace

Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad are walking through Desert Land, when a gondola comes flying out of a Warp Pipe and lands nearby. When they approach the gondolier, he exclaims that a sea monster is attacking his hometown of Venice. Mario thinks that the gondolier is hallucinating, but the gondolier reassures him that he's being serious. more
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 26:
Super Koopa (1/2)
Super Koopa (2/2)

In his laboratory in Koopa Castle, Kooky Von Koopa, with assistance from Hip and Hop Koopa is in the midst of creating another invention. Telling Hip and Hop to pull a switch, Kooky watches as energy pulses into a nearby pendant. After the pendant is done absorbing energy, Kooky grabs it and proclaims that with it, Bowser will gain the same powers Mario and Luigi and begins to gloat over his genius. As Kooky continues his self-praise, Bowser appears and, after congratulating Kooky, Hip and Hop, takes the pendant; only to be informed by Hip and Hop that the pendant will only function in the real world. Bowser doesn't seem to be concerned with this though, as he will still have the advantage, as Mario and Luigi are unable to use their own powers on Earth. more


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