Super Mario Bros.

Best Super Mario Bros cup cakes ever!

Looking for a cool birthday idea for your kid or spouse? Check out what this awesome girlfriend made for her boyfriend! This mountain of Super Mario character cupcakes must have taken her days to create! If you're going to make something like this don't forget to get Super Mario party supplies.

Register your Nintendo 3DS to get 20 FREE games!

Today (8/11/2011) is the last day for Nintendo 3DS owners to register for Nintendo's 3DS Ambassador program. Nintendo decided to give people that bought the 3DS 20 free games after the price drop. If you're an early adopter that paid the full price, this is your way to get some of that money back! Before you get too excited, the games they're offering are downloadable virtual console games like Super Mario Bros. for NES.

More info about the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program and how to get the 20 FREE games here:

Mario On Paper

This dark parody of Super Mario Bros was created by Eric Power using construction paper. To see more of Eric's work, head over to his website.

Super Mario Bros themed Converse Chuck Taylor Hi sneakers!

Super Mario Bros Converse Chuck Taylor Hi'sConverse and Nintendo - it seems like a match made in heaven. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario, Converse Japan and Nintendo jumped in bed and produced these sweet Super Mario Bros themed Chuck Tailor Hi's! Set for release in July 2011, these SMB Chuck Taylor Hi's will be available in black and white canvas.

Nintendo Wii U images and specifications

Nintendo Wii UHere she is... isn't she beautiful? :) It's the new Nintendo Wii U console. Today @ the E3 Expo Nintendo unveiled their next generation console called the Wii U and it looks awesome! The Wii U is expected to launch in 2012. The Nintendo Wii U is approximately 1.8" tall x 6.8" wide x 10.5" long. The Wii U looks very similar to the Wii with nicer rounded corners. Nintendo also decided it was time to super size the controller.

Nintendo drops the price on the DS Lite to $100!

Nintendo drops the price on the DS Lite to $100Nintendo has just announced that they're dropping the price of the DS Lite from $129-$150 to $100 on June 5th, 2011! They officially discontinuing the handheld to concentrate on the new 3DS handheld. Not only will the price drop, but Nintendo will also be repackaging six of it's Mario games with the DS Lite as a bundle.

Nintendo can remotely destroy modified 3DS handhelds

Nintendo threatens to remotely destroy your 3DS if they find you're using a flashcard!Wii love Mario, but we're not too thrilled about Nintendo's new Terms of Service (TOS) for its 3DS handheld. In the TOS, Nintendo is threatening to remotely destroy any 3DS handhelds that are found to be modified or using unauthorized devices. This is what Nintendo has in their 3DS Terms of Service:

NEWER Super Mario Bros for Wii

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii is a full hack by a team of Mario fanatics! This game will work on any Wii capable of running Wii homebrew software. This game will include new maps with hundreds of new levels, new music, gameplay mechanics, graphics and new enemies (along with some borrowed ones from New Super Mario Bros.The release date for this fan-made/modified Super Mario Bros. game is Nov. 2011. If you can't wait to play some new NSMB levels, then head over to this page and learn how to edit and modify existing New Super Mario Bros levels and play them on your Wii.

Real Life Super Mario Bros.

This video was created by a YouTube video with some impressive 3D skills. He claims it's his second 3D video, but it's pretty darn cool for a 2nd try!

Wiii: Nintendo confirms new console

"Project Cafe" is the codename Nintendo has given it's newest console. Here at WiiLoveMario, we're going to call it the Wiii. Let's see if that name sticks. :) There's been all kinds of rumors flying around the past week about the Wiii.. some of them include: touch screen controller, 1080p output, built in 3D (why not, right?!). Nintendo sent out an invitation to their E3 booth for the unveiling of the new hotness.

April 25, 2011
To whom it may concern:
Re: Wii's successor system

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Wario remote control Mario Karts!

Mario Kart is one of the best selling go-kart style racing video games ever developed! Nintendo has released 8 Mario Kart games to date: Super Mario Kart for NES, Mario Kart 64 for Nintendo 64, Mario Kart: Super Circuit for GBA, Mario Kart: Double Dash for GameCube, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii and two Mario Kart Arcade GP standup arcade games. Mario Kart for the new Nintendo 3DS is due out sometime later this year. If you've played all of these games then you're probably a Mario Kart addict like me!

Nintendo 3DS handheld available in the US!

Nintendo 3DS with flash card: R4, 3DS R4, Acekard 3DS, Supercard DSTWO 3DSNintendo has officially released their newest handheld console in the USA, the Nintendo 3DS! Currently the available colors are Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. We have both colors on order so they should be in our hands within a week, hopefully sooner! :) If you haven't had a chance to play with a 3DS yet, I suggest you run down to your local Walmart and wait in line to get your turn on the 3DS floor demo. The best feature is the impressive 3DS experience without the need for special 3D glasses. There's also a 3DS effect slider where it'll take and display 3D photos with the dual front and rear facing cameras. The 3DS comes with a bunch of software including a GBA Virtual Console (emulator) and Internet browser. There's also going to be Netflix available in May!

Acapella cover of the Super Mario Bros theme song

We just found this gem on YouTube by a user named Jimmy. Jimmy created this awesome A Capella version of our favorite Super Mario Bros. theme song by cutting all the tracks himself.

Super Mario Bros with Quake-like sound effects

The following video shows what Super Mario Bros would sound like if you added Quake3D-like effects. Personally, I prefer the original sounds.. but this is still funny to watch.

Super Mario Bros themed bedroom - Sheets, pillowcases and drapes!

Looking for a theme for your child's room? Well look no further! These Super Mario and Luigi blanket, pillow cases, throws and drapes are perfect for a Super Mario Bros. fan in your life. Along with these Super Mario Bros. wall stickers, you'll have the most wicked SMB themed room. My 5 year old nephew has just discovered the awesome world of Super Mario Bros. and he's been requesting all presents/gifts to be Super Mario Bros. related.

A few random facts about Nintendo

Nintendo Playing Card company 1889Nintendo was founded in late 1889 as a playing card company, originally named Nintendo Koppai. Nintendo was based in Kyoto, Japan, the business created play cards called Hanafuda. Hanafuda, meaning "flower cards," is a traditional Japanese card game that dates back to the 1500s. It is said that the modern design of the card set was created in the mid 1700s.

Nintendo character carrying cases and gloves for DS Lite, DSi and 3DS!

Mario and Luigi carrying casesCollectors of the Nintendo DS Lite, DSi and 3DS series will definitely have to put these Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi items on their list of things to buy! Theses stylish suspender carrying cases for the Nintendo DS Lite, DSi and 3DS comes in Mario blue/red and Luigi blue/green. They'll protect your DS Lite/DSi/3DS from drops and younger siblings!

Existing DS/DSi flash cards (blank cartridges) works with the new Nintendo 3DS!

AceKard RPG working with Nintendo 3DSNintendo's new 3DS handheld console is due out in March and there are rumors floating around that it works with existing flash cards. Someone managed to plug their AceKard RPG flash card into one of the Nintendo 3DS display units at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 - and it worked! This is good news for the homebrew community and for all you AceKard flash cards owners. Most homebrew developers will not fork up the cash for a 3DS Dev Kit from Nintendo, so this alternative rewritable 3DS blank flash cartridge would be great to test your homebrew software/games, play MP3s, videos and copy/consolidate your existing DS/DSi/3DS cartridges onto one cartridge. The AceKard flash card has been available for some time now and it works with the original DS, DS Lite, DSi and apparently it works on the soon to be released Nintendo 3DS. Joy!

Here's a handy AceKard flash card buyer's guide:

Nintendo 3DS will be available March 2011!

Nintendo 3DSThe new Nintendo 3DS is almost here! Nintendo held a press event today in New York to unveil the Nintendo 3DS launch details for North America.

The Nintendo 3DS will be available on March 27, 2011 for $249.99. It'll come bundled with a 2GB SSD card  (removable, if you want to buy something bigger) , a charging cradle and 6 AR cards. Nintendo will be offering two colors at launch: Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue. The 3DS will also be able to play DS and DSi cartridges. Here is a list of the cool Nintendo 3DS built-in features:

Why is super mario brothers such a waste of money?

It's not! This was a question asked on Yahoo Answers and I'm not entirely convinced it's a real question. I refuse to believe that there's someone left in the world that doesn't know how to play Super Mario Bros! Here's a screenshot and link to the original question. Head over to this page if you want to play the original NES Super Mario Bros!

Super Mario Brothers Christmas Gifts: Turning Mario into Santa Claus

Merry Christmas!Worried about what to get the gamer in your life this holiday season? Make Mario your Santa Claus with Super Mario Bros. Christmas gifts that are not just video games. But first let’s talk about the ultimate collector and what truly makes a fan of our famous plumber duo that sinks into green pipes to fight off Goombas.

True fans will appreciate any classic Nintendo system which will include specific game titles for that fantastic Super Mario Bros. holiday gift. Imagine that gamer in your life receiving an original Nintendo Entertainment System with the original three Super Mario Brothers games! You may find it hard to wrap that used system and oversized grey cartridge with a black sleeve labeled Nintendo, but to the true fan, wrapping and bows won’t matter! Finding these classic Nintendo systems won’t be easy, but enough garage sales and flea markets will be a fun adventure to find perfect Super Mario Bros. Christmas gifts.

New Super Mario Bros. movie trailer

The creative folks over at The Game Station created this epic gangland tale of betrayal and violence Mario Bros. style! The video has all of our favorite characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad.

Super Mario Bros Underwater Theme with Guitar Tab

Learn how to play the Super Mario Bros. Underwater theme song. This awesome piece was composed by Koji Kondo, a Japanese video game composer and sound director for Nintendo since 1984.

Free Red Nintendo Wii (limited edition) with New Super Mario Bros. game!

It's the 25th Anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. franchise and someone must be feeling extremely generous because they're giving away FREE Red Nintendo Wii bundles! We ran across this offer today and thought we'd share. This limited edition red Wii bundle comes with the Wii-mote Plus controller (built-in Wii MotionPlus), red Nunchuck, Wii console and the New Super Mario Bros. video game. This bundle is valued at $250 - if you're at least 18 years old and live in the United States, then you might qualify for this free Nintendo Wii! Hopefully we'll get this awesome limited edition 25th anniversary red Nintendo Wii in the mail soon! We're not sure how long this offer will last, but you should definitely enter... you might just get a free red Wii this holiday season!

Super Mario costume for your dog

Every dog has it's day and it's definitely this dog's day. Check him out with his cool Super Mario costume. I'm sure he'll be getting all kinds of Halloween treats this year!

Super Mario Bros. classic glitches

This short compilation video of Super Mario Bros. bugs and glitches was released by Nintendo of Japan to celebrate Mario's 25th anniversary! The most famous glitch is the infinite 1UPs, but there are a bunch of other glitches that will make you dig up the SMB cartridge to try out (or boot up the emulator).

I'm Super Smashed Bro!

This is not how Nintendo intended their characters to be depicted, but it's pretty darn funny. Here's a pic of Super Smash Bros. gang after they've smoked and drank a few things.

"I'm Super Smashed Bro! Puke it out as your favorite Nintendo characters"

Play backup games and homebrew apps on your jailbroken Playstation 3

We don't normally report on the Sony Playstation 3, but this is huge news for the PS3 homebrew community! The PS3 has been available for about 5 years and no one has successfully created a fully functional mod solution... until now. Within the past couple of weeks a few different types of jailbreak techniques have surfaced that will allow you to copy your existing PS3 games onto the PS3's internal hard drive -- you'll no longer need to boot the game with the DVD after dumping the PS3 game onto the HDD. Awesome!

Game Genealogy: Super Mario Bros.

If you just landed on this planet and need to know what the the best game franchise on the planet would be.. then take a look at the following 4 Game Genealogy: Super Mario Bros videos.

Game Genealogy: Super Mario Bros. - The 8-Bit Years: 1985 - 1990

New Super Mario Bros - World 1-3 Super Skills

In this New Super Mario Bros video you'll see how NSMB is supposed to be played! It looks like the Harlem Globetrotters cruising through the level while passing Luigi back and forth like a basketball. Why can't the people I play NSMB with have the same skills?! :)


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