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Nintendo 3DS - 3D effects without any special glasses

Nintendo seems to be first to bring new and exciting things like the Wii onto the gaming market and they're about to do it again. The Nintendo DS has evolved 3 times and each time it gets better and better! Nintendo's next handheld is called the Nintendo 3DS... and yes, it's going to have 3D! :) This new DS will have 3D effects without the need for 3D glasses! Nintendo will give us more details at the 2010 E3, so until then it's all just rumors.

So here are the rumored features:

  • 3D Joystick and force feedback system (is this the start of Holodeck type technology?)
  • Incorporated accelerometer for tilt control.
  • Better wireless and battery life.
  • Total backwards compatibility with the Nintendo DS series library.
  • Autostereoscopic 3D 4 inch LCD panels by Sharp

Another tidbit that's interesting is the new, bigger screens that have a smaller gap between them. The gap should be small enough where it can be used as a single large screen. The new 3DS will probably be awesome! It's release date is around March/April of 2011.

Will the R4i, DSTTi, Acekard 2i work on the Nintendo 3DS? Most likely not. It's always a cat and mouse game when it comes to flash cards and handhelds. Even if the 3DS is not compatible with any currently flash cards, we're sure it won't take long for the Ds hackers to find something to get around it. Heck, it only took ~6 days to break the DSi's new security.

Let's hope this new Nintendo 3DS doesn't suffer the same fate as the Virtual Boy. :P


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