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Super Mario World 3D for Nintendo 3DS

Legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with IGN to answer a few questions submitted by Mario fans. One very interesting thing that Miyamoto mentioned was that he'd be interested in making a 3D Super Mario World for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS handheld. When asked if it was a hint, Shigeru answered "I don't know... Maybe!". We'll take that as a YES! :) Can wait to get our hands on the new Super Mario World 3D!

Mario fan question:

Do you ever read blogs, forums and comments on gaming sites to see what Nintendo fans what, and then incorporate what you read into your games? In other words, do any of your ideas ever come from fans, or are they all original?

Shigeru Miyamoto:

Well we do occasionally go online, not to see what consumers want but really to see how they're reacting to the games that we've already released. What's really important to us is not how we can develop a game in a way that's going to compete with other games that are out there. Really for us the challenge is: What can we do to create experiences that are new and unique? So because of that we're really relying on our own creativity to come up with those ideas.

Mario fan question:
What is your view on emotion and story in games? Do you feel that story and emotion are connected? Do you feel like one is more important than the other?

Shigeru Miyamoto:
More than story, what's really important is the connection between the person creating the game and the person playing the game. And what's very important is that the person playing the game be able to feel naturally accepting of the world that's been created for them to play in. And then what happens is if they have a natural acceptance of the rules and of what's happening in this world that's been created, then that bond between creator and playing becomes that much stronger and that much more important. And then what happens is as the player begins to understand the world that they're playing in, then they're going to begin to think about ways that they can play within that world; they use their own creativity and their own imagination to tell the story or to come up with their own parts of the story, and at the same time they come up with new ways to play in this world that has been created for them. As a developer then, we have to try to predict some of the ways that players will try to play in that world, and give them reactions or responses or rewards for using their own creativity for finding new ways to interact within that environment. And that to me is really what is the most important element - the connection between creator and player in a video game.

Mario fan question:
Have you ever thought of making an add-on for Wii that simulates taste? I'd sure love to know what a 1-Up Mushroom tastes like.

Shigeru Miyamoto:
laugh Well of course as a creator of entertainment it is my job to surprise and delight people, and so an idea like that is one that I think is very interesting. But I do see some areas where we may have problems trying to create such a device in a way that we can sell it in stores and at a price that's reasonable. So I can see some challenges with that particular idea - but it's very unique! :)

Mario fan question:
I honestly believe that the Wii would benefit from an online service similar to Microsoft's XBOX LIVE. Are there any plans to change Nintendo's current online service?

Shigeru Miyamoto:
I can't really speak in any detail about what our precise plans might be, but Nintendo's ultimate
goal is to have every Wii connected to the Internet. So I think you can look forward to seeing what types of services may evolve or what other functionality we may offer on the system.

Mario fan question:
You once mentioned that you felt the development for Super Mario World was rushed and incomplete. What aspects of the game would you have changed or added if you had been given more time?

Shigeru Miyamoto:
Well you know actually a lot of the ideas that I would have liked to have implemented in Super Mario World have come to life in later Mario games since then. But the question gets me thinking about what fun it would be to create a Super Mario World game on the Nintendo 3DS and how we could use the depth and the sense of distance offered by 3D visuals on the world map and on the maps in the game, so that you have Bullet Bills flying at you from a distance and popping up off the screen.

Is that a small hint?

Shigeru Miyamoto:
I don't know... Maybe! :)


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