Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Theme played on the Marimba

Here's an instrument you don't see very often - the marimba. It's basically a big piano that you have to strike with mallets. Here are two Mario fans getting their Mario groove on! The only problem is they didn't play the entire song!! I have a fever, and the only prescription is 'mo Mario! :P Please, ladies, please finish the song and repost a new video. Nice work!

Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy presents Super Mario Rescues the Princess

Mario saves the ungrateful Princess. She totally snubs Mario after he goes through Hell and back to save her.

Hey Mon! Itsa me, Mario!

Hey Mon! This is a smooth reggae mix of our favorite Mario theme song.

Play Nintendo DS games on your PC with No$gba, the Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance emulator.

There are a few Nintendo DS emulators that run some DS games, but never New Super Mario Bros... until now. We got our hands on one of the best Nintendo DS (and Game Boy) emulators: No$gba Gameboy Advance / Nintendo DS Emulator. This emulator will run both Nintendo DS and Gameboy games and every game that we've tried with No$gba has worked - this Nintendo DS emulator is almost perfect!

Control Your Roomba with a Wii Balance Board or Wiimote

If you have a Roomba (low cost robotic vacuum cleaner) laying around collecting dust and you're a lucky owner of the Wii & Wii Fit Balance Board, then these DIY Roomba hacks are for you! :)

Dude plays Super Mario Bros theme on a Street Organ

Some dude that looks like a member of ZZ Top is playing our favorite theme song on a street organ.

New Super Mario Bros Video Walkthroughs/Playthroughs

This is a great collection of video Walkthroughs/Playthroughs for New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS. These videos where created by Volvagia224 - check out the rest of his videos here.

Mario Super Slugger for Nintendo Wii

If you enjoy playing the Baseball that comes with your Wii, then you're going to love Mario Super Sluggers!

Heliumkidd plays the Super Mario Bros. Greats!

These song arrangement are played on the piano by Heliumkidd. It's very pleasing the the ears... I can listen to this all day. All the sheet music for these songs are also available for download on Heliumkidd's site.

New Super Mario Bros.

Make Free Phone Calls in the USA and Canada with this nifty VOiP computer device called the MagicJack

This isn't Super Mario Bros related, but we always want to let our readers know about good deals we find on the Information Superhighway. :) Today we'll be reviewing the MagicJack.

Super Mario Kart telephone

So you've decorated your office with the Super Mario Bros wallpaper and you've got some cool cubical goodies. What else is there to get?

Create Super Mario characters out of legos: Mario, Goomba, Piranha Plant and Baby Yoshi

If you have some legos laying around, take a stab at creating one of these cool Super Mario Bros. characters. The following videos shows step-by-step instructions on how to create the SMB characters out of legos.


Donkey Kong Jenga

Remember the classic tower building game Jenga? Remember the classic video game Donkey Kong? Well USAopoly put the 2 together and created Donkey Kong Jenga! This cool game comes with Donkey Kong themed Jenga pieces (54 black Jenga blocks with Donkey Kong graphics), 4 collectible Mario pieces, Donkey Kong and Pauline character pieces. This is a must for anyone who likes Jenga and Donkey Kong.

The Official Nintendo DS Storage Device

Yea, keep dreaming!

Create/Modify your own Super Mario World level

Modify Super Mario World levels with this SMW Level Editor (Lunar Magic)

So you've played Super Mario World for years, you know all the secrets, found all of the hidden stuff and you need more. We've stumbled across this nifty Super Mario World level editor called Lunar Magic (by Fu So Ya) that allows you to add, remove and rearrange level elements in Super Mario World for the SNES.

Quick note from the author's site:

Super Mario Bros. theme played on a Theremin

The theremin* has to be one of the strangest instruments in the world. Listen to this dude play our favorite theme song on it.

iTouchDS - A Nintendo DS storage device like the R4DS, DSTT and others

Are you sick of lugging around all of your Nintendo DS cartridges? Do you wish you can put all of your cartridges on one Nintendo DS cartridge? Wish no longer - the iTouchDS will allow you to copy all of your DS cartridges onto ONE cartridge! Like the R4DS/DSTT/N5DS and the other DS storage devices, the iTouchDS is fully compatible with microSD and microSDHC cards up to 32GB. Not only can you combine all of your game cartridges together, but the iTouchDS also plays MP3s, reads TXT books and run a bunch of homebrew applications.  If you're looking for a good all-in-one DS solution, then the iTouchDS is what you need for your Nintendo DS.

Real Life Donkey Kong

Brandon DiCamillo and Rake Yohn from Viva la Bam creates this real life Donkey Kong -- it looks like an obstacle course from MXC.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) + Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt = Happiness

Ever wish you had your old NES back? Did you come back from college to find out that your mom had thrown away your useless video games systems? Sometimes parents just don't understand. If you have $50 to spare, then you can regain a part of your childhood! Amazon is offering this Nintendo NES System bundled with Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt, 2 controllers and the Zapper light gun.

Super Mario Bros voted best game EVER!

Well.. duh!? Of course it is! :) Super Mario Bros was first released in 1985 and has been and will always be the best selling game ever!

Here's the list of top 20 games ever!

1. Super Mario Bros.

AceKard 2 AK2 for Nintendo DS and NDS Lite (Blank Nintendo DS Cartridge)

Looking for info on the new Acekard 2i for the Nintendo DSi? Click here.

The AceKard 2 is the newest Nintendo DS storage device by AceKard. Unlike the AceKard R.P.G, the AceKard 2 supports SDHC microSD with no memory limit! You can get a 32gb microSD if you want to drop that kind of cash -- Most of the time, a 2gb microSD will do the job as it'll hold around 50 games.

Create the Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and New SMB levels on your wall

Any fan of Super Mario Bros is going to love this project. As you can see in the pic below, this project will transform your dull wall into a Super Mario Bros level! We got these restickable vinyl wall decals (stickers) from Thinkgeek. Once you get your stickers, you'll be able to recreate a Super Mario Bros level or make up your own.

Vote Mario and Luigi in 2008 - "It's-a-Merica"

If you're still undecided about this years 2008 election, then show your support for our favorite character in '08 - Mario and Luigi! This is the cool "Mario and Luigi '08" election t-shirt. "It's-a-Merica!" :) We've ordered ours already, click on the image below to get the t-shirt.

Rhythmless Nation: Nintendo crew plays Super Mario Bros theme with Wii Music

Out of all the videos of people playing the Super Mario Bros theme song, you'd figure Nintendo would do it the best. Think again. Watch this painful video of the Nintendo crew playing the Super Mario Bros theme song on the Wii Music.

Super Mario Bros theme played on the guitar using finger tapping

There's a sea of videos with people playing the Super Mario Bros theme song on various instruments - some are lame and others are really cool. This video happens to be one of the really cool Super Mario Bros theme song videos. This guitarist plays it by just tapping on his fretboard.

Mario's enemy Bowser grown using the Spore Creature Creator

The Spore Creature Creator allows you to create any character you can imagine and a lot of people have been growing their own video game character. Here is Mario's enemy Bowser:

Painful Mario

Watch as Mario impales himself on a bunch of things.

Super Mario Bros Slippers with free collectible Anime pin

What does Mario and the gang wear when they're roaming the mushroom kingdom? Slippers of course! Check out these awesome plush Super Mario Bros. slippers.

Super Mario Bro. Power Up Red Mushroom Plush Slipper with FREE bonus Naruto Collectible Anime Pin:

FireNes: NES Firefox add-on

FireNes allows you to play ~2500 Nintendo games without the need of an emulator or roms! We're not sure how legal this is and it'll be interesting to monitor how long Mozilla keeps this plug-in up. Head over to the official Firefox Add-ons page for this plugin and start playing all the Super Mario Bros games today!

Super Mario Deathmatch (UT2D) mod for Unreal Tournament III

This Super Mario deathmatch Unreal Tournament III mod turns Unreal into side-scrolling deathmatch goodness! You will need the UT2D mod installed first (download link below). The UT2D mod will turn Unreal Tournament III into a 2D game and the UT2D-SuperMario_Beta (created by FrontAXL) is the Super Mario Bros level.

Required files to play this on PC or PS3:


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