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3DS XL vs DSi XL


I am looking to buy either a 3DS XL or a DSi XL and installing an R4i Gold card into it. I just had some questions as I cannot find the answers anywhere and I was hoping I could get some help here.

In Australia, there is about a $100 difference between the two consoles and I understand that 3DS roms cannot be played on an R4 card as of yet and I am just wondering whether you guys think it would be worth getting the 3DS for when that eventually happens. Also I read something about the roms not being able to be played in the full resolution of an XL screen size, is this true? Also I read that the 3DS can play GBA games via purchasing from Nintendo's online stores, does that mean that it has the capability to play GBA ROMs? I've read that it is very hard to do this on a DSi and that a lot of the ROM's for GBA either don't work or are very slow.


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