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New Super Mario Bros.Wii Level Editors: Tanooki and Reggie

New Super Mario Bros for Wii hasn't been out for more than a month and there's already two level editors! Today we're going to take a look at two NSMB level editors: Tanooki (already released) and Reggie (upcoming).

Tanooki is more than just a Mario suit. Tanooki is a full featured level editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, yes NSMB.Wii!. With Tanooki you can customize and change every aspect of every level! This is a nice surprise seeing how NSMB.Wii has only been out for less than a month.


Download Tanooki 0.2 Beta

This is the official page for Tanooki:


Another NSMB.Wii level editor worth mentioning is "Reggie" -- Reggie has not been released yet, but it looks SWEET! Reggie will fully render the levels as seen in the game and from there you can make changes to anything! For more details, head over to the thread where it was announced:

Here are some screenshots of the Reggie NSMB.Wii Level editor:


Where to download?

Where do you download Reggie?

Do you have to hack your

Do you have to hack your wii? wich version??


1.Anyway to run on mac? 2. How to send it wii? How do you get it loading on the wii?

how do you download these

how do you download these

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