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Great Giana Sisters DS

Back in 1985 Super Mario Bros was released and everyone knows it was a huge hit. Since Nintendo doesn't release their games for computers, a small company named Time Warp Productions decided to create their own version of Super Mario Bros, called Great Giana Sisters. Great Giana Sisters was released in 1987 for the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST. Needless to say, Nintendo was not happy with the strong similarity with Super Mario Bros. so they decided to sick their lawyers on the publisher and the game was pulled off shelves as soon as it was released. Anyhow, after 20 years, Great Giana Sisters is back for the DS!

We just got done playing Great Giana Sisters for about an hour and it ran fine on the R4DS.

Watch Great Giana Sisters in action below and download the DS Rom (requires Nintendo DS with homebrew-compatible flash card aka R4 revolution for DS)

Great Giana Sister box art

Head over here to download your copy of Great Giana Sisters.

To read more about Great Giana Sisters, head over to Wikipedia:


Great Game

Black Forest Games is the new company that came from this project and they have created a new game now that is very awesome now. Giana Sisters Twisted Dream is the name of it and it is really fun to play.

Looking for the new Giana Sisters DS game?

The post above is for the original Great Giana Sister game.. if you're looking for the newest release of Giana Sister DS to be released on the Nintendo DS in April 2009, the go here:

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