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DS game wanted

Okay...I am getting desperate about the Ducati Moto (DS),but I want to see it and play it for a bit before I buy it. The lowest price I found online is £16.99. The price is ok. The problem is I would like not to buy it online since I am an oversea student from Romania, and I would like to get my VAT back when I leave UK :)If I buy from an online shop I can't get it back.

I am currently at Oxford studying, but I’m willing to go to London as well just to check it out.
So if anybody has an idea in which shop I can see the Ducati Moto (DS) or some discount voucher codes of some shop that buy this game, please reply :)

re: DS game wanted

Wow... you're willing to travel a long way for a game. Do you own a R4? Since I'm a collector and like to own the original cartridges, I usually download DS games and then buy the games I really enjoy.. usually it's the multiplayer games.

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