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Protein[DS] Freestyle - Use your Nintendo DS to DJ and scratch!

So you bought yourself a R4DS, DSTT, N5DS or any one of the other nintendo DS storage devices and you wonder what you can put on it. Well, wonder no longer. This app is called Protein[DS] and it allows you to put your favorite song on your DS and then lets you mix it up and scratch like you're a DJ.

Super Mario Bros (Mario and Luigi) and Princess Peach Halloween costumes

Here's a good Halloween costume for you and your significant other this year. It's the Mario and Princess Peach costume.

Giant NES Controller Coffee Table (DIY)

This has got to be one of the greatest DIY coffee tables I've ever seen. After a few months, Kyle Downes managed to build this giant NES controller coffee table. The controller face opens up to a storage area to store all your video game shwag! I can hear the mad dash to Home Depot already! :)

Wii Fit (Wii Health Pack) helps video gamers battle the bulge

Who would have thought that a video game system would actually promote health and make it's gamer master stay healthy while having fun at the same time!

Super Mario Theme played with R/C car and glass bottles.

Just when you though you've heard our favorite theme song on just about every instrument, someone comes around and tops them all with this insane setup. These folks lined up a bunch of bottles with water in them.. each bottle is a musical note in the Super Mario theme song. The R/C car will drive by and strike each bottle to play the SMB theme song:

Super Mario Bros gift ideas and cubicle goodies!

This is a cool collection of Super Mario Bros gift ideas for the Super Mario Bros fan... Or just great cubicle/desk goodies for yourself!

Monopoly Nintendo Special Collectors Edition board game

Since we live in a state that seems to attract hurricanes, it's always nice to have some games that don't require power. Remember something called a board game?

What would Mario look like in real life?

Ever wonder what Mario would look like in real like? No? neither did we. But Pixeloo decided he/she would create the image, here it is:

N5DS - Revolution for DS (Yes, another storage device for Nintendo DS)

It seems every time we blink there's a new Nintendo DS storage device that emerges. This time the device is called the N5DS Revolution for DS. The N5DS site shares the same design as the R4DS, but we're not sure if they're the same company. The N5DS seems to also use the same firmware as the R4DS. We've put in an order just to see what this device is all about.

M3DS Real (M3 Real) for Nintendo DS

The M3DS Real is another slot-1 storage device for the Nintendo DS. It's similiar to the R4DS and DSTT whereas it will allow you to play DS Roms, MP3s, Videos, ebooks, etc..

New Super Mario Bros MySpace Layouts Available!

We've just added a bunch of new Super Mario MySpace layouts, check them out here:
Super Mario Bros Myspace layouts

Super Mario Doom .WAD available for download!

It's finally here! Doom_master1122, the creator of Super Mario Doom, has made Super Mario Doom .wad available for download! For those of you who don't know what this is, take a look at the video below.

Super Pong Bros

Super Pong Bros. is exactly what it sounds like. Super Mario Bros + Pong = Super Pong Bros. :) This Nintendo DS homebrew was created by Delca. It has both Mario and Luigi on opposite sides of the board climbing up and down the flagpole bouncing a fireball in a game of Pong.

Super Mario Galaxies v0.08 (Nintendo DS homebrew)

No, it's not Mario Galaxy for DS. :) This homebrew is called Super Mario Galaxies created by Cid2Mizard. Super Mario Galaxies is a shooter where you get to play as Mario floating in space, shooting down Goombas while avoiding bullets and other Mario enemies. It's pretty cool for a homebrew Nintendo DS game, but you'll probably get tired of it after about 2mins.

R4DS - R4 Revolution 3rd Generation with microSDHC support for Nintendo DS and DS Lite

Team R4 has finalized the newest version of the R4DS and has released it into the wild! The version 3 of the R4DS is set to be released on March 10, 2008 and will support microSDHC cards and multi-language support! This means you'll be able to buy a 8gb microSDHC if you want. This top of the line DS SLOT-1 cartridge is an amazing little device that will allow you to play movies, mp3s, read comic books, surf the web, cheat codes and many more! We've put our pre-order in for this device and will write a review for it once it arrives. If you need more info on the R4DS, read our previous post on the v2 of the R4DS.

FREE New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS (Super Mario Bros giveaway!)

We're giving away one copy of the New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS! The game is slightly used, but still in great condition. All you need to do to enter the contest is write in the comment section below about why you love Super Mario Bros. How old were you when you first started playing Super Mario Bros. Just write about your fondest memories of Super Mario Bros and why you would like to win this game.

Amazon has Nintendo DS units IN STOCK at the normal $129.99 price!

This is a good find! Amazon just got their Nintendo DS stock in and the price of the unit is what it should be: $129.99! Everyone else is trying to sell these units for over $150!! This is your chance to get one at the regular price before they go out of stock again and everyone else starts to price gouge.

Cool Super Mario Bros. T-shirts - 1UP, Size Matters and many more!

Here are some pretty cool Super Mario Bros related t-shirts that we found at Amazon. Just thought all you Super Mario Bros fans would like to get your hands on these cool t-shirts.

Nintendo DS shortage -- Where to get your hands on a Nintendo DS!

Ever since we showed our friends and family the Nintendo DS with the R4DS and DSTT, they've all wanted to get their hands on one. But the only problem is no one seems to have them in stock! Nintendo DS are almost as hard to find as the Nintendo Wii. We've scoured the 'Net and found a few places with Nintendo DS in stock.

Playing the Original Super Mario Bros on your PC, Mac and Nintendo DS

After playing countless hours of the New Super Mario Bros., you kind of jones a bit for the original Super Mario Bros. We've put together a little guide on how to get the original Super Mario Bros on your PC, Mac or Nintendo DS.

DSTT - The next generation R4DS revolution for DS (Another blank Nintendo DS Cartridge)

It seems to be getting harder to find the R4DS - Revolution for DS these days. So we found the DSTT! The DSTT does everything the R4DS does, plus some. One of the main differences is the DSTT supports SDHC microSD cards. The DSTT also seems a bit cheaper as it comes bundle with your choice of microSD. Here are some good deals on the DSTT:

Great Giana Sisters DS

Back in 1985 Super Mario Bros was released and everyone knows it was a huge hit. Since Nintendo doesn't release their games for computers, a small company named Time Warp Productions decided to create their own version of Super Mario Bros, called Great Giana Sisters. Great Giana Sisters was released in 1987 for the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST. Needless to say, Nintendo was not happy with the strong similarity with Super Mario Bros. so they decided to sick their lawyers on the publisher and the game was pulled off shelves as soon as it was released.

Super Mario Fusion -- Mario meets Halo

This is an amazing mod of Super Mario Bros called Super Mario Fusion (Public release v0.0.0.2 Beta). It's a mix of Super Mario Bros and Halo. This game runs on your PC. Watch the video and download the game below! We can't seem to stop playing! Enjoy!

Super Mario 3 Photoshop Brush

Now this is ultra cool for all you Mario fans that know how to use Photoshop! Here are Super Mario Bros 3 Photoshop brushes! These brushes include Mario, Jumping Mario, Pipes, Turtles, blocks.. just about every element in the Super Mario game. These brushes were created by Ryan Franklin Graphic Design.

Here's an example of what you can create with these brushes:

The FREE Mario themed Nintendo DS sleeves are back!

Walmart (online) is offering a FREE Toysite Princess Peach Sleeve for the Nintendo DS Lite with a purchase of 2 DS games. They're offering the following sleeve:

R4DS Skins: 1UP, 8-Bit Mario, Toads and Official WiiLoveMario R4DS Skin

We finally received our R4 Revolutions for DS today! After playing the R4 for a few hours, we decided the default skin had to be replace with something more Mario friendly. :) Here are a few skins we slapped together. All of the skins below are available for download.

Make your own Super Mario Bros. Diorama: World 1-1 / World 1-1 End

We found these cool Super Mario Bros. Diorama @ Nerd-Craft. Just download the PDFs, print them and assemble. Dress up your cubical with these cool dioramas.

Pre-Order Super Smash Bros Brawl for $18.99 -- (NOT a price error)

After Walmart's price blunder with Super Smash Bros Brawl, we decided to see if there was still a deal for this game somewhere hidden on the 'Net. This is what we found: offers Super Smash Bros Brawl for $48.99 - not really a deal is it? Well, they also offer $30 off when you sign up for their credit card. For those folks able to get approved for this card, your price for this game would be $18.99. For those who can't get approved for the credit card, you could always save $10 off the price by using the Google Checkout.

Nintendo DS bundle with FREE Bonus Mario, 1UP, Princess and Yoshi branded carrying case!

It's been really hard to find a Nintendo DS these days.. so when we find a good deal, we like to share the wealth! Check out these cool Nintendo DS bundles that offer free carrying cases!


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