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help on r4 card

I have an r4 sdhc revolution for ds card, and a 2gb microsd card too, i have had them for awhile but i deceided to delete everything off my sd card and use it for my phone to keep photos on it, well i wanted to use my r4 again on my ds so deleted everything again on my sd card and tried to download the firmware off the site, but the site says the site is unavailable now so i typed the firmware i needed on google and it found some, so i downloaded and extracted it to my sd card, now everytime i turn my DSL on it keeps coming up download loader xxx, ive formatted the card, ive downloaded firmware from all differnt sites and it keeps comming up with that, is there something i am missing or need to do?, do i need to put a game on my sd card for it to work? or do i need to install something on my sd card when ive extracted it? i really hope i havnt ruined it, cuz it worked before, with an 8gb card too. please help? and does anyone know of any free sites i can download games for my r4 card? thankyou.

I am also using R4 card for

I am also using R4 card for playing games in Nintedo DS and also stores some other stuff but I never face such kind of problems. You just have to extract firmware and some game on this card and you can play games. I think your card is not working properly.

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