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Need Wii and Wii U accessories? Here's the Scoop!

If you love the Wii system and what Nintendo has done with this wildly popular console, then consider what this post will do for you as you look to buy Wii and Wii U accessories as well. Here we will get into the essentials you will want for your Wii collection- Controllers, Arcade Sticks, collectibles.. you want to know all about it and that's what we're here to talk about. Let's get into the review, shall we? First up are the controllers.

Wii controllers have changed the way you hold the remote. You might remember it with the two button configuration that was so classic as you play Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo. Now the game can interact with you as you swing the remote and see what happens on the screen instantly track your motion. The Wii controller has Bluetooth as well so you can intercept phone calls and do all sorts of cool things with the system. You can also connect 4 Wii controllers to one Wii device. This sounds like an awesome party to us!

Wii accessories are so great, aren't they? Lets take a look at the next topic of our review, the collectibles:

Remember the magic of Zelda? Who can't forget! There are so many cool collectibles you will want to get like the Super Mario Lunchbox bundle. Own these today and be the complete envy of your gamer friends. Your best solution is with quality Wii U accessories that make your game even more fun.

Next up is the Wii guns and rifles you love to pick up and point at the screen time and time again-

If you love the Wii and how to interact with it, consider the ability to pick up a Wii gun and start shooting in your favorite shooter like Resident Evil 4 Evil Blaster. There is also a gun called the Magnum gun that is great for your shooting needs of accuracy. Need a scope for your gun? You can get one of those too with a SureShot rifle. Do some hunting, Wii style!

For the Wii instruments, imagine being in control of your dream rock band experience and wanted to use guitars, drums, bass, microphone, and violin. All you have to do is use your remote controller in the instruments and they will start working like a real instrument. Get ready to shred some wicked tunes with this one!

Wii steering wheels- There is nothing better than one of these as you throw shells all around you for the #1 spot on Mario Kart. One of the best selling games of all time, the Mario Kart series benefits greatly in fun when you use the steering wheel for it. Zoom to the finish line with the most fun you've had in ages.

Wii sports controllers- Love to get active on the Wii? With Wii sports you'll be in the action whether it's tennis, boxing, baseball, or golf. Get ready for an ultimately great experience getting all of your scores on the record board for people to try and beat!

Wii adapters- Consider the Wii MotionPlus adapter that works as a remote to improve how accurate your motion is tracked on the Wii. It enhances the experience of using the Wii remote and amplifies the feel of reality in your hand.

Wii games- From Super Mario Wii to DJ Hero, there are so many wii games for you to play and enjoy playing all the time.

Wii accessories- Whatever you need, you can find it at Need an external USB drive or drive lens cleaning kit? It's all there and won't cost much at all.

Wii chargers- Need themed chargers or one that charges up to 4 at one time? With a charge station and more available at, you have all the Wii accessories you need.


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