Super Mario Bros.

Gifted sight reader, Tom Brier, plays the Nintendo greats

Tom Brier is a ragtime pianist that grew up in the Atari generation and not the Nintendo, Super Mario Bros generation. Tom is able to play any song the first time he looks at the sheet music. This incredible gift is called 'sight reading'. One of Tom's friend decided to give him some Nintendo game sheet music and here are the results: pure awesomeness! Super Mario Athlete's Rag Air Platform sight-read by Tom Brier

Super Mario theme sight-read by Tom Brier

Super Mario World Ending Theme sight-read by Tom Brier

Okay, If you've scrolled this far down then I take it Tom got your attention. :) Here's Tom playing at 174 bpm!

The Entertainer played on 3 pianos from left to right: Frederick Hodges, Tom Brier, Patrick Aranda.


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