Super Mario Bros.

Mario vs Spartan (part 1 and 2)

Here is an epic battle between our boy Mario and the Halo spartans. Mario vs Spartan is a very cool tale about how Mario finds a portal into the 3D world of Halo and battles the Halo spartans. These videos were directed, filmed and edited by Tyler Gregory (GeneticSpartan).

The new Giana Sisters for Nintendo DS

About a year ago we reported about a little unknown game called "Great Giana Sisters" that was released back in 1985 to compete with Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. Well, Great Giana Sisters was forced off the shelves by Nintendo - you can read about the history and how you can play the original Great Giana Sisters here. Over 20 years has past and it looks like the Giana Sisters will be back with a new game and this time Nintendo welcomes them with open arms. Coming this April (03.04.2009), dtp entertainment and publisher Spellbound Entertainment will be bring us The Great Giana Sisters for Nintendo DS!

Swing version of the Super Mario Bros theme song

This is a very cool version of the Super Mario Bros theme song. Foundring from YouTube posted his swing version of the song... what a great pianist!

Watch The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Complete Series

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 was originally aired between 1990 to 1991 on NBC during Saturday morning cartoons. Below are all 26 episodes for you to watch.  If you really enjoy The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 show, then you can get the complete The Adventures of Super Mario Bros.

Backup your original Wii games and play backups instead

UPDATE: The following tutorial is extremely old and no longer should be used. Please refer to the latest Nintendo Wii Backup tutorials here. But if you're interested to see how it was done back in the day, then continue reading.. :)

Caution: Updating to 4.2 could brick your Wii.

Wario Land: Shake it! review

Wario Land: Shake It! is one of the Wii's greatest platform games. If you're sick of 3d polygons and endlessly roaming around levels to look for stuff, then this game is for you. This game definitely brings back the good old school platform gaming. Check out this good video review by IGN.

Super Super Mario Bros fan with full back tattoo

Here's a Super Super Mario Bros fan. This guy has his entire back tattooed with Mario and the gang. Check it out:

Super Mario Live on Japanese TV

Here is a very cool Super Mario Bros live performance on some Japanese TV show. There's been a bunch of live SMB performances before, but this one is one of the best we've seen.

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer for your Nintendo DS

The KORG DS-10 is software for the Nintendo DS that emulates the KORG MS-10 synthesizer. The Korg DS-10 is the first music tool for the DS. It features 2 patchable dual-oscillator analog synths, four part drum machine, 6 track and 16 step sequencer. Effects include delay, chorus, and flanger .. all of this can be controlled in real-time via the touch screen. You can also exchange sounds/songs via wifi. This is definitely for all music makers/gamers. :) Here are some videos of the KORG DS-10 in action. The first vid is of someone using the DS-10 to play the Super Mario Bros song. :)

TheBeatboxHitman beatboxing to the Super Mario Bros theme

This is a pretty cool video of TheBeatboxHitman from YouTube beatboxing along with our favorite theme song. Check out some of his other videos... he likes to sit in front of his computer and beatbox to songs.

Cool stop motion video: Sonic and Tails versus Mario and Luigi

"Sonic and Tails vs. Mario and Luigi" is a very cool stop motion animation video created by gilnov of Youtube. Gilnov uses Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails figures to create this cool video where they fight with Koopa shells, Goombas & eat mushrooms to grow. We've also included links to where you can buy your own action figures in case you want to make your own stop motion video.

Desktop Sofbi Series 14" Super Mario Vinyl Figure reviewed by PeteDorr

PeteDorr from Youtube is back and this time he is reviewing one of his cool Xmas presents- a 14" Super Mario Vinyl Figure by Desktop Sofbi Series. He says that the 14" SMB figure is only an import from Japan and takes him almost 10mins to undo the twisty ties. You can see that he was almost defeated by the Japanese twisties!

Super Reservoir Bros.

Any fans of Reservoir Dogs and Super Mario will appreciate this video by Luis Prada.

Nintendo Entertainment System Of A Down

This is hands down the BEST Super Mario Bros metal mix to ever grace the Internet! Even though the video says "Nintendo Entertainment System of A Down", we're not sure if SOAD really did it... although it's good enough that it could be SOAD as they are gamers and did do a Legend of Zelda song (see below the Mario Metal mix).

Super Mario Bros theme played on the Flute and Clarinet

Here is a cool flute and clarinet duet by Cristiano Vieira and Diogo Paiva. What's even cooler is that they posted the sheet music arranged to Flute, Clarinet and Basson. You can download the SMB sheet music here.

Super Mario Galaxy trading cards (and Booster Box!)

For all card collectors out there, here's one you might want to get your hands on - Super Mario Galaxy Trading cards. The SM Galaxy trading cards come 6 in a pack and if you're lucky, you might get a foil card. The set also comes with 1 pop-out standee card and 1 tattoo card.

Acekard 2i - the first storage device for the Nintendo DSi

So here we go again - Nintendo just released the new Nintendo DSi in Japan and there's news flying around that it has already been "cracked". History has proven that handhelds are relatively easy to crack so this came as no surprise. Acekard is the first company to release a storage device that'll work with the new Nintendo DSi - the Acekard 2i :) The Acekard 2i (AK2i) is just like all the other storage devices (R4DS, DSTT, etc) in that it'll allow DSi owners to run homebrew and backup their original cartridges onto a microSDHC card.

Limited Edition Mario Red Nintendo DS w/New Super Mario Bros game bundle

We recently posted about a cool Nintendo DS holder - What better DS for Mario to hold than this Limited Edition "Mario Red" with Mario's signature "M" Nintendo DS. The bundle comes with the "New Super Mario Bros" game. The normal price for a DS is $129 without a game, but this limited edition bundle only cost $134.95 and the shipping is free! Can't beat that! Even though we already own 2 DSs, this limited edition red is a must have for all Mario fans and console collectors.

The coolest Nintendo DS holder EVER!

So you've tricked out your Nintendo DS with a R4DS, a cool DS skin, maybe even a cool Naruto Ninja Tool Holder.  But that's all good when you're traveling.. how would you proudly display your Nintendo DS when you're at home? We've got the answer! This cool Super Mario DS holder will keep your DS safe! It is a 12" figure made out of PVC that would look sweet on anyone's desk. Mario will be the keeper of your DS when you're away.

Cool Super Mario Bros Christmas stocking stuffer and present ideas

Can you believe that the year is almost over?! We have Thanksgiving and then our favorite time of the year - Christmas! :) Here at WiiLoveMario, we like to give out Super Mario Bros gifts for Xmas. Every year retailers release new Super Mario gadgets, toys and videogames that are perfect for stocking stuffers and presents. Since our economy is in the dumps, we've decided to put together an inexpensive shopping list with cool Super Mario gift ideas that would make any kid happy and would also give any adult that good feeling of Super Mario nostagia. Lets get started.

Super Mario Bros 2 in the style of Django Reinhardt - video, mp3 and chord arrangement

This is an AWESOME gypsy jazz version of the Super Mario Bros 2, level 1 theme song done by Adrian Holovaty. You can watch the video below or download the MP3 here. Luckily for all guitarist, Adrian has posted the chords for the Super Mario 2 Level 1 theme song (see below video).

The Super Mario Bros. Audiosound Super-Synthesizer

The Super Mario Bros. Audiosound Super-Synthesizer

This is a very cool flash based Super Mario Bros synth board that has every sound from Super Mario Bros game and the background music to 4 levels. If you're sitting around bored or want to be the envy of all surrounding cubicles, give this a try. You'll end up listening the water level for hours! :)

Super Mario Bros. theme played on STL Ocarina

This chic sure knows how to handle that Ocarina.. here she is playing our favorite theme song with a bonus Underwater Level theme song - all on the ocarina.

Super Mario Bros theme:

Super Mario Bros theme played in the Wii Music commercial

Remember the Rhythemless Nation @ E3 trying to play the Super Mario theme? Well, this is what I think they intended it to sound like. In this is a commercial for the Wii Music, they play the Super Mario Bros theme song:

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 - Episode 1

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 was a TV series that ran on NBC - this cartoon was short lived as it only ran from 9/6/1990 to 12/1/1990. During this time, they managed to pump out 26 episodes; each of them was shown in double-episode format. Here's the first episode - Enjoy!

Episode #1 - Originally aired on 9/8/1990
"Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas / Reptiles in the Rose Garden"

Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas

Keep your head warm this winter with a Goomba Beanie

Winter is coming up and what better way to keep your cranium warm then with this cool Goomba beanie.  The Goomba beanie is a high quality knit cap and is very comfy on the ears and head. We here at WiiLoveMario is definately getting a few this winter when we hit the slopes. Just watch out for short Italian plumbers trying to jump on your head when you wear it! :)

Unlimited Dance Academy performs a Super Mario Bros routine

This is a cool performance by the Unlimited Dance Academy doing a Super Mario routine. According to the YouTube info, it was performed in 2007. If anyone has more info on it, please add it to the comment section below.

Super Mario Gets Lucky with Princess Peach

In this video, Mario saves the Princess and gets his reward. He also learns that he might be the father of Princess Peach's child.

Video game characters do the Budweiser Wassup commercial

Mario and a few of his buddies do the Budweiser "Wassssssup" commerial

Dateline: To Catch a Mario

In this hilarious clip, Mario gets busted by Ted Hansen (Chris' bro) in a sting operation. This is just wrong... lol


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