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R4DS (Original)
R4 DS Original
R4DS Blister (Bare bone)
R4 DS Blister (Barebone package)
R4 III Upgrade

R4 DS version III Upgrade

R4i SDHC v1.4.4 with Kingston TF 2GB microSD card
R4 Ultra R4i

R4i Ultra
Gold R4i

Gold R4i
R4 3DS

R4 DS for 3DS - compatible with all Nintendo DS, DSi and 3DS handhel
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Works with Nintendo DS? Yes Yes Yes Yes YES! YES! YES!
Works with Nintendo DSi? No No No Yes
Works with Nintendo 3DS No No No No YES! YES! YES!
Support SDHC micro sd cards (4GB, 8GB,16GB,32GB)? No (2GB Max)
microSD: 2GB
No (2GB Max)
microSD: 2GB
Yes (32GB Max)
All of these R4 and R4i flash cards supports microSDHC memory cards: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Firmware Software Included? No No No No No No No
Current Firmware Version R4 v1.18

R4 Wood v1.26
R4 v1.18 R4-III v3.12 R4i SDHC v1.63b R4 Ultra v1.55 R4i v1.30 R4i v1.14b
Micro SD Card Reader included with package? Included No Included Included Included Included Included
Does everything your friend told you it would do? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Is this a clone R4?
No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Should I care if it's a clone R4? No. As long as it works.
Compatible with DSi v1.4 firmware? No No No No No Yes Yes
The files hosted are simply firmware updates and their related PC software. No copyright, infringing or illegal information or software of any kind is contained.
Where to buy these R4DS flash cards:

B E S T   D E A L

R4DS (Original)
R4 DS Original
R4DS Blister (Bare bone)
R4 DS Blister (Barebone package)
R4 III Upgrade

R4 DS version III Upgrade

R4i SDHC v1.4.4 with Kingston TF 2GB microSD card
R4 Ultra R4i

R4i Ultra
Gold R4i

Gold R4i
R4 3DS

R4 DS for 3DS - compatible with all Nintendo DS, DSi and 3DS handhel

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Which microSD / SDHC works with this R4/R4i)? No (2GB Max)
microSD: 2GB
No (2GB Max)
microSD: 2GB
Yes (32GB Max)
All of these R4 and R4i flash cards supports microSDHC memory cards :4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Do they offer FREE Shipping?! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Do they ship worldwide?
*Pretty much anywhere that DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT or FedEx delivers
Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes*
Are they running any Sales?




Installation and Troubleshooting Help

R4 Help

Need R4 Help? Select the type of R4 you own above.

You should always use the newest firmware to insure the best compatibility with games, newest features and bug fixes. In a nutshell, what you'll be doing is downloading the firmware for your specific R4, extracting the files and folders onto the root of your microSD, then putting the microSD into the R4.

Here are a few essential utilities you'll need:

  • WinRAR v3.80.exe (1.18MB) - WinRAR will extract files with the extensions: .RAR, .ZIP, .7z and many others. All of the firmware files are either in .RAR or .ZIP format.
  • BatchDPG v1.60.exe (6.26MB) - .DPG video converter
  • NDSTokyoTrim_v2.18.exe - This will strip the unnecessary fluff from .NDS files so that you can fit more on your microSD

If you own an original R4 DS that only supports a max of 2GB microSD, then you're in the right place.

Before we get started, you should already have the following:

Step 1: Getting your microSD card ready

  • Plug your microSD into the microSD USB card reader, then plug the USB card reader into your PC or Mac.
  • Goto 'My Computer' and find the Removable Storage, then Right Click on your microSD card and choose "Format..."
  • Format the microSD with the 'FAT (Default)' File system

Step 2: Extract the firmware

  • Extract the files from the file you downloaded. After you've extracted the 'English' folder from within the, go into that directory and you should see the following folders and files:
    R4 for Nintendo DS firmware root directory

Step 3: Copy the firmware to your microSD

  • Highlight both folders and the 2 files, and press CTRL-C to copy.
  • Click on your microSD drive and press CTRL-V to paste the 2 folders and files.

    You can also highlight the folders and files then drag and drop them into your microSD.

Step 4: Booting the DS

  • Plug the microSD card into the slot located on the top of the R4.
  • Plug the R4 into your Nintendo DS and boot it up


Here's a video tutorial:


Setup your R4 Ultra

Setup your R4 SDHC

Setup your R4i

Setup your R4i Gold

Setup your R4li

Homebrew Applications

R4 DS Homebrew Library

This is the homebrew section where you'll find software written by Nintendo DS enthusiast just like yourself! Homebrew software including media players that will allow you to use your Nintendo DS as an MP3 player and video player! You'll also find console and computer emulators that will allow you to use your Nintendo DS as if it's a NES, SNES, Colecovision, Atari 2600 and much more!

Just click on one of the tabs above to goto the Media Player, Console Emulators, Computer Emulators or DS Utilities section.


MoonShell is a Nintendo DS media player that can play the following file formats:
Video: dpg |
Images: gif, png, jpg, bmp and many others |
Text: .txt files
Other features include skin support, bookmark support, .nds booting support (GBA Movie Player and SuperCard only), Plug-in support and Thumbnail image browsing
More info on MoonShell | User Guide v2


Download | Official Site

DSOrganize is an organizer application for the Nintendo DS. It's not a Palm PDA, but it does come in handy

Super Mario Bros R4 Skin

To replace the default R4DS skin, extracted the .ZIP and then copy the “_system_” folder to the root directory of the microSD card.

1UP R4DS Skin

Download 1UP R4DS Skin
         8-Bit Mario R4DS Skin

Download 8-Bit Mario R4DS Skin
1UP R4DS Skin   8-Bit Mario R4DS Skin

Wii Love Mario R4DS Skin :)

Download Wii Love Mario R4DS Skin
  Toads R4DS Skin

Download Toads R4DS Skin
Wii Love Mario R4DS Skin   Toads R4DS Skins

Background used for all skins:

R4DS - Revolution for DS background


R4DS Guide


NDS Browser by opera

How do I make it work with the rumble pak (the browser i mean)???

Here's the problem

Ok so I noticed everyone. Ok so ALMOST everyone seems to have the same problem. So I read around and figured a LOT of u seem to be messing up at some really easy and basic points. I'll just tell u a few of the more common ones.

1. Check ur SD card. R4's that can use an SDHC card will SAY it can use a SDHC card because u will actually SEE SDHC written on the box and on the card. And if u go on the site it will tell u too... Problem is, if u don't find a SDHC written anywhere, it means u have the older generation of the r4 card and only SD card (which is only 1 or 2 GB) can work on it. If you already bought a SDHC card without realizing relax~ it's easy to sell it off and a SD card is cheaper than a SDHC~ seeing as SDHC usually has a larger memory. ;p

2. Plug ur memory card into ur computer (via USB or sumthing). DON'T plug it into ur r4 just yet and DON'T put any games on it just yet (if you have... don't panic, I'm only saying this because sumtimes it might hurt the card... like, chop a few MB's off or sumthin.. no real harm). Format the card. Right click, go down the list and press format. A thing-ey pops up and then u check list of formats u can format it to. Click either FAT or FAT32. A fast format is fine. Click ok and wait for it to finish formatting~ ^^

3. Check what r4 u have. CHECK IT! Ur looking for the firmware that has EXACTLY the same name as urs. If it doesn't, it's not the right one honey. There are DOZENS of different r4's out there now and it's VERY confusing. Especially since they all have very similar names. TYPE the name of ur R4 word for word when u search for firmwares and only click on ones that have the same name as urs.

4. Always download the latest version of firmware for ur R4. There are a bunch of confusing numbers behind the R4 firmware name right? That tells u how updated it is. For example u could get 1.71 and 1.81 etc. right? (THESE AREN'T REAL!!!) 1.81 would b da updated one... usually... look out for dates too. It's kinda hard for a 2008 firmware to be able to play 2009 games etc so u might need to update it too. Usually it's safe to ignore the in between yearly updates (like eg. 1.81.2, 1.81.3 etc) unless u hav troubles playin sum later games in the year~

5. Keep a back-up of all ur games (that's the stuff u download and play with the .nds behind it) and a back-up of all ur save files (that's the stuff that appears after u've played the games and has the same name as ur game - with a .sav OR .SAV etc behind it). Sumtimes a game f*cks up and sumtimes u updated ur R4 with the wrong firmware. It's rare but that can mess up ur game and sav file. Not to mention sumtimes save files delete when u accidentally mistreat it... (get water on it, drop it on the ground etc...) and some games just tend to get glitchy. Like pokemon... (where u might need to constantly update ur save file)...

6. When the game u download doesn't work, sometimes it's ur game that's the problem. There might be sumthing wrong with ur download (the internet cut off in the middle, the server reconnected. etc) try re-downloading it first~ If that doesn't work then the problem lies with THEIR version of the game. Look somewhere else. If you downloaded from several sites and they don't work then u need to get an update on ur firmware~

Well~ I'm only going over some of the very basic's of what seems to be going wrong according to a lot of you guys' comments~ ;p Good luck~ don't get caught by ppl when using ur R4~ ^^ If it's ur first R4 card then this information is all pretty new and kinda hard to take in, just take it slow and read FAQs they have on sites like these when things don't work... Your problem can usually b explained on them. If nothing on there works, THEN start asking on forums. Later~ once u get ur head around it u can find the fun in other things~ like cheats, patched files etc~ >:D

Nintendo DSi .NDS files


I have done everything as suggested yet I have 3 minor questions

Do I need to put my games in a folder before copying to the card ? or should the .nds files sit in the root of the card
How many games can I copy onto a 8 gb card ?? can I have as many as I can fit and then just scroll to them
Finally I get an error suggesting the file name is to long ?? they all come with a 4 digit number followed by text .. should I delete the number and reduce the text

Many Thanks


Hi, > do i need a folder for

> do i need a folder for the games - no, just place the nds files in the root of the card and it will work fine

> how many games on a 8gb card - depends on size of the nds files (anywhere between 32mb and 250mb). so put on as many as you like, just leave some space for the system to create save files in games.

> File name too long - I usually delete the file numbers and rename to a short name (makes it easier to find in list also)

Hope that helps

Nintendo 3DS

Is there a R4 card for the Nintendo 3DS yet?


Ok, i'mn having the same problem as most of you, i can't get past that loading screen. So i downloaded those rar. file, but i can't seem to extract them. What should i use??? Or do i just leave it there??


use winrar it's free and will open any rar file

Had ds now dsi xl can I use same r4


My daughter had nintendo ds and we had an r4. She now has dsi xl and the r4 won't play in it.

Is it the mini sd that needs changed or the black holder it slots into or is it just updating the software?

Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to find cheapest way of sorting out.



Hi Kate -- Unfortunately

Hi Kate -- Unfortunately your daughter's R4 will not work with the new DSi XL. You will need a compatible card like the R4i Gold or maybe even a different type of DSi flash card like the SuperCard DSTWO for Nintendo DSi or the Acekard 2i. Hope that helps.

Which R4 for a NEW DS Lite?

My granddaughter was given a new DSL for Christmas, I don't have access to it to check the firmware.
How can I choose which R4 to use? Are they backwards compatible? In other words, could I use a R4 v1.41
and assume it would work for her?

Which R4 for a NEW DS Lite?

My granddaughter was given a new DSL for Christmas, I don't have access to it to check the firmware.
How can I choose which R4 to use? Are they backwards compatible? In other words, could I use a R4 v1.41
and assume it would work for her?

revoulition card

i was given the r4 revoulition card it worked at first but after a few months a blue screen came up saying it couldnt load ever since it does not work could anyone help.

Does R4I gold work on the DSI 1.4u?

I just received my r4I gold cards and downloaded the firmware file that is given above in the description but I can only get 5 of the 50 games I downloaded to work. I noticed the only games to work are ones from 2007 and older, any games that came out in 08,09 and 2010 don't seem to load properly. I get the first few seconds of the game and then it freezes. Anyone know how I can fix this problem? any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

.rar vs .nds

I just bought 2 R4 cards for my daughters.. they came loaded with games.. the games on the cards work, however i am trying to add games to the card.. the games I loaded end with .rar - when you turn on the dsi you don't even see the games on the list.. I loaded 1 game that ended in .nds and it worded.. i am having a hard time finding games that end in .nds is there a way to get the ones that end in .rar work?

.rar means its a compressed

.rar means its a compressed file that needs to be extracted. right click it then hit extract files, then ok. you should have a folder named the same as the .rar file, open the folder and the .nds should be in there

.rar extensions are a form

.rar extensions are a form of compression. Download and use a program like winrar to extract the files - in the compressed .rar file.

then copy the .nds file to the memory card.

you need to extract the game

you need to extract the game file from the rar. file. right click the rar. file and clcik extract here. it will take few seconds or about a minute and then u will see the nds file. the ds will only play nds. files as games.

R4I gold

So I just purchased the R4I gold card and I was curious to see if someone can tell me what I have to do download games on it?
Do I just need to download the firmware and than the DS Game file? or is there any other steps? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Problem with my Gold R4i

I brought a DSi and R4i and everything works till I make a mistake to upgrade my DSi console, and then all the problems start. I put the R4 in the console and a black screen show, I went to the place when I brought the R4 and they do something with a old DS and work again just for couple hours. Somebody can help me. I’m a new DSi owner. Thanks

R4i not working - please help

I have bought the R4i Revolution card and I cant seem to get it to work - The site I bought it for says that it supports the DS lite as this is what the cards are to be used in. I am wondering do these cards only support the DSI machines?

Does anyone know the software version i need to download?

Please help

r4i not working- SOLUTION

This is what I did to get my r4i gold to work
1) Format the sdhc card fat 32
2) download and copy v.1.30 to sdhc card
3) download and copy v 1.41 to sdhc card
3) download and copy v 1.50 to sdhc card.
My DS now plays games, mp3's and movies magnificently.

r4 sdhc

ok guys everyone seems to be having the same problems? stuck on loading, myself included, ive tried all the kernals above with the same, stuck on loading, and no ones to to be giving up the secrets how to get past this, why? is there another bit of software we aswell, come on people please help

Im thinking a lot of you

Im thinking a lot of you might need this kernel

Hope it helps some of you out atleast

R4 Ultra R4i, sticks at loading screen

I downloaded software from this sie and copied to card then added a couple of games but it wont pass the loading screen, please help!!!


i tried the r4 thingie on my dslite and all i got was a loading page(that wont load), what do i do?, does it have something to do wit the cartridge, or is it something else?, and can this work on the dsi?


it all depends on the r4 you got for the ds lite. you have to make sure you download the correct software for the r4. on this website it will tell you which software you will need for the cartridge you have, just find the one you have and look below the same line for the software. hope this helps.

You are probably using a 4gb

You are probably using a 4gb or higher card, you need to use a 2gb card!

R4 SDHC upgrade

Do these things ever work? Everyone seems to have the same problem the kernal downloads try a game and all you get is the red MENU? on the DS. Have come to the conclusion its just a way to get you to buy all these bits so you then chuck them away and give up. So cheesed with it.

Getting "menu" error after power on

I just bough a R4 from Dino Direct and after loading many, many different type of version 1.18, 1.29, and forth i still could not get NDS to work. After power on, i keep getting "menu" icon on the screen. Can someone please tell me how to fix it or at at least tell me where should i buy the R4....that is genuine, thanks-

R4i-Gold V1.4

The top screen on the DS just says ?menu. Have I loaded the wrong kernel or what can i do to get stared and playing. Thanx in advance


I was trying to load up moonshell and said there was a corrupt file and disk needed to be formatted. I formatted the disk, loaded up firmware, and now gets stuck on loading screen. Now whenever I try to read disk on my computer it says disk not formatted, i press format and says windows cannot complete format... plz help

Menu Error

I have a R4i Gold card (V1.4) with a 2gb Micro SD card fro my DSi. i worked perfectly fro 2 days and now it shows a menu? error. i have tried formatting a loading firmware on it but it still gives me the same error. Can anyone help. I dont know if I have downloaded the right kernel - R4i English V1.35B. Thanx in advance.

R4 DSill

I have found an easy fix to get some stubborn games to load...My Daughter has a DS Lite and had a game that worked fine. That same game did not work on my other daughter's DSill. I took the .sav file from the working DS lite and put it on the DSiLL and it worked! They where both R4 cards just different Versions... My Daughter has Bowsers Revenge and Wheres Waldo....Please I am look for anyone to e-mail a .sav or send my to a sight that has .sav files. This is a real good fix and I am shocked no one ever talks about it.

r4 probs....

hi folks, my kids have all have a ds, all running R4DS Blister they used to work them only occasinally now they dont work at all it just goes to the ds screen if you have no cartrage in, i have reformated the cards and installed the latest firm wear still no joy any advice would be great thanks

still no joy with firmware!

Hope someone can help

I've got the R4 card with the black and silver front, says 'R4 SDHC Revolution of DS (NDSL/NDS)' wth an 8gb microcard. When I got the card it worked, butwouldn't save any games. I took everything off the card, and put on the updated kernel software. Sticks on 'Loading'. This happens with every kind of firmware I've tried, and I've getting really frustrated. And no, I didn't think to keep the old software! Can anyone suggest a set of software I can put on the card to make it work!

If someone could email me, I'd appreciate it, just in case I don't remember to check on here for a bit.

Wont load

Ive tried about 40 different softwares for my r4 and my start up menu still wont load. I know its not the card because my friend used to do it on her computer and it only stopped working when i started messing with it. can anyone help?

lost SDHC memory from R4 cartridge - what do I do now?

Hi there hoping all you techies can help me out of a fix. My son is devastated because he has lost (had pinched) the memory chip from his R4 card.

At first I thought it would be a simple case of getting a new one until I started looking into it a bit more. Ive established so far that it is a SDHC memory card that we need but how big can I go? am I better off just sticking with the 4GB which I think we must have had?

Next is the really confusing bit as I kept seeing references to kernels and firmware - I take it we need to download the latest versions onto the memory card and transfer the games from the ROMs that we have before we will get this to work. Can anyone please tell me if I am on the right track here or just barking up the wrong tree!!! and if I am in the right vicinity what exactly do I need to download and from which sites

I think Im going to go for a Kingston unless anyone can advise any differently as that seems to be recommended over SanDisk

thanks so much in anticipation of your replies - a very frustrated mum.

R4 SDHC revolution

I've got the R4 SDHC revolution (NDSL/NDS). I've tried loading different kernels,: English-1.26, 1.25, 1.34, 1.18, and R4-SDHC-English-1.29, all my DS says is "loading" HELP!!

r4 sdhc

well i have a problem i played on my r4 for a pretty long time (i only have my r4 for about 1 year)
but a few months ago is started to get stuck ingame.
now at the moment it gets stuck whenever it needs to refresh to much or whatever
like when i save it gets stuck (the save is succeeded but then it gets stuck) or when i enter something like a house a few times it also gets stuck.

i now use the 1.55 firmware

any solutions or is it just destroying itself?

i fragmentated it a lot of times to fix it nothing helped i fragged it as a 3.86gb,FAT32, 16 kb-4096kb and 8192kb
nothing helped

Help R4i Gold 2

I forgot to put in my last comment that my R4i Gold came with a 2GB memory card does that not allow me to get on it as every site i have been on says 4gb to 32gb i'm confused. Please tell me what card i need.

Help for R4i Gold

To put it simply I havn't a clue how to wrk it. As soon as I click on it on the menu on my DSi My screen turns white flashes black once and stays white. Can someone tell me exactly what software to install on it, how to do it, where to get it and what movie format it supports. Thx or just link a site/s which fills those requirements.


I have bought the 4gb and 16gb R4SDHC for my DS lite, i have tried all the firmwares, with the original firmware i get "loading' which sticks right there. with the other firmwares i get 'menu' where do i go from here. With the original SD card i had no problems at all, but with the SDHC i get nothing but problems. please help. thx


my computor wont let me format my microSDHC when i right click and select format :/

this is my r4 'R4 Revolution Card SDHC for Nintendo DS / DS Lite + 8GB Micro SD Card' from


u don't have to format it! what type of computer do u have?


my computor wont let me format my microSDHC when i right click and select format :/

this is my r4 'R4 Revolution Card SDHC for Nintendo DS / DS Lite + 8GB Micro SD Card' from

Thanks for a VERY helpful

Thanks for a VERY helpful site.
The only thing that would make it more helpful would be if you had higher resolution pictures of the front of the cards for easier imdentification.
Also any advice for the common question of stuck on loading.
Thanks again!


I have the R4 ds ultra but it came with no disc so what can I do?

no disk

Hi .. most of the R4s these days do not ship with software. You will need to download the software from their sites. We also offer the firmware for download above. Just find the R4 that you own and scroll down about 2" and you'll find the Download link for your R4 Ultra.

r4 card shows loading and stuck

i bought replacement card r4 III upgrade new card shows loading at start old card still works when i put it back in..what could i be doing wrong with new card..need help plse...thank you in advance

uncertain of what i need

I have two dsi and i want to buy an r4 but i don't know which one i need or whatelse i might need. The current firmware on my dsi is 1.3 is that a bad thing. To much technology for my poor knowledge of it. Help please.


Someone plz help!! When I put the R4 card into the ds, it tells me I have no ds-menu.dat ??? nothing comes up on the ds?
I have no idea, I cannot download games on card? even after downloading R4v1.18.

Any answers would be appreciated :)


okay look the first thing you have to do is download moonshell for the R4 then you have to go to this website: and download whichever gamez u want.for more ?'s email me.


I just got a Gold R4i and it came with 199 games already. I put the memory card in the speacial USB, click the Romovable Disk (G:) and it comes up saying the plug in, in drive G is not formatted, Would you like to format it now? And I click 'Yes'. Then it comes up saying, the plug in in drive G cannot be formatted. I don't know what to do because I have no idea how to delete games that I don't want of the chip. I went to a website a downloaded a game but it comes up tha I need this program named WinZip but I have already done the 45 day trial a while ago when I didn't have this chip. So can someone please help me! I don't no what to do at all. I'm new to this so it is muchly appreciated! Thanks! Take Care! x

New R4 SDHC problem

I tried to down load the latest version of firmware for this card and it does not work??? It is a 4 GB card and the message I get when it boots up is Please put "loader xxx" file into SD card. Please help before I throw it away.

my r4 is broken.

i accidently deleted some files on my r4 that werent games.i have formatted the card again and tried to download the files for it after i had 'un-rar'ed' them.its just stuck at the loading screen.can you help?

stuck on loading

my card is stuck on a loading screen
and how do i fix this



R4 Revolution for DS

Have a 2gb sd card and R4 card and was only able to list a total of 15 games with a file total of under 1gb. Is there any reason for this?


Is there such thing as a original R4 SDHC UPGRADE CARTRIDGE or are all the R4 cards that support the larger memory cards such as 8gb+ SDHC automatically clones? and once games are copied onto this will they load up on the ds lite just as quickly as games copies onto a original r4 2gb??

Please help

Can somebody please help? I

Can somebody please help? I am new to this. What is the R4DS original? is this a blank cartridge that will click into the the nintendo ds where the game cartridge goes? So am I to believe that you can download games to this cartridge for the Nintendo DS Lite?

Please Help.


the fireware for the R4 v1.18 has NOT been upgraded by the owners for a long time, so when newer software are released the older fireware cannot read the file correctly. the only answer for the new software to run on the old fireware is to fix/patch the newer software "PAIN" i know iv'e been there. [ THE ANSWER ] download and install R4 YS menu which is still upgraded by the owners and works all newer software ( allegedly ) so i'm told LOL. so search for r4ysmenu, search for how to install r4ysmenu on 2gb microsd for r4 card then follow instructions ( cus thats the 1 I have OK ) lol


omg i got it to work thanks to your link! thank you thank you thank you wiilovemario

R4i Revolution

I bought an R4i Revolution with an 8gb SD card. I am working off a Mac OSX and I am trying to get the software to run on it. I have tried about 6 or more different software downloads (including the one listed above) for it and I just still keep getting the "Loading..." screen. Soo frustrating.... I formatted the sd card prior to installing each version of the software and I am having no luck so far. Is it because I am using a Mac to do this ? I was led to believe that using the Mac would be fine ? Any help you can provide would be great...

thanks in advance

r4 card

did u resolve this as i'm on mac and i'm having same prob can u help


I just bought the r4 sdhc card and it came with the kingston microsd adapter.
and i have no idea how to get started. I zipped the file but don't know how to get to the file that has been zipped..
o i'm just so confused.
they should really have an easier manuel when u get the cards for those people that are like me and know [email protected]
thanx so much if u could help me

music help

hi ive had my r4ds for a while now and i loaded the music but the music menu wont come up it just freezes on the moonshell menu

Help with r4sdhc card

Hi i have loaded the software onto the card but I keep getting the same error

please put "" file into SD card.

Please help

Cannot find menu at boot up with r4 SDHC

I had the same prob , but the red r4i fixed it .. it uses additional files [r4imenu] and [r4.dat].. also adds an extra bouncing icon for wirless !!!

tx so much it finally works

tx so much it finally works i love u guys<3

r4 sdhc

my card is stuck on a loading screen
and how do i fix this

Oh Goodness

Thank you so much this was so easy to follow! =)

hi i just bought my daughter

hi i just bought my daughter ther4 sdhc upgrade revoloution for ds 4gb and it shows me a red envelope and does not work with any software i have downloaded them all and nothing seems to work please help me my daughter is desprite to play it x

I to bought my daughter a r4

I to bought my daughter a r4 sdhc upgrade card but all i get loading all the different file all i get when turned on is a menu folder on the top screen any help would be good.


Try using this

Here is the firmware for the R4 SDHC:

Unrar it and copy the folders and files onto your microSDHC.

Merry Xmas!

R4 SDHC and R4i SDHC Revolution software

Santa has lots of these cards,but is having a lot of problems. There are corrupt files when he tries to unzip them.
He managed to get software for the R4 sdhc but the ds sticks at the "RED MENU" screen. Does anybody know where we can
download software that actually works


The file downloads work fine

All of the files above work fine. Some are .RAR archives and might not open correctly with your ZIP program.


Thanks! i just got my R4 today, loaded moonshell and now i am enjoying spirit tracks!
appreciate the help!

do u

do u need the usb microsd adaptor or does a normal sd adapter going int the sd slot work please help

R4-SDHC Upgrade Revolutions

I have just bought an 'r4-sdhc Upgrade Revolution for DS'. I have a 4Gb t-flash card with it. No matter what software I try with it I always end-up with the MENU? display. The lastest version was r4sdhc125 from this site.

Any clues anyone ?! There is a brick wall next to me with an ever growing impression of my forehead in it !.....!

R4-SDHC Upgrade Revolutions

I have a similar brick wall with a similar impression - Did you have any joy?

Same Problem

Please, please, please tell me the solution - I am having the same problem !!!!!!!!

thank you

Your simple and elegant webpage saved my new card from being trashed because of my ignorance prior to being educated by the content here. I am enjoying many games and have a new problem... which one to play, and or which one/s to devote existence to....hahahahahahahaha.

Ignorance is not Bliss
Dr. Jordan G

Corrupt files

I've had an original for about 2 years and all of a sudden the games that i downloaded would have a popup when i played them saying "the data could not be read". what should i do?

u need to update your

u need to update your kernal(software) from the r4 guide

where do you buy

where can you find games to buy??!
i have searched.... my friends hAVE disks which come with games.

Use the Newsgroups

You can download the entire DS library from the newsgroups. Here's a good guide:

should i buy an sdhc card

i have an original ds and was wondering if sdhc memory card would work
(i want an sdhc as it has alot more memory)

Ok but where do you copy nds game files too?

Am I missing a step, where do you copy nds game files too?

R4III upgrade

I have a ds lite and have a R4III upgrade card and I tried it in my best friends daughters DSi and it work just fine playing the games is there any long term issues and why does it say on your guide that it won't work on the DSi?

This page helped me 100%

This page helped me 100% thanks alot

I have the r4ds hc and

I have the r4ds hc and bought a 4gb sdhc and cant get it to work with any of the firmwares can somebody get me help. it gets to the loading screen an freezes there


I just got the R4 SDHC Upgrade and a 4 and 8GB Micro SDHC memory card and can't get it to work. Once I download the firmware and insert the TF card into the DS I just get "Menu?" on the top screen. I am trying to get this to work for my son for Christmas. Can anyone help.... please..

R4-SDHC Upgrade Revolutions

I am having the same problems - Did you manage to resolve this?

the only way i learned to

the only way i learned to resolve this is that it might be a clone what you have so it be made with ttds software instead of r4 so you will need TTMenu.dat and TTMenu.sys to make it run
better yet just get thew whole DSTT firmware and use that instead

I had the same problem. I

I had the same problem. I tried a 2g sd card and it worked fine.

Micro SD Card and R4

I just received my R4 card, went out and purchased the Micro SD card to download the games onto it. For some reason the SD card is not clicking all the way into the R4 card and therefore not loading when I put it into my Nintendo DS....Any help????


your spring is probably broken it happened to me.....sorry you can't fix it??? sorry!

r4i for dsi

I have the r4i revolution and have tried 5 different versions of the suggested software
and none of them will work the dsi does recognise the r4 card but is unable to load the games, please help!!!


I am having the same trouble. I purchased a DS lite for my daughter, and the vendor included a 30 game bundle. The system recognizes the R4, and I can get to the list of games, but they will not load or play. All I get is a default option menu asking me if I want the games to be able to be played online, and if I want to have cheat mode on. after that, nothing. Is this an issue that I can fix if I update the firmware?


i tried to play kindom heart the new one and also mario luigi bowser's inside story ,
the rom loaded , but when i tried to start a new game it just stuck
it won't move nothing it's stuck at a blank screen or a new file screen what should i do ?

same problem

we had the same problem with the mario and luigi one if anyone has the answer please tell me


How do I make a micro SDHC to work on r4 original?

Not going to happen

Unfortunately a SDHC will never work with the original R4. You will need one of the updated clones that works with the SDHC cards. They're just as good..

menu? question

i just got a r4upgrade at x-mas and when programmed i get menu? i formated the sd card like ten times what can i do

Happened to me!

The only solution we could find was that my brother had an R4 as well. So we just copied all of the firmware over onto my R4 then he reprogrammed it V. quickly. Worked like a charm!

I just acquired an R4DS

I just acquired an R4DS without firmware. This excellent guide told me exactly which firmware version I needed.

verry helpful

verry helpful

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