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Mario Warfare (part 1 + bonus)

Mario WarfareHave you ever wondered what a real life Super Mario Bros. action movie would look it? Okay, maybe you have with this one, but we're talking about a new 2012 version of Super Mario Bros. Here is an awesome fan made film created by Micah Moore and Christopher G Moore of Beat Down Boogie - funded by Mario fans via Kickstarter. They've only created one episode so far and is looking for funding to continue the series. If you want to see more Mario Warfare episodes, then head over to their Kickstarter page and pitch in a few coins bucks.

Super Mario Bead 3 stop-motion video

Super Mario Bead 3 by lefvandebilder of Youtube is an awesome piece of stop motion video with our favorite character. Check out the Bakom Beads / Behind The Beads to see how it was all created. Neat stuff!

SPOILER: New Super Mario Bros. U - All Tower Boss Fights

If you're lucky enough to own the new Nintendo Wii U and New Super Mario Bros. U then you're a lot better off then us! :) We're still hoping Santa will bring us a Wii U for Christmas.

Getting the lowest score possible in Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. - you've probably finished the game a gazillion times, but you've probably never tried to get the lowest score possible. Here's a video by NotEntirelySure of YouTube that will show you how he or she only scored 600 points in SMB for NES. NotEntirelySure seems to be a highly skilled SMB player as he used a couple of tricks and glitches in the game to achieve the lowest score possible in SMB.

Super Mario Bros. theme played with floppy drives

We've seen the SMB theme song played on just about everything - from every instrument known to man to someone hand farting the song. This version is the most nerdiest one yet. It's played with 3 computer floppy drives using a custom circuit that shakes the floppy disk head at a particular frequency to make the music notes. +1000 Geek points! :)

Gifted sight reader, Tom Brier, plays the Nintendo greats

Tom Brier is a ragtime pianist that grew up in the Atari generation and not the Nintendo, Super Mario Bros generation. Tom is able to play any song the first time he looks at the sheet music. This incredible gift is called 'sight reading'. One of Tom's friend decided to give him some Nintendo game sheet music and here are the results: pure awesomeness!

Super Mario 3D Land videos and screenshots

Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS partial cover artThe Super Mario game concept has been around for a long time. Many people that loved the games as a child are now adults with children of their own. The current generation of gamers will now have the chance to experience Super Mario in a whole new setting. Nintendo has heightened the excited of the Super Mario game franchise with Super Mario 3D Land.

This is just one of many games that are now available on Nintendo 3DS. Super Mario 3D Land brings a familiar concept to the small screen. He's coming to the rescue again for Princess Peach. Mario meets some familiar characters as he starts his rescue mission. Friends and foes make up the character list that includes Boom Boom & Pom Pom, Bowser, Tail Bullet Bill, Tail Boo, Toad, Goombas, and Para-Biddy Buds.

Super Mario Bros + Portal

Here's an awesome Super Mario Bros clone game with a twist: It's got a Portal gun (ASHPD)! Yes, that's right, you can warp around the levels as if you're playing Valve's Portal. This neat SMB game is coded using Löve, a free 2D game engine. The author plans to release the source code after it's complete. Here are a few highlights:

* Original SMB Levels and Lost Levels will be included
* Simultaneous Multiplayer (4 players on the same screen!)
* Ingame level editor

Mario On Paper

This dark parody of Super Mario Bros was created by Eric Power using construction paper. To see more of Eric's work, head over to his website.

NEWER Super Mario Bros for Wii

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii is a full hack by a team of Mario fanatics! This game will work on any Wii capable of running Wii homebrew software. This game will include new maps with hundreds of new levels, new music, gameplay mechanics, graphics and new enemies (along with some borrowed ones from New Super Mario Bros.The release date for this fan-made/modified Super Mario Bros. game is Nov. 2011. If you can't wait to play some new NSMB levels, then head over to this page and learn how to edit and modify existing New Super Mario Bros levels and play them on your Wii.

Real Life Super Mario Bros.

This video was created by a YouTube video with some impressive 3D skills. He claims it's his second 3D video, but it's pretty darn cool for a 2nd try!

Super Mario Bros with Quake-like sound effects

The following video shows what Super Mario Bros would sound like if you added Quake3D-like effects. Personally, I prefer the original sounds.. but this is still funny to watch.

New Super Mario Bros. movie trailer

The creative folks over at The Game Station created this epic gangland tale of betrayal and violence Mario Bros. style! The video has all of our favorite characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad.

Super Mario Bros Underwater Theme with Guitar Tab

Learn how to play the Super Mario Bros. Underwater theme song. This awesome piece was composed by Koji Kondo, a Japanese video game composer and sound director for Nintendo since 1984.

Super Mario Bros. classic glitches

This short compilation video of Super Mario Bros. bugs and glitches was released by Nintendo of Japan to celebrate Mario's 25th anniversary! The most famous glitch is the infinite 1UPs, but there are a bunch of other glitches that will make you dig up the SMB cartridge to try out (or boot up the emulator).

Game Genealogy: Super Mario Bros.

If you just landed on this planet and need to know what the the best game franchise on the planet would be.. then take a look at the following 4 Game Genealogy: Super Mario Bros videos.

Game Genealogy: Super Mario Bros. - The 8-Bit Years: 1985 - 1990

New Super Mario Bros - World 1-3 Super Skills

In this New Super Mario Bros video you'll see how NSMB is supposed to be played! It looks like the Harlem Globetrotters cruising through the level while passing Luigi back and forth like a basketball. Why can't the people I play NSMB with have the same skills?! :)

Mario Kart bike lane

Some Mario Kart uber fan decided it would be cool to paint Mario Kart iconography on the bike lane somewhere in Portland. The Mario fan painted a banana, star and mushroom. Check out this local news report about the coolest bike lane in the USA :)

Super Mario Bromance by BlackNerdComedy

While checking out the latest videos uploaded to YouTube this week, I came across this funny comedian named Black Nerd. His channel, BlackNerdComedy, has a lot of videos worth watching. The first video I watched was "Super Mario Bromance" which was really funny.. but if you visit his channel, you'll find all sorts of hilarious stuff!

Super Mario Bromance (Lady Gaga parody) by Black Nerd Comedy

SMB 2 Overworld theme played on 4-string fretless bass

Anywaythebassplays from YouTube put up this cool video of him playing all 3 parts of the Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld theme. Anywaythebassplays, how about putting together the sheet music or tab for the theme song? :)

Overworld Theme for a Saturday afternoon

Greets :) ModistOne released this cool piano rendition of the Overworld theme from SMB 2. Sit back and treat your ears to a great SMB tune!

Super Mario Bros speedrun on sidewalk

This awesome SMB video was created by Andreas Heikaus for his Bachelor thesis. He wanted to emphasize on matchmoving work so he decided to mix the real gameplay video of Super Mario Bros with live action video of a sidewalk & wall. The outcome is wicked cool!

Teppei Okada plays NES theme songs with sound effects!

Violin wizard, Teppei Okada has just 1UP'd everyone with the Super Mario Bros. theme song. In this video he plays the theme song sync'd to actual game play with sound effects! Teppei also plays a few other vintage NES game theme songs.

Super Mario Bros theme song with sound effects:

Hikakin beatboxes our favorite SMB theme song

It's been a while since we've seen a good beatboxer doing our favorite theme song. Here's a Japanese beatboxer by the name of Hikakin. He does an awesome job beatboxing the Super Mario Bros. theme song.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 with 2.5D platforming!

Super Mario Galaxy was one of Nintendo's most popular games for the Wii (next to New Super Mario Bros), and the sequel will have improved new worlds, power ups, gameplay and better co-op features. In the video below you'll see some awesome 2.5D platforming in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Can't wait to get our hands on this gem!

Learn how to play NES theme songs on your acoustic guitar

Do you own an acoustic guitar and have fast fingers? If you've answered Yes then you might be interested in NES Game Tabs. The shreaders there have released guitar tablature for NES game theme songs - including tabs are for Super Mario Bros, SMB 2, Tetris, Paperboy, Legend of Zelda and many more. Here's a video of the SMB theme song. Guitar tab located below the video.

Tap dancing to the Super Mario Bros theme

It's been a while since we've seen a unique Super Mario Bros theme song performance. Here are two cool videos of people tap dancing to our favorite theme song. The first video is with CK Edwards (a Broadway dancer) and the second one is Jrs tap dance choreographed by Alicia Curtis.

CK Edwards - Broadway dancer and Super Mario fan:

Pencil Beat to the SMB theme song

Check out this awesome accompaniment played to our favorite theme song using a pencil, table and glass cup. Nice job, Pencil Percussionist!

My Roommate Mario

Mario is great in the video games, but he wouldn't make a great roommate. "My Roommate Mario" is a new series by GagFilms and it's pretty fricken funny. Watch both episodes below.

My Roommate Mario (Episode 1)

Create Toadstool Nails with Jann3rz

I'm always looking for new ways to dress up my nails and today I ran into this awesome video from Jann3rz of YouTube. She will show us how to paint Toadstools on our nails! YEA! Here's what you'll need to get started: White Polish, Red Polish (or blue, green or pink), black polish for the eyes, base coat and top coat and dotting tool or pen.

Super Mario Bros.: Jersey Shore

If you're a fan of MTV's Jersey Shore, then this Mario video is right up your alley! Check out Mario and the gang as they party, fight, b*tch and taWk like da peeps from Jerwsey Shorw.

Mario vs. Pacman

Марио против Пакмэна (Mario vs. Pacman) is a cool animation of Mario battling it out with Pac-Man. This cartoon reminds me of Osvaldo Cavandoli's " La Linea (The Line)" from the 80s.

Multiple ways to get infinite lives in New Super Mario Bros.Wii

New Super Mario Bros.Wii is definitely a hard game and there's nothing more frustrating then seeing the "Game Over" and having to replay the last few levels. There's a solution to this and it's Infinite Lives! There are 1UP tricks for single players and 1UP tricks for multiplayer. The multiplayer way seems to be the quickest way to rack up the 1UPs. Here are the different tricks you can try to get infinite 1UPs:

New Super Mario Bros.Wii Level Editors: Tanooki and Reggie

New Super Mario Bros for Wii hasn't been out for more than a month and there's already two level editors! Today we're going to take a look at two NSMB level editors: Tanooki (already released) and Reggie (upcoming).

Tanooki is more than just a Mario suit. Tanooki is a full featured level editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, yes NSMB.Wii!. With Tanooki you can customize and change every aspect of every level! This is a nice surprise seeing how NSMB.Wii has only been out for less than a month.

Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach!

Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! was a Super Mario Bros. anime only released in Japan back in 1986. Until now, it was all in Japanese... but DiveOffARoofINC of YouTube spent nearly 6 months creating this English dub version. Here are the 6 parts of Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! *English Dub*

Part 1 of 6:

New Super Mario Bros.Wii Launch in NYC

You know New Super Mario Bros.Wii is hot when an entire store is transformed into the Mushroom Kingdom! That's exactly what happened to the Nintendo World store located in New Yorks Rockefeller Plaza. The store was filled with all sorts of goodies including gaming stations, costumed characters and giveaways. Nintendo also pulled out all kinds of cool memorabilia from their archives including old NES/SNES Mario cartridges, Mario drinks, Mario lunch boxes and a bunch of other Mario shwag. Here's a video of what I wish my office would look like!

Shigeru Miyamoto shows off Coin Mode in New Super Mario Bros for Wii

Shigeru Miyamoto (General Manager EAD, Nintendo and Mario's dad) reveals World 9 of the New Super Mario Bros Wii on the Nintendo Week channel. He also shows off the "Coin Mode" where all 4 players collect as many coins as they can... the level used is from the original Mario Bros. giving this game a very familiar, nostalgic feel. I can't wait to play this game! 8 Days till release!!!

Super Mario and Wario @ the Carl's Jr. Drive-Thru

Super Mario and Wario gets lunch at their favorite fast food place, Carl's Jr.

Super Mario Marriage Proposal

Here's an extremely nerdy way to propose to your girlfriend! Bradsmith182 posted this video on YouTube showing his girlfriend playing a modified version of Super Mario World. Brad used a PC program called Lunar Magic to modify the levels and spell out "lisa... Will you marry me?" using coins. Pretty slick and original way of proposing to your GF! Congrats to Brad and his SMW loving girlfriend!

Charles Martinet interview: how he got the Mario gig and upcoming Mario Wii games

Charles Martinet - the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi & Baby Wario - talks about the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros for Wii. He also tells us how he got the Mario gig 20 years ago. btw- the interview starts @ 1m15s incase you want to skip over the hosts jibber-jabbering with each other.

She of Super-Mario

She's Super Mario (슈퍼마리오의 그녀) by Game life cinema. Translation by kernys and he's sorry about the poor translation. Check out this awesome video.. when this baby hits 1:50, you're going to see some Cornholio sh*t!

High Schoolers shreading up some SMB theme songs!

This awesome SMB theme medley is performed by Evan (Wario), Rylan (Mario), Cam (Luigi) from some High School. Nice work, dudes! Anyone have the tab for this piece?

Inglourious Plummers trailer

"Inglourious Plummers" is a spoof of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. The mixture of game footage with the cool mario costumes makes this look like an official trailer.

Stupid Mario Brothers - The Movie

Stupid Mario Brothers - The Movie ACT 1, Part 1

Mario and Luigi begin a new day that's sure to be full of fun, Music, friendship, and Perhaps a little insanity.

Super Mario Medley at IGC East '09

There was some goodness going on at the Independent Game Conference '09 (IGC East '09) this year! One of them being this awesome Super Mario Medley by the Video Game Orchestra featuring Niki Mariskanish on Clarinet, Jon Kolar on Electric Bass and Alvaro Morales on Drums. Super Mario Medley: Super Mario Bros., Dungeon Theme, Ocean Theme and Super Mario World.

Super Mario Underwater Theme by lonlonjp

The Underwater theme is one of my favorite tunes from SMB. Here's lonlonjp from YouTube showing us how nice it can sound on an acoustic guitar. The difficulty level is "M" for Moderate guitarist. Capo = 0 Normal Tuning: EADGBE. I'd really like to get my hands on the sheet music or tab for this piece!

Painting Super Mario Bros on your nails

Jessicasand1989 of YouTube, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix zero nine.. put up this video of the her new Super Mario Bros figures that she painted on her nails. Jessica will do a tutorial if enough people requests it. So head over to the video page and leave feedback.

UPDATE: Tutorial available below

Super Mario Bros Theme played on a Stepper Motor

This is probably the most original way I've seen the SMB theme played! tthattch from YouTube managed to hook up a PLC to control a stepper motor* that plays the SMB theme. Very clever!

Mario Theme played on steel drums

I'm starting to lose track of the many ways people play the Super Mario Bros theme song. Here's a group playing the SMB theme on the steel drums.

Super Michael Bros. - Fastest SMB Speed Run Ever!

This is a speed run that only Michael Jackson can do! Watch as he saves the Princess in about 2 minutes! The original flash was created by sikamako from Albino Blacksheep. If only someone can create a Michael Jackson Super Mario Bros. rom hack. :)

All Japan Pro Wrestling with Mario, Gulliver and GI Joe?! WTH?

Not sure what the heck is going on in this video, but it's sort of entertaining. The people in this video are Japanese wrestlers playing Super Mario, GI Joe, Gulliver, Bowser and a bunch of other characters. If anyone would like to translate, please feel free to do so below.

India's Got Talent contestants perform Super Mario Bros on stage

Here's a clip from India's Got Talent where a group from Mumbai performs Super Mario Bros on stage. Not sure if they would be able to put on an hour long show with just live Mario, but it's cool nonetheless.

The Manualist plays SMB 2 / SSB Melee

The Manualist, Gerry Phillips, has been playing the hard fart for 39 years and he's here to perform the Super Mario Bros 2 / Super Smash Bros Melee theme music.

NESTUNES plays a Super Mario medley

Here's a band from Uddevalla, Sweden named NESTUNES. In this video they play a cool medley at the Garden Festival. Cool costumes! lol

Riding in a real life Kuribo's Shoe

This video features Derrick from Mega64 riding in Kuribo's shoe around town. These guys have some funny ass videos. Check them out here.

The Blindfolded Pianist joins Video Games Live! onstage to play the SMB theme

Martin Leung, The Video Game Pianist formerly known as the Blindfolded Pianist plays the SMB theme song during a Video Games Live! performance in Singapore 2009.

Super Mario Bros theme played by Dave the Horn Guy

Dave the Horn Guy does his rendition of the Super Mario Bros theme song. This guy has about 20+ horns attached to his body and has to squeeze a few horns simitaneously - definitely not easy! Dave the Horn Guy is part of the Tommy Bartlett show in Wisconsin Dells. The Tommy Bartlett Show features a water ski show that's got all sorts of high-flying, death defying stunts.

Super Mario Bros. Doggy Style (SFW)

Not sure what to say here. The text from the video says it all: "If you love the Super Mario Brothers and watching dogs hump things, then this is totally the video you've been waiting for. The Super Mario Bros. theme song from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has long been a cultural icon and a staple of the YouTube community. And let's face it...

Conan acknowledges that his new Tonight Show stage looks like Super Mario Bros levels

On June 3rd, 2009, Serious Lunch wrote a blog about how the new Tonight Show with Conan O'brien looks like the Super Mario Bros levels. This article became so viral that Conan himself acknowledge it on his show that aired June 5th, 2009. Here's a clip from the Tonight Show with Conan.

New Super Mario Bros. for Wii Confirmed! AWWW YEA!

I think I'm about to faint! New Super Mario Bros is finally coming out for the Wii and Nintendo really did a great job on it! The Wii version allows 4 cooperative players! Some of the new features is you can pickup and carry the other players to help save them or toss them @ enemies! Another new cool item is the Perpella Suit - with a shake of the Wii controller, the Perpella Suit will allow you to shoot up into the sky and then slowly float down! The video doesn't mention anything about online battle/co-op mode, but I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't forget something that important!?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - E3 2009 Debut Trailer

Nintendo announced today at E3 2009 that they will be releasing Super Mario Galaxy 2! Here's a trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2: [drool]

Luigi Finally Snaps

"Luigi Finally Snaps". After years of abuse from Mario, the forgotten plumber has had it up to here. This College Humor Original is very well done... The reference to the Super Mario Bros. movie is great! "It'a never happened!"

Bootleg footage of Mr. Bungle playing the Super Mario Theme

Some of the hair metal folks might remember a band called Mr. Bungle from the 80s. They were a experimental rock/avant-garde metal group from N. California. Here's some bootleg footage of them playing the Super Mario Bros theme and Underwater theme at Club Lingerie in Los Angeles, Cali on Jan 10, 1991.

Super Mario + Chicks in bikinis = Win: Pânico Na Tv - Quadro Super Mario Bros

Super Mario + Chicks in bikinis = Win. This video is from Pânico na TV, a Brazlilian comedy show on RedeTV.

Luigi Santa Rosa Bacalao reviews Super Mario Bros

The Cubans have just discovered Viiiiideoooo Gaaaaames! Super Mario Bros and other video games are new and this is what they should use for a Super Mario Bros commercial. Luigi Santa Rosa Bacalao reviews our favorite game.

Sculpting a Super Mario Cake

Check out this video of Michelle Wibowo, a British sugar artist, sculpting a Super Mario cake. If you watch it enough, you might be able to learn how she does it.. or maybe not. :P

Film Noir Mario Brothers: The Plumber and the Princess

Check out this very cool real life, Dick Tracy meets Mario type parody done in film noir style. Mario and Luigi parties too hard and Luigi overdoses on mushrooms that he bought from Bowser. Mario's mission is to seek out Bowser to avenge his brother's death.

Super Mario Bros theme played on teeth

I think we're running out of different ways people can play the Super Mario Bros. theme song. Here's a video of a dude playing the SMB theme with his teeth. What's next.. farting the theme song? Lets hope not. :) Check it:

Move Super Mario enemies anywhere on the screen you want

The new FCEUX Famicom/NES emulator has been released and with it comes some neat features! One of the slickest features is being able to drag and drop enemies anywhere you want during gameplay. So if you're up to a part thats difficult, you can just put your mouse over the item you're having trouble with and move it out of the way. I know, that's cheating..

Mouth popping the SMB theme

Not sure how to classify this, but this guy is mouth/cheek popping the Super Mario Bros theme song. Watch out for this one.. He might be touring your local high school stairwell soon! :)

Super Mario Bros theme on Euphonium

We haven't seen the SMB theme played on a euphonium yet, so here it is:

Kyle Landry plays the SMB2 Overworld Theme

I can never get tired of listening to great pianists play some of our favorite SMB theme songs. This one is Kyle Landry's interpretation of the Overworld Theme from Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros Theme on Body Drums

This is Tim, a 9 year old boy that is plays the body drum. In this video he plays the Super Mario Bros theme song. According to his mom, Tim has been playing the body drums since he was 1. Cool video, Tim!

Super Mario Bros vs. Ronald McDonald

Not sure if this is real or not, but it sure is cool to watch. It's a video of Ronald McDonald versus The Super Mario Bros in a Street Fighter style fight. Ham-ba-ga! Ham-ba-ga!

Swingy version of Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld Theme

This video will make you want to go dig up your old NES and play some Super Mario Bros 2! Listen as Krytie2X4B plays a swing version of SMB 2 on his Yamaha Tyros 2. Just in case you're wondering, he used a slightly customized style of "Orchestral Swing 2". Nice job, Krytie2X3B!


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