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Flash card for Nintendo 3DS (R4, Acekard, DSTT)

UPDATE 2: A few flashcards are working with the Nintendo 3DS: Acekard, Supercard DStwo and R4i Gold using WOOD firmware.

UPDATE: The existing AceKard RPG has been rumored to work on the new Nintendo 3DS. Read more...

The Nintendo 3DS is not going to be released until March or April of 2011. How long do you think it'll be until there's a working flash card for it? Since it took roughly 6 days to crack the DSi, I'm going to have to bet that it'll take around the same amount of time to get a R4i or something working with the 3DS. Since the Acekard team was the first to get a flash card working on the DSi, they'll probably be the first to get it running on a 3DS. We'll have to wait and see..

R4i with WOOD firmware working on Nintendo 3DS:

yeah your all wrong

3DS wont need a flash card it can play streammed online vides suchas youtube and myspace ect all you need it a wifi hotspot(whom if ur near one ur 3ds will alert you theres one near) the internet browser will be out may-june along with a messageig system and flipnote hatena as for an action reply that should be released in a year orso if they manage to hack through some fun 3d games will be redredemption resident evil kingdom hearts dream drop final fantacy metal gear solid 5-6 metroid prime 3D mario Kart3D new super mario 3D pokemon ranger
monkey monkey ball and much more :p

i think that the only reason

i think that the only reason that the dsi was even hackable was because they had to have the same games as the ds/ ds lite

People say that it has been

People say that it has been released other people say "HEY!!!!!! you guys are all stupid the security is WAYYYYYYY to high!" While other people say "ITS NEVER GUNNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!!" and as i said in the beginning people say: "It's been released you idiots." Though I think to myself "Hmmm how can it already be released the 3DS hasn't even been released in North America!" Then... "OH it probably already released somewhere else!" But, you guys all have different answers. Some say to high security. Others say it has already been released. Some people even say it's never going to happen! So exactly how are we supposed to know which one is true? P.S: People who think it's coming in in 2010 your wrong! It's already 2011. P.S.S. If you figure out the truth post here because people want to know if they should get a 3DS or not.

Sorry but I have to go with

Sorry but I have to go with the m3ds cards like msds real, m3i zero, etc.
It has 3ds in it so they better live up to their name.

Basicly, Ur all dickheads,

Basicly, Ur all dickheads, The 3ds's security system is more advanced than psp, and xbox 360 put together, if a flash cart is released, it'll be near a year before the hack is cracked, plus the 3ds supports NDS files aswell, so acekard and r4 will have to make their card compatible and will take some serious programming!

Your an as*.

Your an as*.

Ha! Who's the dickhead now!

I bet you feel stupid. Thats what happens when ignorant people comment on things they know nothing about. Guess your the dickhead. Hahaha. What a loser.



So much so dickheads that

So much so dickheads that Acekard have already released the AK3 which allows NDS roms to be played on the 3DS already. Granted it is not going to help anyone with the 3DS specific games but it just shows how completely wrong you are in branding everyone a dickhead!!!

And here are some other interesting facts for you to chew over. In China, basically the second biggest economy in the world today, a handheld or console game system does not go down well with consumers if it is not crackable. The reason for this is simple. The average monthly wage in China is currently 996RMB, which is around 100 UK pounds and slightly less in US dollars.

The cost of legitimate games sold in China is about the same price as in other countries such as the US and UK, the developers take no consideration for the fact that people earn significantly less money in China and that the cost of living is much lower, so whilst food, cigarettes, alcohol and clothes are generally much much cheaper, for example a pack of 20 cigarettes cost 5.5RMB, thats about 55 UK pence compared to the 6 pounds plus mark in the UK which would be about 600RMB in China, games stay the same high price.

Therefore systems such as DS, PSP and Wii are very popular as once the extreme expense of the hardware is payed for, the gamer can get hold of games easily by either downloading the iso or rom and/or purchasing the pirate copies sold in all the shops. Yes, thats right, a high street games store, even IQUE which is a branch of the Nintendo corp sells pirate games and download pirate games for people, they even chip and mod your system in store!!!!

The hardware manufacturers such as Sony and Nintendo know very well that their annual turnover as far as consoles and handhelds are concerned is significantly made up by the sales in China and if those sales were to disappear that would take a major bite out of their profit margins. Therefore they also know very well that a system has to be palatable to the Chinese consumer, in other words.....hackable.

Recently a 3DS was stolen from Nintendo's manufacturing plant in China by one of the Chinese workers. It was in a non functioning condition by all accounts but nevertheless I don't think it takes much to work out exactly why this happened. It was stolen for the sole purpose of back engineering and the creation of either a mod chip, firmware hack and/or new compatible flash card.

I honestly don't think it will be very long after release at all until we see the system broken in whatever aforementioned form it takes and whilst Ninty will undoubtably periodically take steps to fix that with updates as they have with the Wii, they will always be worked around.

The simple fact of the matter is, China accounts for too large a share of the overall sales of the hardware and an uncrackable system that demands legitimate retail purchases of games will mean the 3DS is a no no for the majority of Chinese consumers with only the richest families purchasing and buying their games from Hong Kong.

Like or dislike it, agree or disagree it is plain and simple fact.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum


Piracy in China

I think you're confused about how the sale of hardware works and the manufacturers views on these kinds of things.

When a console first goes on sale, it usually costs the manufacturer more than they sell the unit for because of the initial advancement in technology and the actual manufacturing process. Each unit sold comes at a cost to the manufacturer, a cost that they hope to recoup through licensing fees for the software sold.

The original Xbox never made money because it was sold at a huge loss and piracy was so rife. I know plenty of people who bought an Xbox solely to mod it and turn it into a media centre. These people never bought a game, which ended up costing Microsoft money.

The Nintendo Wii and the 3DS are rare breeds that weren't launched at a price below production cost, so maybe Nintendo don't care about China's piracy epidemic. You can bet your bottom dollar that Sony and Microsoft care though - they haemorrhage money because of it.

If all Sony cared about where the sales of the hardware units themselves, do you think they would be investing millions in constantly updating the firmware for PSP and PS3? Do you think that they would have taken away PS3 users option to run Linux if their hand wasn't being forced?

Do you think that Microsoft would have invested time and money in organising ban hammer waves that bar modded Xbox 360s from accessing live, if they didn't really need to?

Whilst I agree 100per cent with what you're trying to say about the Chinese being forced to pirate games because of the huge costs to them, it doesn't make it right. Why should manufactures take into consideration that the Chinese get paid less - they'll essentially lose even more on each and every unit sold?

Publishers are reluctant to release single-player games in China these days because they can be easily cracked. They however don't mind selling MMOs because of the subscription fees and online checks. China are essentially ruining the experience for themselves because of piracy and the fact that manufacturers and developers are getting fed-up with it.

Let's us not forget that the production cost of games has rocketed to crazy levels and a whole country of sponging pirates is going to push costs up globally. Their government's so concerned about putting curfews in place because of gaming addiction and the adverse conditions it has on it's citizens – but it's not addressing the real problem.

You're right about China being rife with piracy - you're wrong about nobody caring.

3ds waaaay more amd more

3ds waaaay more amd more advanced Probably Will

a month

even though it only took 6 days to crack the dsi,the 3ds is waaaay more advanced amd will probably take 2 weeks to two months, probably 1 month.

flash card

R4 devastated game sales so i bet Nintendo is gonna really beef up its security in the 3DS, i'm guessing it'll take 6-12 months before some flashcart gets released

they might not even bother

Im saying this because the 3ds is a new system and people might just use mods like a homebrew channel like thing on the 3ds and have it be able to boot right off the sd card instead


I think that the DS 3d games haves a different format (not Nds) and that you need a different flashcard for this games

I hope never

I hope never



the 3DS may be coming out in

the 3DS may be coming out in 2010, and the flash card will probably come out about a month after release >_<

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