Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros for Wii is AWESOME!

Last night I was lucky enough to play the New Super Mario Bros games for Wii a little earlier than the store release. A friend of mine had it and we played the heck out of it! The game is everything I though it'd be and then some. Having multiple players on the same screen is very cool, but at times I found myself tracking the wrong player while my player is off somewhere in the corner.. it takes a little getting used to when you first play. The graphics and background music is great! They gave it a very nostalgic feel so any old school Super Mario fan will definitely appreciate this new Nintendo masterpiece. Ok.. enough jibber-jabber.. back to the game! :P


New Super Mario on Wii

Hi Guys, I hope you can help. We totally love Super Mario in our house so much that we have decided to get a Wii for the sole purpose (initially) of playing Super Mario. Obviously I need the console and the game, but what remotes do I need so that 3 people can play at the same time. It seems you can get remotes, motion sensor things and chucks ?!?!?! I am a Wii virgin and this all means nothing to me. Can someone please advise I would be greatful. Cheers


You will need 3 Wiimotes. New Super Mario Bros for Wii doesn't require a Nunchuck so you won't need to buy those. Here's the WiiMote I use when playing multiplayer NSMB:


Have you noticed those mini-enemies walking around the map(for example,in world 1 it's a Goomba)? You have to touch one and battle it. In world 1, you touch the Goomba. Then you go into a battle screen. There are I think 5 Goombas at the bottom. You have to kill them(optional)but the real point is to get the "Toad Coins." There are 8 and you need to cololect them. I hope this answers your question Ananymous.


do you know how to rescue toad in world 1-1? we need to rescue him before we can play world 9

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