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Move Super Mario enemies anywhere on the screen you want

The new FCEUX Famicom/NES emulator has been released and with it comes some neat features! One of the slickest features is being able to drag and drop enemies anywhere you want during gameplay. So if you're up to a part thats difficult, you can just put your mouse over the item you're having trouble with and move it out of the way. I know, that's cheating.. but the game is over 2 decades old and you've probably completed it 9238748329 times already. :) It's just fun to be able to manipulate the game in real time the way the SMB-Mouse.lua script allows you to. Here's a video of the drag and drop script in action.

Also, for those of you who don't know what a NES emulator for the PC is, head over here:

After you've downloaded the emulator and tracked down the SMB rom, here are some instructions on getting the SMB-Mouse script to work:

(taken from Xkeeper0's youtube post)

Download + playing instructions:
1. Go to and get the latest release, 2.1.
(Open it, extract it, and configure anything you want.)
2. Load your SMB1 ROM. You're on your own for finding it, though.
3. Load luaScripts/SMB-Mouse.lua .
There are a few others from me in there as well, such as the jetpack I made a few videos ago, a silly snow script, and many others.


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