Super Mario Bros.

Pre-Order Super Smash Bros Brawl -- Get $10 instant savings!

Pre-Order your copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl today from Amazon. Use the Google Checkout to get $10 off! $38.99 + FREE shipping! This is probably the cheapest price you'll find anywhere on the 'Net.

Super Mario Doom, Worlds 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3 videos

Super Mario Doom, World 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3. These .wads are not yet available, but you can check out the videos and drool for while until the wads are released. Once the super mario doom wads are availabe, we will have then available for download here!

Merry Mario Christmas!

Merry Xmas and a Happy Holidays to all! What's Xmas without a special Super Mario Xmas cartoon!

Need some Super Mario Bros Christmas ideas? Read our Cool Super Mario Bros Christmas stocking stuffer and present ideas.

Weird Super Mario Bros hack with some Hello Kitty looking character.

This is a weird mod of the Super Mario Bros game with a Hello Kitty looking character.

Super Mario Bros theme played on church organ

What better way to end church then to hear the Super Mario Bros theme song as you leave the church. Check out this version played on the church organ after family service at the Earl Stonham Church, Suffolk. Not the best version, but it's the first time we've seen the theme song played on a church organ.

Heroes Myspace Layouts

Not only are we big fans of Super Mario Bros., but we're also huge fans of the NBC show Heroes.

Super Mario Jackolantern Halloween cutout patterns and templates

Just in time for Halloween are these great Mario Mario Jack-o-lantern cutout patterns! Just download the following 2 images, print them out, trace it onto your pumpkin and start cutting!

Right click on the images below and select "Save Image As".

Mario Bros jackolantern cutout pattern

Mario jackolantern pattern cutout

Mario makes a cameo appearance on South Park

Here are 2 screenshots from a South Park episode where Mario Mario makes a cameo appearance. Anyone know what South Park episode these screenshots are from?


Super Mario Bros: Mario and Luigi Unleashed

Check out this set of images of the Anime version of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and others. These images looks like they're from an adult version of a Mario Bros fight-em-up.


Mario Store is OPEN for business!

We've joined forces with to bring you the best in Super Mario Bros clothing, games and misc Mario items. Browse the store here. gets a facelift

Wii Love Mario has moved away from WordPress and is now running the great Drupal CMS! We hope you like the new look. Feedback welcomed.

What would you like to see more of?

New Super Mario Bros Myspace Layouts on the way!

We've been diligently working on getting a bunch of new, original Super Mario Bros. Myspace layouts for everyone to use.  Stay tuned... they should be ready soon! :)

Super Mario Bros. played on a Ocarina

Check out this guy play the Super Mario Bros theme song on a ocarina. A ocarina is a flute like wind instrument usually made out of ceramic, but also made out of plastic, glass, wood and metal. This instrument dates back almost 12000 years... it's good to see it's stuck around long enough to play our fav. theme song.

Super Mario Bros theme song played with two tesla coils

This might not even be classified as an instrument, but some Joe DiPrima and Oliver Greaves managed to play the Super Mario Bros theme song with two solid state musical tesla coils. Pretty slick.

Super Mario Bros play on a Ukulele

James Hill is a great ukulele player.. here he plays our favorite theme song.

Super Mario Bros theme song played on the accordion

Super Mario Bros theme song played on the accordion. Nice button mashing!

The official Super Paper Mario Movie

For all those that can't wait for the new Super Paper Mario, check out the video here

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Super Mario Bros. Secrets and Glitches

This is a nice collection of Super Mario Bros secrets and glitches. Check them out if you're stuck on a level...

Super Mario Bros. Secrets.

Super Mario Doom

There's been a lot of buzz about the Super Mario Doom video... but everyone's question after watching the video is "Where do I get it?!?!" Well, wonder no more, here it is! This is the .wad file for Super Mario Doom. All you'll need to do is dig up your old copy of Doom or Doom II, grab the Super Mario Doom .wad file and start blasting some Yoshis!

Super Mario Bros. meets Line Rider

This is pretty cool.. someone created a Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 Line Rider level.

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever — Play this Mario clone on your PC for free!

This is a great Super Mario clone game for your PC! Just download the file below, unzip it and double click on the "MarioForever.exe" file to install the game.

Download Mario Forever by Buziol Games

Super Mario Bros. theme song has lyrics!

Just about everyone knows the Super Mario Bros. theme song.. but did you know there was actual lyrics to that song?! Video and lyrics below!
Go Go Mario - A Live Performance of the Super Mario Theme with Vocals
This clip is from a mini-DVD that was included with a UK GameCube magazine.

Mario and friend plush dolls

Get them while they're still available.

Click here to get your plush Mario Dolls

Find Super Mario Bros. ROMs (and others) using Google web

Play Super Mario Bros on your computer -- Follow these instructions and you'll be playing Super Mario Bros on your PC in no time!

First you'll need a NES emulator:
JNES is a great Nintendo emulator:

Great drummer plays along with our favorite theme song!

This guy with an impressive drum set plays along with the Super Mario Bros. theme song.

Composer Koji Kondo plays plumber classics

Koji Kondo, the composer of the Super Mario Bros theme plays it live!

Watch the Video

60ft. Mario snow art

Instead of studying, a few bored college students created this huge image of Mario in the snow. Pretty cool!


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