Super Mario Bros.

Play Nintendo DS games on your PC with No$gba, the Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance emulator.

There are a few Nintendo DS emulators that run some DS games, but never New Super Mario Bros... until now. We got our hands on one of the best Nintendo DS (and Game Boy) emulators: No$gba Gameboy Advance / Nintendo DS Emulator. This emulator will run both Nintendo DS and Gameboy games and every game that we've tried with No$gba has worked - this Nintendo DS emulator is almost perfect! The only thing that's not perfect is the sound, which is 99% there. No$gba works just like the real DS where you need to interact with the bottom screen, in this case you can use your mouse to select stuff.  There is currently no support for WFC, but hopefully future releases will support it. Also note that you'll need to unzip any roms you have to use with No$gba as it doesn't support ZIP files (only .nds).

We dumped our own ROMs to try with this emulator, but if you're unable to dump your own roms, you could try out some Public Domain Nintendo DS roms here. The last release of No$gba is free and you can download it here, but if you'd like the newest version you'll need to donate $2.50 via PayPal and then download the latest and greatest. Support the creator of this wonderful emulator by giving up $2.50 - it's totally worth it as the newest version (v2.6a) works much better than the free (v2.6).  

We used a Intel dual core, 2.66GHz to run this and it was flawless. Here are a few screenshots of games we tried with No$gba:


New Super Mario Bros - This game ran great! You can see the emulator in action thanks to Volvagia224 here.

 Bros for Nintendo DS - - Nintendo DS Emulator - No$gbaNew Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS emulated on the PC.New Super Mario Bros level 1-1 emulated on the PC


Super Mario 64

Super Mairo 64 emulated on PC - main menuSuper Mario 64 intro emulated on PC - intro sceneSuper Mario 64 emulated on PC - Ingame


MarioKart DS

MarioKart DS emulated on PC - player select screenMarioKart DS emulated on the PC - ingame screen shot


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time emulated on the PCMario & Luigi: Partners in Time emulated on the PC - introMario & Luigi: Partners in Time ingame


Mario Hoops 3 on 3

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 emulated on PC | main menuMario Hoops 3 on 3 emulated on PC - tutorialMario Hoops 3 on 3 emulated on PC - ingame


Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis emulated on the PCMario vs. Donkey Kong 2 emulated on the PC Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis


Mario Party DS

Mario Party DS emulated on the PCMario Party DS emulated on the PC - player select screen shotMario Party DS emulated on the PC - ingame screen shots


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games | Beijing 2008

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2008Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games - event selectMario and Sonic at the Olympic Games


Mario Slam Basketball & Dragon Quest DS Super Mario

Mario Slam Basketball emulated on a PCDragon Quest DS SuperMario emulated on a PC


problem setting up controller, also fullscreen.

i'm very fond of final fantasy. Final fantasy iv was remade for the a result, I'd like t play it. I've downloading this emulator. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to configure my gamepad (only my keyboard) although I've set up the "Buttons" appropriately, none of them respond and Im forced to use the keyboard. Also, an additional issue....The size of the screen. It doesn't display fullscreen, and I've resorted to using lower resolutions to make it seem bigger. I also downloaded another emulator DeSMu. This app had a full screen option, and controller setup; however, gameplay was very slow in comparison to to the No$GBA emulator. Any help would be appreciated; however, if my issues cannot be resolved, Nintendo DS' aren't really expensive at the pawn shop.

i can play all the pokemons

i can play all the pokemons white and black, after i used patch code. but i cant play any other games. not black ops, not golden eye, when i load it the screen just goes black and stays like that

every time i try to open the

every time i try to open the game it says cartridge not found! btw im playing Pokemon Diamond


Guys, for those trying to play Pokemon Black on no$gba
You need a action replay code
Search how to get no$gba to play pokemon black on google
Sorry im mad haha


Someone PLease tell me where I have to download NO$GBA.


..when i am playing the no$ is so you know what to do to make it faster?..

"Save Data"

I kept trying to play Pokemon Black/White on no$gba but continued to get the message of "Can't access save data etc". Didn't work no matter what I did so I tried Desmume 0.9.7 and it immediately worked! :)

where do you download the

where do you download the New Super Mario Bros. DS for No$GBA? Please reply to this message.

need help

i've downloaded no$gba and golden sun dark dawn but when i try to load it nothin apear on da emulator .. can some1 plz help !

uhhmmm how?

how do i get the NO$GBA Emulator to get two screens and play a DS game?

i have problem

when i choose my game, it can read...why???
plzzz reply !!

if u r trying to play "New

if u r trying to play "New Super Mario Bros." go to options, then click on "emulation setup",then where it says "NDS emulation setup" choose "FRAM 32KBites". and it will work but if u want to play "Mario Kart DS"
do the same but this time choose "FLASH512KBites" those r the only two games that ive tried srry.

help with gba player

im having trouble playing Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3. every time i open it up it says no$gba has stopped working. i need help plzzz


I can't configure my controller and no place is telling me how


everytime i open up my games, the same thing appears
'save failed'
can somebody help me??

plzz help me awnser

go to utility>Emulation Setup>NDS MEDIA BACKUP>Fream 32 or Flash 512

uh.. this is pointless but i

uh.. this is pointless but i just noticed almost everyone that has a ds talks like babies and/or has poor grammar.

Ich can't play it !!!

If i open No$gba and chose agame in my folder name roms it say Unable to read data .Please turn PoWER off and reinsert the Ds game card.Wht should I do ?:(

NDS Game Failure "HELP"

What you need to do is go into the "options" tab , and select "emulation setup". This will bring you to a page to change the options on your emulator. Now, select your "NDS CARTRIDE BACKUP MEDIA". Select the arrow and choose "EEPPROM 64Bytes". Select "O.K", and go into the "FILE" tab. Press on the "Reset Cartride" selection and you can then play your NDS game or GameBoy game as well.

Your Answer:

To open a nds game on no$gba, you have to verify if the game you have is a .nds type. If it is in a .rar file, extract.

how do u tell it whether its rar or nds?

u said it needs to know whether its an nds or rar well how to i determine that then save it? im not sure if this is the prob, but im trying to play pokemon black and white and i've made it flash 512kbytes (i've also tried every other option) and it still says "The save data could not be accessed. please turn the power off and reinser the D....." it like cuts off there for sum reason. please help i've been trying to do this all day....

i just cant save mario bros

i just cant save mario bros brothers ds version on my pc help plz !!!!

It doesn't work at all

Is it possible for anyone to tell me how this works? When i startup it says 'savefile not found, reinsert the ds card '. I am not gonna buy this stuf if i cant test it before.


This works great, I got

This works great, I got pokemon platinum running but how do I add GBA's with this tool to increase the amount of pokemon I can find in my platinum game?

getting started

make sure you know what your downloading first people put viruses and modify all kinds of stuff my kit of virtual boy advanced and no$gba came with every pokemon rom and all work but after testing other games things like sound and graphics do glitch some of the time just remember your running an os inside another one (plus windows sucks) so just deal with glitches also get bittorrent or utorrent then go to and search for rom packs i found a 1100 English rom pack with all the pokemon and mario games plus some i have never heard of. everything i throw at it it had worked enough to play. 1000 thanks to the developers. have fun except the controls for certain games (thanks to the qwerty keyboard) i haven't changed any settings playing pokemon platinum now. Its great virtual boy advanced is the best emulator in existence hope they come out with ds too. no$gba is so close second im speechless especally since every other ds emulator crashes when i try to open games :) good luck everyone.


{*pictures- }
i have downloaded new super mario nds from torrent named:
New Super Mario Bros[2009]-LW.nds [32.2MB]
but when i emulated with NO$GBA V2.6A and other version, the map is not seen [find it in the picture*].how to solve?
when i enter 1-A .under the water the grafics broken[also in no$zoomer]though i use setting mentioned in the image* .how to solve?
the above files are different sizes..Which one is better?
how to save any moment using no$GBA?
the blue stars are seen gray,why?
HOW CAN I SOLVE THESE? IS those roms bad??OR where ican download above error free rom in free cost...such as torrent?

help requested Q2

Bro i am having the same problems with the new super mario bros I AM USING nogba plus nzoomer when you go to world 1a the underwater level and the graphics are all black but can still see yourseft and everything else Dude load the emulater up and go to the other options screen once your there scroll down to when you see EXTRA OPTIONS start ticking the boxes from extra 0 to extra 4 don't select extra 5 because it will slow the emulater down so that's what i did and it worked same as those other water stages too hope this information helps dude


ok, it is NOT WORKING. Every time I have saved it in game, it saves... When I go to load it, after I click 'continue' the screens turn black and nothing happens. I have tried changing it to 'flash 512KB' for nds cartridge backup media and it does not work. I have tried changing the sound, changing the name of the save data, and pretty much everything that people told me to do and it will not work.

what do you do after...

what do you do when you downloaded it, do you extract or what. im not a pro in computers so pls help :)


I'm not a pro too, but... yes! You must extract it.

extract it

you have to extract the emulator and the rom

No $gba emulator

When i try to open my pokemon platinum Rom in no $gba, then it shows that "Your Rom image has crashed"
What is the solution.

No $gba emulator

go to the emulation setup, and go down to NDS cartridge backup media and switch it too FLASH 512Kbytes
hope it helps


When i try to load a game it says data could not be read please turn of ds reinsert cartridge then start it again plz help. ps im using pokemon dimond and pokemon platnium from

dont work

i downloaded No$gba and i cant open any games help me out on how to open a game....

The Games Shown ON The Screenshots

Where do you get all those games?

Get them from the newsgroups

You can get the entire DS library from the newsgroups:


PLZ SOME ONE HELP! i think this goes for mario roms too but im trying pokemon platinum and everytime i load it on iDeaS it crashes and same with no$roms! it says excactly "the save data could not be accesed, plz turn off the power and reinsert the game card" if anyone knows if there is a better emulator for free plz post it!

Giving Help

i'm using the NO$GBA emulator and it works fine
u should use it when u play pokemon platinum u need to set the NDS backup media to Flash 512kbytes, then reset it and pokemon platinum will work fine, but the wi-fi and underground don't work

I seriously need some help

I seriously need some help getting new super mario bros. I have the no$gba, but i dont know where to get the game. If anyone can help out...please reply!

Try it's got

it's got great roms

its wokring

its working fine but no 1 is 100% duh its a pc its not 100%


Where did you get ur games from

it doesnt play the pokemon

it doesnt play the pokemon platinum rom i got

I've tried naming it and it

I've tried naming it and it still crashes when i try to load the save.

New Super Mario Bros.

Umm where do you download the New Super Mario Bros. for No$GBA????? PLZ REPLY

How to save using no$gba ?

It always come out crash in the save data? Why? Can you help me ?


heres how to save all NO$GBA games

step 1: press options
2:emulation setup
3:were it says GBA cartrige backup u have to press FLASH 64K Panasonic!!!!!!!!!
hope this helps!

i am having the same

i am having the same problem.
Although I can save it it crashes when i try to load
i haven't tried it yet but maybe you should name the save 'example.nds'

I love DS

I love my nintendo DS.

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