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Zelda theme played by Sungha Jung

I've been following Sungha for a while and he just released this video a few days ago. Here is Sungha playing the Zelda theme on an acoustic guitar.

Teppei Okada plays NES theme songs with sound effects!

Violin wizard, Teppei Okada has just 1UP'd everyone with the Super Mario Bros. theme song. In this video he plays the theme song sync'd to actual game play with sound effects! Teppei also plays a few other vintage NES game theme songs.

Super Mario Bros theme song with sound effects:

Pencil Beat to the SMB theme song

Check out this awesome accompaniment played to our favorite theme song using a pencil, table and glass cup. Nice job, Pencil Percussionist!

Super Mario Underwater Theme by lonlonjp

The Underwater theme is one of my favorite tunes from SMB. Here's lonlonjp from YouTube showing us how nice it can sound on an acoustic guitar. The difficulty level is "M" for Moderate guitarist. Capo = 0 Normal Tuning: EADGBE. I'd really like to get my hands on the sheet music or tab for this piece!


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