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Gifted sight reader, Tom Brier, plays the Nintendo greats

Tom Brier is a ragtime pianist that grew up in the Atari generation and not the Nintendo, Super Mario Bros generation. Tom is able to play any song the first time he looks at the sheet music. This incredible gift is called 'sight reading'. One of Tom's friend decided to give him some Nintendo game sheet music and here are the results: pure awesomeness!

Super Mario Bros Underwater Theme with Guitar Tab

Learn how to play the Super Mario Bros. Underwater theme song. This awesome piece was composed by Koji Kondo, a Japanese video game composer and sound director for Nintendo since 1984.

Learn how to play NES theme songs on your acoustic guitar

Do you own an acoustic guitar and have fast fingers? If you've answered Yes then you might be interested in NES Game Tabs. The shreaders there have released guitar tablature for NES game theme songs - including tabs are for Super Mario Bros, SMB 2, Tetris, Paperboy, Legend of Zelda and many more. Here's a video of the SMB theme song. Guitar tab located below the video.

High Schoolers shreading up some SMB theme songs!

This awesome SMB theme medley is performed by Evan (Wario), Rylan (Mario), Cam (Luigi) from some High School. Nice work, dudes! Anyone have the tab for this piece?

Super Mallet Bros plays Zelda, Pokemon and the Super Mario Bros theme

Danny Garfield, Zach Upton-Davis, and Jason Weitzman also known as the Super Mallet Bros. played this cool medley at their 2009 Mamaroneck High School Honors Recital. The instruments used (from right to left): Wind Chimes, Gong, Marimba, Bells, Vibraphone, Snare Drum, Claves, and Xylophone.

Super Mario Bros theme played on the Flute and Clarinet

Here is a cool flute and clarinet duet by Cristiano Vieira and Diogo Paiva. What's even cooler is that they posted the sheet music arranged to Flute, Clarinet and Basson. You can download the SMB sheet music here.

Super Mario Bros 2 in the style of Django Reinhardt - video, mp3 and chord arrangement

This is an AWESOME gypsy jazz version of the Super Mario Bros 2, level 1 theme song done by Adrian Holovaty. You can watch the video below or download the MP3 here. Luckily for all guitarist, Adrian has posted the chords for the Super Mario 2 Level 1 theme song (see below video).

Heliumkidd plays the Super Mario Bros. Greats!

These song arrangement are played on the piano by Heliumkidd. It's very pleasing the the ears... I can listen to this all day. All the sheet music for these songs are also available for download on Heliumkidd's site.

New Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros theme played by 2 people playing 5 instruments

This arrangement of Super Mario Bros Overworld Theme by Koji Kondo probably took quite some time to put together. The girl in the video plays two clarinets, the flute and the bass while the dude plays the drums. Download the piano sheet music here

Learn how to play the Super Mario Bros theme song on guitar [tab included]

Learn how to play the Super Mario Bros theme song on guitar (tab included).


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