Super Mario Bros.

On Mario Adventure 2: Luigi Vs. Mario

This is a neat rom hack of our favorite classic NES game.

Luigi Vs. Mario (aka Mario Adventure 2)!

Wii'leased into the wild!

The newest gaming console from Nintendo, the Wii, was released with much fanfare in late 2006. Featuring backward-compatibilty with Nintendo's previous console, the GameCube, the Wii promises to be a major contender in the home gaming console wars.

The Wii plays single- or double-layered 12 cm optical discs, as well as the 8 cm GameCube discs.

There are four controller ports and two memory card slots.

Super Mario Bros theme played on a Erhu

Here's an instrument we've never heard of before, the Erhu (aka nanhu, Chinese violin or Chinese two-string fiddle). In this YouTube video, Ray Li plays the Super Mario Bros theme song on it. It sounds bit out of tune at first, but then it gets better.


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