Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros theme played by Dave the Horn Guy

Dave the Horn Guy does his rendition of the Super Mario Bros theme song. This guy has about 20+ horns attached to his body and has to squeeze a few horns simitaneously - definitely not easy! Dave the Horn Guy is part of the Tommy Bartlett show in Wisconsin Dells. The Tommy Bartlett Show features a water ski show that's got all sorts of high-flying, death defying stunts.

Super Mario Bros. Doggy Style (SFW)

Not sure what to say here. The text from the video says it all: "If you love the Super Mario Brothers and watching dogs hump things, then this is totally the video you've been waiting for. The Super Mario Bros. theme song from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has long been a cultural icon and a staple of the YouTube community. And let's face it...

Conan acknowledges that his new Tonight Show stage looks like Super Mario Bros levels

On June 3rd, 2009, Serious Lunch wrote a blog about how the new Tonight Show with Conan O'brien looks like the Super Mario Bros levels. This article became so viral that Conan himself acknowledge it on his show that aired June 5th, 2009. Here's a clip from the Tonight Show with Conan.

New Super Mario Bros. for Wii Confirmed! AWWW YEA!

I think I'm about to faint! New Super Mario Bros is finally coming out for the Wii and Nintendo really did a great job on it! The Wii version allows 4 cooperative players! Some of the new features is you can pickup and carry the other players to help save them or toss them @ enemies! Another new cool item is the Perpella Suit - with a shake of the Wii controller, the Perpella Suit will allow you to shoot up into the sky and then slowly float down! The video doesn't mention anything about online battle/co-op mode, but I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't forget something that important!?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - E3 2009 Debut Trailer

Nintendo announced today at E3 2009 that they will be releasing Super Mario Galaxy 2! Here's a trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2: [drool]

Luigi Finally Snaps

"Luigi Finally Snaps". After years of abuse from Mario, the forgotten plumber has had it up to here. This College Humor Original is very well done... The reference to the Super Mario Bros. movie is great! "It'a never happened!"

Bootleg footage of Mr. Bungle playing the Super Mario Theme

Some of the hair metal folks might remember a band called Mr. Bungle from the 80s. They were a experimental rock/avant-garde metal group from N. California. Here's some bootleg footage of them playing the Super Mario Bros theme and Underwater theme at Club Lingerie in Los Angeles, Cali on Jan 10, 1991.

Super Mario + Chicks in bikinis = Win: Pânico Na Tv - Quadro Super Mario Bros

Super Mario + Chicks in bikinis = Win. This video is from Pânico na TV, a Brazlilian comedy show on RedeTV.

Luigi Santa Rosa Bacalao reviews Super Mario Bros

The Cubans have just discovered Viiiiideoooo Gaaaaames! Super Mario Bros and other video games are new and this is what they should use for a Super Mario Bros commercial. Luigi Santa Rosa Bacalao reviews our favorite game.

Sculpting a Super Mario Cake

Check out this video of Michelle Wibowo, a British sugar artist, sculpting a Super Mario cake. If you watch it enough, you might be able to learn how she does it.. or maybe not. :P

8-Bit Fatality presents: Goombash

The picture below was created by a Mortal Kombat fan that decided to show us what other 8-bit video games would look like if they had Fatality moves! Some of the images are from games like Super Mario Bros, Dig Dug, Final Fantasy 1 and a few others. Here is the Super Mario Bros fatality move on a Goomba. To see his entire collection, follow the link under the pic.

Film Noir Mario Brothers: The Plumber and the Princess

Check out this very cool real life, Dick Tracy meets Mario type parody done in film noir style. Mario and Luigi parties too hard and Luigi overdoses on mushrooms that he bought from Bowser. Mario's mission is to seek out Bowser to avenge his brother's death.

Throw a Super Mario Bros themed party!

My son is about to turn 3 and I thought it'd be a great idea to throw him a Super Mario Bros themed party. He is young and really doesn't understand what Super Mario Bros is all about, but he loves watching me play Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart and is always saying "Mario Kart! Mario Kart!" every time I turn the Wii on..

New Flash Cards available for the Nintendo DSi (R4DSi, DSTTi, Ez Flash Vi and Acekard 2i)

The Nintendo DSi is now available in the USA and it seems like the flash cards didn't take much time to follow. There are now 4 flash cards that work with the Nintendo DSi: R4DSi, DSTTi, Ez Flash Vi and Acekard 2i.

Super Mario Bros theme played on teeth

I think we're running out of different ways people can play the Super Mario Bros. theme song. Here's a video of a dude playing the SMB theme with his teeth. What's next.. farting the theme song? Lets hope not. :) Check it:

Move Super Mario enemies anywhere on the screen you want

The new FCEUX Famicom/NES emulator has been released and with it comes some neat features! One of the slickest features is being able to drag and drop enemies anywhere you want during gameplay. So if you're up to a part thats difficult, you can just put your mouse over the item you're having trouble with and move it out of the way. I know, that's cheating..

Mouth popping the SMB theme

Not sure how to classify this, but this guy is mouth/cheek popping the Super Mario Bros theme song. Watch out for this one.. He might be touring your local high school stairwell soon! :)

Swingy version of Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld Theme

This video will make you want to go dig up your old NES and play some Super Mario Bros 2! Listen as Krytie2X4B plays a swing version of SMB 2 on his Yamaha Tyros 2. Just in case you're wondering, he used a slightly customized style of "Orchestral Swing 2". Nice job, Krytie2X3B!

Speed Drawing of Super Mario

This video is of OlimarDP speed drawing our favorite video game character - Super Mario. The video below it is also cool. It's a screen saver that auto draws any picture you give it. The app is called Auto Draw 2.

Super Mario Bros Nintendo DS Stylus pens

Tried of your tiny Nintendo DS stylus pen cramping up your hand? Check out these cool Super Mario Bros character stylus pens! They can be used for your Nintendo DS or any PDA style device. These stylus' comes in a set of 6.

Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels

For those people who love Super Mario Bros. (the very first edition) I have a great game for you to try.  This game came out in Japan in 1986 called Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels (known in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2 (スーパーマリオブラザーズ2 Sūpā Mario Burazāzu Tsū ,Sūpā Mario Burazāzu Tsū?), but due to the high difficulty of the game Nintendo North America chose not the release the game in the United States.  It has the same general idea of the first Super Mario Bros. where King Bower has abducted the Princess and is keeping her captive in one of the castles.  In this game you can choose to play as Mario or Luigi and each character

Wii Guys - SNL Skit

Check out this funny skit from SNL where they play Wario Shake with Alec Baldwin.

Super Mario Slots - an interactive YouTube video game

This is something we haven't seen before. It's an interactive YouTube video slot game where you can play Super Mario Slots. It's a simple slot type game where you try to build a Super Mario character by clicking on the highlighted section of the video. This video game jumps around to different videos after you click, so you'll be heading to YouTube after the first click.

Let's play Mario Kart online!

Hi! I'm one of the new content contributors here at and I'd like to invite everyone to post their Mii codes so we can all play Mario Kart WFC. My Mii code is: 3523-7675-2807. Just leave a comment below with your Mii code and I will add you as my friend. Hope to see everyone online! Be easy on me, I just started playing Mario Kart. :)

Nintendo DSi now available in the US

The new Nintendo DSi is now available for pre-order from Amazon. As you know from previous Nintendo releases, this new unit will fly off the shelves! The pre-order price for the Nintendo DSi is $169, but after they sell out... a lot of vendor will be selling them for probably over $200. If you're looking for a good handheld unit, the DSi is the way to go. The DSi has a larger screen, better audio and is thinner than it's predecessors. The DSi also features a digital camera

Tricks and Shortcuts for Mario Kart Wii

Here are a few videos showing you just about all of the shortcuts in Mario Kart for Nintendo Wii. Study these videos and go practice them on your Wii. After you've mastered all the shortcuts, you'll open a can of whoop-ass every time you play someone online.

New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo Wii

UPDATE: New Super Mario Bros. for Wii Confirmed! launch

We just launched -- AccessorWiis is a Nintendo Wii accessory site. The site is still in it's beta stage, but we figured everyone can get a sneak peek while it's being worked on. AccessorWiis has listings for Wii controllers, light guns, wheels, cables, stands, faceplates and just about everything Wii accessory related. Check it out:

Get 99 Lives in Super Mario Bros and New Super Mario Bros

Here's an old trick in Super Mario Bros that allows you to get unlimited lives (well, really just 99, but who's counting?! :). This "glitch" in SMB is on level 3-1.. you'll see two turtles walking down the step blocks, stay on the 1st step and jump on the turtle as it drops onto the 2nd step. Keep jumping from the 1st step and watch your 1UPs rack up! If you're not sure how to do this, watch the video below.

Player Haters - "Force Quit" (ep. 1) and "Donkey See, Donkey Do" (ep. 2)

Our friend Mario appears in this video called Player Haters. The video games characters managed to escape their game and roam around the Internet... and Mario turns out to be their guide to the Internet. They eventually end up in the world of Donkey Kong. These are some [email protected] videos and are good enough to be on Adult Swim. Check them out:

Player Haters - Force Quit (Episode 1)


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