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New Super Mario Bros.Wii Launch in NYC

You know New Super Mario Bros.Wii is hot when an entire store is transformed into the Mushroom Kingdom! That's exactly what happened to the Nintendo World store located in New Yorks Rockefeller Plaza. The store was filled with all sorts of goodies including gaming stations, costumed characters and giveaways. Nintendo also pulled out all kinds of cool memorabilia from their archives including old NES/SNES Mario cartridges, Mario drinks, Mario lunch boxes and a bunch of other Mario shwag. Here's a video of what I wish my office would look like!

Shigeru Miyamoto shows off Coin Mode in New Super Mario Bros for Wii

Shigeru Miyamoto (General Manager EAD, Nintendo and Mario's dad) reveals World 9 of the New Super Mario Bros Wii on the Nintendo Week channel. He also shows off the "Coin Mode" where all 4 players collect as many coins as they can... the level used is from the original Mario Bros. giving this game a very familiar, nostalgic feel. I can't wait to play this game! 8 Days till release!!!

Super Mario and Wario @ the Carl's Jr. Drive-Thru

Super Mario and Wario gets lunch at their favorite fast food place, Carl's Jr.

Super Mario Bros. Chess Set

Here's an awesome Super Mario Bros chess set that's going on my Christmas list! This collectors SMB chess set has 32 hand painted pieces (Mario vs. Bowser), a metal box and game board. The game uses traditional chess rules so you can power-up and start stomping whoever you want. :P

Super Mario Marriage Proposal

Here's an extremely nerdy way to propose to your girlfriend! Bradsmith182 posted this video on YouTube showing his girlfriend playing a modified version of Super Mario World. Brad used a PC program called Lunar Magic to modify the levels and spell out "lisa... Will you marry me?" using coins. Pretty slick and original way of proposing to your GF! Congrats to Brad and his SMW loving girlfriend!

Charles Martinet interview: how he got the Mario gig and upcoming Mario Wii games

Charles Martinet - the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi & Baby Wario - talks about the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros for Wii. He also tells us how he got the Mario gig 20 years ago. btw- the interview starts @ 1m15s incase you want to skip over the hosts jibber-jabbering with each other.

Wii System Menu 4.2 update bricking some Wii systems

So Nintendo released a new firmware for the Wii - SMU 4.2 and according to some sites, it's breaking Wiis that haven't been modified (Homebrew). Without the updates, you won't be able to access the Shop Channel, News and Forecast Channels. So if you don't care about those channels DO NOT UPDATE YOUR Wii TO 4.2!

Here's a quote from GameSpot:

This generation of consoles has seen firmware updates become frequent and routine. Nearly as commonplace have been the post-patch gamer complaints that the latest update has rendered their systems inoperable.

The most up-to-date Wii Homebrew and Backup tutorials

GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial are the most up to date set of Wii tutorials known to mankind and possibly aliens. These tutorials will guide you through everything you never knew you can do with your Nintendo Wii like: backing up your original games onto USB hard drive and playing from the USB hardrive and playing games imported from different regions (Japan/Europe/USA). They're all safe and thousands of people have successfully modified their Wiis to get these features not included with the factory console.

Play full-size 8-bit NES cartridges on this portable NES system

Anyone growing up in the 80s will remember the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and most of you probably still have your cartridges in a box somewhere. It's time to dust off them cartridges and play them in this awesome portable NES system called the Retro Mini Handheld NES System. This portable NES system works with every original full-size 8-bit NES cartridge. The Retro Mini features a 2.4" LCD sceen and it looks sweet!

She of Super-Mario

She's Super Mario (슈퍼마리오의 그녀) by Game life cinema. Translation by kernys and he's sorry about the poor translation. Check out this awesome video.. when this baby hits 1:50, you're going to see some Cornholio sh*t!

High Schoolers shreading up some SMB theme songs!

This awesome SMB theme medley is performed by Evan (Wario), Rylan (Mario), Cam (Luigi) from some High School. Nice work, dudes! Anyone have the tab for this piece?

Portable NES, SNES, NeoGeo, CPS1, CPS2 and Sega Genesis!

Dingoo A 320. Ever heard of it? Most haven't and you won't find one at your local Walmart. The Dingoo A 320 is a gaming handheld that lets you play NES, SNES, Neo Geo, CPS1, CPS2, Sega Genesis and A LOT of other handheld games like the Game Boy, Neo Geo Pocket, Sega Game Gear and more... the list just goes on and on! This little gem also plays videos, audio files and it has a built in FM tuner. The Dingoo A 320 allows you to play all of your favorite old school games like Super Mario Bros! :) Here are a couple of videos of the Dingoo A 320 in action.

Inglourious Plummers trailer

"Inglourious Plummers" is a spoof of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. The mixture of game footage with the cool mario costumes makes this look like an official trailer.

Stupid Mario Brothers - The Movie

Stupid Mario Brothers - The Movie ACT 1, Part 1

Mario and Luigi begin a new day that's sure to be full of fun, Music, friendship, and Perhaps a little insanity.

Super Mario Medley at IGC East '09

There was some goodness going on at the Independent Game Conference '09 (IGC East '09) this year! One of them being this awesome Super Mario Medley by the Video Game Orchestra featuring Niki Mariskanish on Clarinet, Jon Kolar on Electric Bass and Alvaro Morales on Drums. Super Mario Medley: Super Mario Bros., Dungeon Theme, Ocean Theme and Super Mario World.

New Super Mario Bros Level Editor

Have you completed New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS? Looking for some new levels? Well, here's a nifty utility that will allow you to edit the existing levels in New SMB and play them! The PC app is called New SMB Editor, written by Treeki.

Limited Edition Nintendo DS handhelds you won't find in the US

If you're in the market for a Nintendo DS and you don't want any of the colors available in the US, then the following DS handhelds might be what you're looking for.  iShopVideoGames now has these refurbished Limited Edition Nintendo DS consoles: Zelda Gold, Dragon Ball Z and Love and Berry. Most places that carry any limited edition Nintendo DS handheld will charge you an arm and a leg, but iShopVideoGames is offering these jems at only $89!

Super Mario Underwater Theme by lonlonjp

The Underwater theme is one of my favorite tunes from SMB. Here's lonlonjp from YouTube showing us how nice it can sound on an acoustic guitar. The difficulty level is "M" for Moderate guitarist. Capo = 0 Normal Tuning: EADGBE. I'd really like to get my hands on the sheet music or tab for this piece!

Painting Super Mario Bros on your nails

Jessicasand1989 of YouTube, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix zero nine.. put up this video of the her new Super Mario Bros figures that she painted on her nails. Jessica will do a tutorial if enough people requests it. So head over to the video page and leave feedback.

UPDATE: Tutorial available below

Super Mario Bros Theme played on a Stepper Motor

This is probably the most original way I've seen the SMB theme played! tthattch from YouTube managed to hook up a PLC to control a stepper motor* that plays the SMB theme. Very clever!

Super Michael Bros. - Fastest SMB Speed Run Ever!

This is a speed run that only Michael Jackson can do! Watch as he saves the Princess in about 2 minutes! The original flash was created by sikamako from Albino Blacksheep. If only someone can create a Michael Jackson Super Mario Bros. rom hack. :)

Nintendo offering FREE Wii Remote Jacket Accessory

Nintendo is offering up to 4 FREE Remote Jackets to anyone that bought one of the earlier Wiis. All of the newer Wiis now come with the jacket and I guess the big N got a few complaints where people cried shenanigans. If you're one of the early Wii owners, head over here to get your free Wii remote jacket. All you'll need is your Wii serial number.

WiiLoveMario's Game Room #1 (Atari to Dreamcast)

Just though I'd post a few random pictures from Game Room 1 out of 3. In this room we have the old school consoles: Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Jaguar, NES, SNES, N64, Playstation and Dreamcast. There's a few special edition Nintendo 64 consoles like the Pokemon Stadium Set, Pikachu N64, Star Wars Episode 1 Pod Racer and the Donkey Kong 64 green N64 console. :) All consoles have power and are daisy chained to the TV. Two of the Dreamcast consoles are equiped with a keyboards, mouse and network cards to play some Quake 3 Arena - 2 DC and 2 PC.

All Japan Pro Wrestling with Mario, Gulliver and GI Joe?! WTH?

Not sure what the heck is going on in this video, but it's sort of entertaining. The people in this video are Japanese wrestlers playing Super Mario, GI Joe, Gulliver, Bowser and a bunch of other characters. If anyone would like to translate, please feel free to do so below.

India's Got Talent contestants perform Super Mario Bros on stage

Here's a clip from India's Got Talent where a group from Mumbai performs Super Mario Bros on stage. Not sure if they would be able to put on an hour long show with just live Mario, but it's cool nonetheless.

The Manualist plays SMB 2 / SSB Melee

The Manualist, Gerry Phillips, has been playing the hard fart for 39 years and he's here to perform the Super Mario Bros 2 / Super Smash Bros Melee theme music.

NESTUNES plays a Super Mario medley

Here's a band from Uddevalla, Sweden named NESTUNES. In this video they play a cool medley at the Garden Festival. Cool costumes! lol

Riding in a real life Kuribo's Shoe

This video features Derrick from Mega64 riding in Kuribo's shoe around town. These guys have some funny ass videos. Check them out here.

Mario Art Gallery

Hi! I've spent the last few days scouring the internet to find cool Mario art created by fans and came up with a bunch of really nice fan art. You can check them out in the new Mario Art Gallery here:

The Blindfolded Pianist joins Video Games Live! onstage to play the SMB theme

Martin Leung, The Video Game Pianist formerly known as the Blindfolded Pianist plays the SMB theme song during a Video Games Live! performance in Singapore 2009.


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